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  1. I thought this guy over on the ubisoft fourms summed it up well with this...
  2. I played Ghost Recon when it launched on Xbox LIVE (When Xbox LIVE launced back in 2002, I think) I loved GR and GRIT Our clan played regularly almost every evening, and we had clan matches a couple of nights a weeks. With each release of GR after Ghost Recon Island Thunder (GRIT) Ubisoft has continued to water down the original Tom Clancy Ghost Recon formula, to where it is now unrecognizable in most respects to what I loved in a game. I'd love Ubisoft to do an HD remake with a new engine of the original GR and GRIT. This game does push teamwork, but the game mechanics of it being in 3rd person, being able to look around a corner and seeing fully around it without exposing any part of your body...? And other issues. When we played GR back in the day it was Team Siege with no respawns, and it was slow and methodical. I wish they would have an option for Team Siege in this new title, with no respawns, and force a First Person view, with lean and peak... I can't believe the day has arrived where I won't be eagerly anticipating a Ghost Recon release, and even preordering it. Sad days. I hope reviews and further play of the demo/beta change my mind... but I doubt it. -OS Perry Old School Clan
  3. Splinter Cell has gotten an HD makeover, God of War, Ico, Metal Gear Solid, Halo... How about a GRIT & GR remake. New graphics engine... same great gameplay. How about it Ubisoft? I know a lot of players out there who would love this.
  4. 7DCMG-YKX6G-P46GQ-CDTMP-KW9Dz has been claimed... thanks for posting... you wasted my time. I thought winners were supposed to post, that they'd won?
  5. http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/36308/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-future-soldier-(preorder)-ps3-or-xbox-360
  6. For me the map editor in Far Cry 2, was better than the game. It is the way that map editors should be done... excellent A+. The game (multiplayer) not so much... Very good map editors for consoles can be done right and Ubisoft has proven it with Far Cry 2.
  7. Well I've learned some good stuff on these forums today... And this from someones sig... Con72's maybe... You know this wouldn't be that bad, but this isn't a first time occurence for Ubisoft. It is starting to seem like the status quo, and not only is Ubi guilty of it, but MS has dropped the ball like this before on DLC dates, emailing out PR and the PR department not being in sync with the actualities of what is going on. Makes your company look inept. Maybe only the Ghost Recon hardcore will notice this, but it will filter down into the general public, via word of mouth.
  8. According to these postings over on the ubi forums... official GRAW2 DLC emails have been sent out. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3.../7581028826/p/5 The DLC is available now... no its not... yes it is... Its 400 pts, no its 800 pts, no its 400 pts. There is a DLC video... no there isn't a video... Can someone clear this all up? Kimi? Anybody? [Merged with the existing thread, Please check forums before posting]
  9. I did like the aspect of civilians in some of the maps in the original GR, and that you failed for shooting a civilian. I think most any next gen FPS has NO civilians. I think there should be civilians more in games that you should have to contend with.
  10. The game is only run and gun on Team Deathmatch etc.....if you played the Beta and did not play Search and Destroy (no respawns) you would not know that this game is tactical and as slow or as fast paced as you make it. GR would be my game of choice also, but lets face it the slow frame rate and choppy graphics are a little behind these new titles. I'm a big big fan of Ghost Recon, and have played it on Xbox since GR and GRIT. I think GRAW has gotten away from the "better" formula. I like the GRAW series, but prefer the "feel" of GR and GRIT. Seeing the new "old" maps is wonderful. On to the COD4, I'm more hyped about this game than any game coming out this year. The Beta was all I played, while it was available. Team Deathmatch... yeah same old run and gun like Halo3 or any other twitch fest shooters on Xbox360. Search and Destroy, no respawns is where its at. The rounds were only 5 mins, but they seemed much longer. This game blew me away. I wasn't expecting much, after being heavily dissappointed in COD2 and COD3's multiplayer. If you think the COD4's multiplayer will be like COD2 or COD3's you are sorely mistaken. The lobbies are very functional now, and it plays online, as smooth as butter. No Respawns... yep COD4 is going to rock!
  11. No news on this game is bad news... I'm afraid... just like movies, that have no reviews out, before it hits theaters. Its hitting during the busiest game release time 360 has seen to date. It will get lost to the Halo3/COD4/HL2-TeamFortress crowd, unless they start putting a lot of PR/Marketing buzz behind it and it gets above average reviews. Other wise it will only cater to a small segment of the Clancy GR crowd. I know my clan Old School doesn't even really have it on their radar at all. Halo3 & COD4 seem to be the biggies for us. I think RedStorm/Ubisoft is missing out not putting out some free buzz, with bloggers, communities and such... I mean c'mon, the game comes out in a couple weeks and we have 1 preview from IGN, and thats it? Did I miss some other previews?
  12. That still leaves the PS3 version with 7 more maps doesn't it? DLC throwback map pack #3 coming too, I wonder? Similar to the RB6 Vegas PS3 release then making the DLC free & matching the DLC to make the 360 & PS3 versions equals.
  13. http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/14227 I've always been a fan of the FPS look from the [GR] and GRIT. This looks like a good way of showing lean and peak. I'm not sure how it would be in actual gameplay, but the video looks pretty convincing. Sharp looking game... but I'll take/keep with my 360. I think Ubisoft could learn from this concept. I actually really like the cover system in RB6 Vegas, compared to GOW. But this has me thinking that Killzone, may have found a better way to do it. What do you think?
  14. I'm interested in knowing how much communication/interaction there is between the GR teams and RB6 teams? Do you share knowledge, ideas, programming shortcuts, assets, etc. I think that both franchises offer some great gameplay & features and think that things could be borrowed from both to improve both. The PEC from RB6Vegas, to map you face on your character, implemented in GRAW. The ability to automatically switch objectives (Defense/offense) sides as an option in RB6Vegas, the GR series has had this for a long time, and its a hassle a lot of the time manually switching sides over in RB6Vegas. Keep up the good work. RB6 and GRAW still offers some of the best LIVE lobby features found on 360.
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