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  1. Wow, posting while drunk. You're the coolest person ever.
  2. And maybe the worst one I've seen/heard today mate. Cheers, Moose
  3. Hmm, what reference pictures did you use? It's kind of strange to see FSK with black battlevests and that camo pattern.. Don't know what pattern it is, but I don't think I've ever seen a Norwegian soldier wearing it. Could you post the reference pictures if possible? Cheers, Moose
  4. Don't trust everything you read at world.guns.ru......
  5. I don't know much about guns apart from shooting them, but I hear that the 416 reciever operates more like the G36 rifle. The good thing about that is that it even functions when it isn't clean. link to info about the 416
  6. Hehe, they don't look much like SF's, but maybe it's an disguise? And the fellows have American flags too (but on the other hand it could be the Liberian flag. hehe).
  7. Quote from Larry Vickers:
  8. Haven't I've seen Action Man with that thing..? H&K's in action:
  9. I can hear flixster crashing and burning all the way over here.
  10. Moose


    You know, Marx was just the guy with some bad and some good ideas, Lenin, Stalin and Mao would be better examples. Djenghis versus Joan, sounds like an idea for Celebrity Deathmatch. THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN IN HISTORY!
  11. Doesn't people get arrested for trying to do stuff like that?
  12. Moose


    Two thumbs up, man. I think Marx is a poor example, but yes, we are all alike. No country is better than the next, at some point in history everyone's country has done plenty of horrible inhumane actions. No one deserves to be moraly superior.
  13. Hey, I was supposed to have my service there. Probably in the 2nd VIP proctection company, but I got transfered to Panserbataljonen (armour battalion) instead. Ended up in Stormeskadron 3, but I got discharged after 5 weeks for a lot of reasons. The army was probably both the best and the worst experience of my life so far. Haven't checked if it's possible, but I might go back some day after getting some education and stuff like that. It'll be a lot easier when I know what to expect, or what not to expect to be more exact.
  14. I was thinking that the larger helicopters would be safer because of the double engines and armour... Do you know if Tiger and Mangusta are any more agile than the Apache? (I have a long time love affair with Agusta btw ) I bet the H-6 model with the jet tail thingy (civ. 520?) would be awsome with a MMS and Hellfires... Silent and agile. Like how the RAH-66 was supposed to be. The thought of that combo makes an "old" cavalry guy like me shiver in fear.
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