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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to stop by and let you know that my clan is hosting a dedicated GR server at IP: It is left on CO-OP by default but when we are on playing we like to also play team and solo game types. No mods are needed. All the mods/maps I use on the server are server side only. Feel free to stop by and check it out. Hope to see you guys around. Attica Founder http://ptpclan.net
  2. I have recently started playing this game again with my clan, but have found the spawn points on the maps are a little rediculous. A few players from the community told me about TRR maps, and that they might be the way to go. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to get these from? I found the link in the downloads section here but alas the files seem to be lost in a mess of stuff over at FileFront. Anyone able to help?
  3. Thank god some people are making coop maps. With out them this game has seriously short time left on my HD. Dont get me wrong i Love the game mechanics of this game. The play style is AWESOME. Sadly the maps and lack of random AI insertions makes it very boring and lacking in replayability. I have been forced to turn back to Swat 4 for replayability. Though it lacks the grapics and gameplay, atleast I cant memorize the locations of the enemy within the first 3 times of playing it.
  4. Try changing your render ahead from 3 (default) to 0. Fixed the issue for me. Had to use a program called NVTweak to do it.
  5. www.freemyfather.com Hey everyone. This is a website my buddy has put together in hopes of drawing support for his father who has been in prison for 7 years. I will not explain the case or my feelings on the situation, I would prefer you all go to the site and form your own opinion. There is A LOT if info and it will take time to read. But it is well worth the read trust me. I know that the self written letters are overly glamorizing but it is some times hard to not do that when writing about yourself. Please try to look past that to the facts and data that are provided. This is not put together professionally, but simply by my friend as he learns how to do it. After reading so please feel free to post your thoughts about it on the message board you can find on the website. Thanks Everyone, Attica
  6. Has anyone found a way to stop the host death/gameover end of COOP? Cause that is seriously ruining the fun level. Cause the only guy we play with that can host worth a darn is also the worst player. No tot mention the fact that if you are the host you have to stay way back and basically not really even play. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS cause i am seriously
  7. that or like some others he does not realize you can coop on the net. Have met a few people that thought the coop was lan only.
  8. This gamespy crap needs to GO. it is glitchy as HELL. I hate Gamespy
  9. This game style will be fun once matchs are set up and no respawns.. For now it is WAY to much like BF. I see the possibility for it being an AWESOME game type. but it as it is WAY WAY to much run and gun. Yes there are squads. No they are not working togeather as a squad.
  10. No but it would be great information to have
  11. Yes please speak for yourself. This game has potential like CRAZY. From seeing what grin has done in half the time of most other developers, I will gladly wait and see what else they throw at us. It is not like they didnt tell us it was coming. We know it is. Wait for it. and then get ready to eat humble pie. I thinK Dom mode is fun, though i can not wait for some regular mp, and HOPEFULLY dedicated COOP servers. Cause coop is pretty much my only love.
  12. Yeah i miss the direct IP ability the most. Always hated the lobby styles... AA is the same way annoyingly, but atleast with AA you can open the console and use that start IP command.. I wait in lobby's enough all day i dont need ot do it when gameing.
  13. I really really want training grounds... but that would only bee good if we had a deathmatch option. pistols only in training grounds was always the bomb.
  14. yes i can play it but it is in no way cause i have an UBER machine. I have a AMD Athlon barton core 3200 1.5 gigs of pc3200 Nvidia 6600gt Nothign that cant be bought for around 300-400 at Newegg
  15. I for one LOVE this game. Heck i even plan on giving it to a few friends as a *enter what ever is soonest holiday here* present. The only quirk i am unhappy about is me not seeing how a dedicated coop server will run. Other then that I LOVE THIS GAME! LONG LIVE GR, and may GRIN always be the team behind it.
  16. According to the Gamestop website i will have GRAW TOMORROW!!! Anyone else? cause i am all about hooking up and doing some playing!!!
  17. if you have kamachi. join ptplan password is respect. I can only host with 2 players. but if someone with better bandwidth can jump on so 4 can hook up i can host a ts
  18. I also have a TS server up.
  19. Going into PTPlan now to play. see people there.
  20. Yes make sure you dont have shared folders or files. if you do and they are not password protected. people can see them qith hamachi because it basically makes a network, which see the folders/files. Simple securtity measures corrects the problems.
  21. I will leave the network up... but if you plan to host more then 2 players.... you better have some serious bandwidth... cause this game is a HOG Currently 9 players awaiting games on the network..
  22. yeah so if you run out with the sniper rifle... yur screwed
  23. My clan is also hosting on Hamachi. though we are currently takign a break... 6 hours straigh needs a break lol. but for those interested.. User: ptplan Pass: respect
  24. Been playing Coop useing Hamachi for the last 4 hours.... Little to no lag, and great great game play. AMD 3200 1.5 gigs ram 6600gt 128ram card Good: Everything seems to flow well. The lag people are talking about i get none of. AI is WAAAAAAYYYYY better then past games. An hard the AI puts up a helluva fight. Load times... What load times. Bad: I HATE the way you switch weapons.... it simply gets a person killed. Nade throwing.... not a bad so much as really need to get used to it. Squad control.... VERY VERY disapointed. The tac map works great but the command on the fly leaves MUCH to be desired. Why not a popup like Swat 4? its there, order is given it is gone.... much more efficient. the movie... at the start of each mission on multiplayer... please tell me the enemy locations will change more in the full version...
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