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  1. plus i think you'll find it reflects the different approaches to the games, with the PC being based on a slightly more tactical design spec. while the console lends itself to a more fast paced approach, and the covers seem to reflect that subtle difference nicely i think
  2. problem is if you use this policy we'd still all be playing pong, on the understanding that at the time it wans't possible to update the physics of games without losing the replay feature...... the fact is, its just gonna take vigilant admins and the general playing public to stand up against the hackers, and ban them out of the server...... like colin said, aint ever gonna be hack free, no matter wat you do, and the replays aren't coming, so its best to try approach with the mindset of how as a community we can limit the problem of hacking, instead of complaining that we dont have the replay feature
  3. christ yeh, ubi are old school at getting weapon jamming into games..... only this time you wont be calling for a restart
  4. cheers for the warning zebb mate, thats odd, i've always found them to be reliable in delivering games from preorder, well i guess time will tell whether i've just been lucky or you've been real unlucky!! but three or four times does seem to be a trend forming, instead of luck
  5. i've been hanging round here for a while, but thought this was actually worth registering to say.... found that play.com have scheduled for 21/10 so i dnt think it looks too unrealistic a date, if a few suppliers have those as rough dates here's the link
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