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  1. local nz http://www.gpdownloads.co.nz/dl.dyn/Files/3645.html nice and fast too
  2. step 3 is how it does this, reason is if the person who is installing doesnt have a custom_levels folder it might not work by select your GRAW main folder it will install a custom_levels folder and your map that is inside of it
  3. You are welcome guys, just trying to make it easyer for people to install maps and not have to worry about putting files in right folders
  4. I have made a tut on how to set up an installer for maps using the registory click here for tut
  5. I have made a tut on how to set up an installer for maps using the registory click here for tut
  6. GRiN_desmond22 this is how games dev/pubs shold be looking after the people who play the game and release stuff that wasnt really asked for Thanks to you and all of the GRIN team
  7. sry for slow tut just finish work (mon) and sunday was one of those days, ill get back onto it now done 1st one http://fubarnzl.50webs.com
  8. the unreal ed is a very good editor to use, making a terrain is simple as and i can do it with no crashes at all unreal ed is huge better for making maps from scratch than diesal and unreal ed is for making maps diesal is a tool for placing objects, have you tried importing stuff into graw ed? how much easyer is importing stuff into rvs compared to graw make a terrain in graw, or change a texture on a wall i know bsp based maps are getting fewer but for making maps it is easyer and not hard at all to export to max to convert to a static mesh if need be graw needs a windows based proggy to do all the typing for xml's etc, having to write, copy paste is old school btw im not knocking this game at all, I love it but it is taking me 10 times longer to make a map than it does in unreal ed, prop becoz im making everything from scratch
  9. there are a number of ways to add a a texture to the model drag and drop works but for exporting not the best idea get this ----------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.maxplugins.de/max7.php?search=&sort=Author ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Texporter is a utility plugin for simple mesh painting. It simply unfolds the mesh according to its mapping coordinates and lets you paint whatever you want using your favorite painting program (Photoshop, Fractal Painter, etc). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ill make a tut on how i texture an object as when i started playing with max i couldnt find any started on a tut, will finish it off with next couple hours simple easy to follow http://fubarnzl.50webs.com/index.html
  10. cost to buy all the liences no major diff between 7 and 8 and grin said they will release a plugin for 8
  11. nps was verrrrry basic need more help msn fubarofwg@msn.com
  12. do you know how to do the uvs? very basic wall click the CREATE tab, make sure its on STANDARD PRIMITIVES slect BOX tab click the + button on KEYBOARD ENTRY 1st X Y Z is where box is going to be change the length,width,height to the size you want click on the CREATE butoon done a basic wall now you need to texture it etc
  13. try reinstalling the patch still same thing then replace the faulty file/files with orig ones now it will prob be faster to reinstall shold only take u about less than 10 min
  14. uninstall,delete all folders then reinstall i had same thing too, i hadnt changed anything except i had unbundled the data/quick file so i could make some maps
  15. what are you after? a top view from the ed? angle? bit more info needed
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