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  1. Get Raven Shield its way better then it's PC counter part. First to Fight - Close Combat is also ok. If you have the need to violently bash some ones head in with a shovel then I highly recommend Postal 2
  2. "He he he. They are just a ton of them. And they always come out ahead of other platforms!" You can keep your crappy games anyway. Only the Biggest titles come to Mac based on either the money they will pull in or the fan base. Ghost Recon Advanced will more then likly make it to mac. As well as Battlefield 2. So who needs the mass heard of crap games that are on windows?. Obviously windows gets it first but that doesnt make it better. You want to laugh it up at Mac. How about trying Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield on Mac vs its Windows counter part. It's taken UBI soft how long to fix the bugs? Ahh thats right it was never truly fixed and made the game and the community nearly unplayable because of it's crappy programmers. But on the Mac none of those problems exist. There has never been the "infamous cd key incident" or any of that other crap that made Rainbox Six a joke on the PC. Think about your ridiculous statement the next time your in the game companies forum trying to figure out why it doesnt work on Bill Gates disaster piece of a OS. *** I just threw my pc off my second floor balcony***
  3. heres a little tidbit of info regarding windows vs mac virus protection - http://news.zdnet.com/2100-1009_22-5885334.html As for updating your antivirus. Lets just say companies like Symantec are scam artist who cause you to spend another $100 every year because they cant even stop the virus. Hackers, Microsoft and Security firms like Symantec / Norton all work very hard together to steal your money. I wouldnt buy or trust Norton as far as I could throw that nerd.
  4. I did say in the future Mac's will have a more dominant stance in the market, right now of course they dont. There are probably about 15 to 20 million mac users worldwide, small compare to microsoft, yes. But with the Ipod growing in sales numbers everyday you will start to see alot of those Windows customers buying a mac. Because it intergrates well with their favorite device. Ipod is Steve Jobs trojan horse if you will. Its real purpose is not only to put 10 billion songs in your pocket but to one by one pull windows customer out of thier fustration with the software. My windows machine died because Microsofts own spyware software couldnt even stop the AURORA malware virus and rip it out of the registry. That just goes to show you how unprofessional Microsoft is. And they are so many Windows user who are tired of the freeze ups, incompatiablities of devices, Horrible internet software. Now as gamers I am sure all you windows boys know how to fix alot of problems with your machines. But just like MAC, gamers dont make up the entire windows market. The average Mom & Pop do. And they dont know how to fix or cant be bothered to fix Bill Gates is problems. Itunes on Windows is a god send compare to any MP3 program for Windows. its the best. If it wasnt Windows users wouldnt have bought the Ipod. So with time as more promotion gets out and people take a spin on the mac those windows customers today who are tired of Microsoft blatant lies will turn to a system that ... just works. Mark my words. As for XBOX 360 GAMES PRICES AT $60 a pop. This is just another $20 fee microsoft collects just because its their system, and the balance $40 goes to the designer. Its a rip off thats my argument. When most of these games in reality are developed at the same cost as Doom or GrandTheft Auto. Game prices should be no more then $50. For something that you may play once, twice if its really good it just doesnt make alot of sense. I think Microsoft will change the price after the holiday season because nobody in their right mind will accept this cost. When XBOX 3 comes out are you guys willing to pay $100 a game? Dont be among the herd.
  5. As for the Mac comments. I would say that Macintosh in next few years will have about 40 to 50 % of the personal computer market. Why? Because their apps are better intergrated and much easier to use. MicroCrap has billions of software titles but none are any match for a truly intergrated system. Final Cut Pro vs Avid or Adobe Premiere. The choice is cleary Final Cut pro and DVD studio pro for their awesome intergration of video editing, dito for the music industry aswell. Take a look at the garbage pile of software at a COMPUSA and see how much Windows based software their is that is half heartedly put on the shelf just to make a quick buck. Compare these titles like Pinacle studio vs Ilife05 and you will see point blank that its just no match in features and ease of use. As for security and virus problems. I think that even if Mac where more popular the problems would not be as devastating as the windows platform. I bought a windows machine in August 2004. It died in August 2005. I used Mozillia because I thought it would be far better then Explorer, wrong again. You are correct in the sense that any OS can be destroyed but my point is Mac is not easy to destroy and another benifit is that the hardware and the software are all from the same company. Windows software and hardware is so different from one box to the next. If in fact Mac one day became bigger then Windows I seriously doubt that todays Windows problems would become Macs problems. Mac is by far light years beyond anything Windows hopes to be.
  6. I just thought that I would start a post regarding something that no one else really has been posting on the net. I am one of the many Ghost Recon fans who starting playing the original game in 2001 and I love this game whole heart and soul, as well as other good clancy games. But I after my bad expierence with Microsoft Windows I am forced to choose either Xbox. PS2 or Mac to play my games of choice. I choose Mac because Apple is by far and foremost a more superior OS then the crap that Microsoft lets out of its factory. And Macintosh has way better programs and internet security as opposed to Bill gates toilet paper of an OS. Any way my argument is that not just Ghost Recon but it seems all the game for nex-gen consoles will be priced @ $60. What is wrong with this picture? Why should any consumer pat $60 for a game? You all understand where that money is going. It's not to the developement team, it goes to Bills wallet. Thats absurd and insulting. Beacause if I look back at a game like DOOM 3 where the budget was huge and it still only cost $50 dollars reagardless of platform I find that Microsoft is once again being a greedy pig, and this greedy pig needs to be cut up for morning bacon. I mean where does Microsoft ge tthe nerve to charge the consumer $60 for a game when the graphics are just now coming up to par with games like Doom 3? Why should we be forced by gun point to play games at a cost of $60 dollars?? Are you tring to say that XBOX 360 games are of such caliber that they wip the slate clean of a $3000 gaming PC. Seriously Bill you need to cut your greedy scrooge ways as soon as possible, Theres people who just lost their entire homes in New Orleans an this pig is worried about charging $60 to consumers for a bloody game. THats wrong and anyone who is retarded enough to not agree is blind. The message must be made clear to both MicroCrap and Sony.. Dont try to upcharge the consumer $ 60 for one game. I know I have serious considered my change in future game purchasing. And I wont buy the next ghost recon or any other game if suit and tie pigs want to rip me off. ###### OFF MICROCRAP -- WINDOWS IS DEAD
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