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  1. Wow! Some incredible entries here. Well, here's my entry:
  2. Good job Schwartz! Good job everyone! I can't wait... when does the next one start?
  3. Spoondle

    GDC Clinic

    Good stuff... I can't wait to see what you're going to share next.
  4. Hello all! I missed GDC I but could not miss this one. This is only my third post on GR.Net so here it is... my entry!
  5. Actually, no... I signed up for the design competitions, lol! Then stumbled upon this. But I have been wandering though the GR.Net forums for over a year.
  6. This sounds GREAT!!! Is ther any way to involve established clans on current ladders like TCZ, TWL, TAG (I think that's all the T's )... or other ladders. There are a lot of GR clans out there that still compete on these ladders and actively recruit to keep GR alive until GR:AW is released. If not, this still sounds great! Where do I sign up . Yes, this is my first post!
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