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  1. Sorry, but it sounds like a straight port to me... I hope I'm wrong though. I still might pick it up if ubi confirm SADS and anticheat, I'm not even hoping for mod support but it would seal the deal for me.
  2. This would get me off the fence, and sell me for sure.
  3. Their silence in this regard speaks volumes. I'm afraid that they just don't want to confirm, that GR:FS is stright forward port form console and it will have matchmaking system with best ping players hosting games for everyone. Too bad, because I really like what I see on beta vids. It's not Ghost Recon game of course (and they should remove GR from title), but it looks better than any CoD or any other arcade twitch shooter, and I would gladly play this game waiting for real GR title. I just want to have one more thing before I pre-order, confirmation on real PC support: SADS, mod support and much better graphics + options.
  4. I'm not sure if we played same game It runs horribly on my rig. I have constant (low) FPS, doesn't matter if I play on low, medium or high settings. Plus, there are tons of huge topics on official forums about terrible performance and lack of optimization. You must be lucky if it runs ok on your older rig. EDIT Just found this.
  5. After playing PC beta for few hours I don't believe it's not console port.
  6. The title brings memories indeed and I'm not talking about good ones here
  7. > Ghost Recon 4 has been confirmed Link [Threads merged - That had already been posted about today in both the 360 & PC forums (and it's not news, see kleaneasy's post above & Kimi's post from January)]
  8. Yes, the game was big disappointment. Now I play Warhammer Online and I must say that this game is much better/finished so far.
  9. It worked for me now, I downloaded the map but cant check it, when I try to start server it doesnt show on map list.
  10. That rumor reminds me one of my favorite horror classics " return of the living dead"
  11. Sounds like you are speaking from experience there Krise. PS. I love that presentation, tank main cannon muzzleflash looks amazing !
  12. Thanks for invitation Walter, Il try to be there tonight PS. Im Kirq on BFS forums
  13. Thank You Guys ! But my problem is not connecting to server but remain connected because I'm beeing kicked by PB few minutes after connection.
  14. Thx but it didnt helped. Ive posted my problem on PB tech support and waiting for response.
  15. I dont play SP games more than once but there are some exceptions and those are : - Dune ( old Amiga version) - i dont even know how many times i went through it and i watched intro maybe 1000 times - Duke Nukem 3D - played it twice - SWAT 4 - Did the campaghn twice andf some of the missions separetly more than twice. PS. I believe that games like Civilisation desnt count
  16. Lol Rocky I remember thet beep sound from Hl2. To be honest i didnt noticed it in CoD4 But i can tell for sure that sound of grenades hitting the ground is stright from the CoD2
  17. Shoting through wall is not a perk it is feature which has been asked for by tactical realism fans for a long time. I hope every tactical shoter since CoD4 will have objects penetration . It will finally stop ppl hiding behind plywood walls or wooden fences. Perk you are refering to only makes your bullet penetration stronger.
  18. Im ###### I've been playing cod4 from release day without any major problems since thursday ( small problems with connecting to server, reconnect few times helped every time). Im beeing kiced from sever by punkbuster with numerous weird communictes. Yester day i had "losing key packets" communicate three times. I tried to autoupdate PB, then I manualy updated it, finally I reinstaled game.... nothing helps. I checked on PB site that on dec 3 Cod4 PB was updated to new version, maybe that is the problem. Other posible sources of this problem might be that i instaled NOD32 antivirus lately and i switched to higher option my internet connection from 512 to 1024. Duno.... Did anyone had this problem ?
  19. I dont want to be negative, but i have to say that from my experience declarations like that is pure BS in most of cases. Very nice arts though.
  20. Both GRAW2 and CoD4 are arcade shoters the difference is that GRAW pretends to be realistic and CoD4 is much more fun and finished product. PS. Sorry, its not one word answer
  21. Im hoping to see some kind of reality mod which will remove airstrikes, chopper support and perks. Game needs also some gameplay tweaking - movement should be a bit slower and accurancy when moving/strafing should be decreased. Those small thing would make this game much much better.
  22. I concur. Maps are small but comparing to GRAW maps they are small masterpieces. I dont like all of them of course ( showdown, shipment, bloc, bog ) but generaly IW did great job with maps.
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