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  1. gotta love the nightvision, nice touch hack m8!!!
  2. still think the left side of the HUD is gonna be pretty full cos i wud imagine thats where the cross com will drop in when its in use..... still i'm pretty happy with it
  3. anyone else find the site doesn't load or is just me
  4. here you go mate........ http://www.grafxd.com/stuff/HCPromo.zip guess its time like with most things in this game to cross the fingers and hope......
  5. o don't get me wrong i'm not aiming to put this down, it'll be a god send if it gets implimented (well!) into GR:AW (pretty please ) i was just voicing a slight concern over something which is impossible to account for
  6. Theres just one large flaw with the system, i've seen the demo movie, and was actually quite impressed at how it determined various outcomes, but it cant count for out-of-game influences, by which i mean a comms system..... taking RvS as example, if a clan player is killed by someone hiding round a corner or in a room, then he'll call to anyone on his comms where he fell, now if he werent the last guy to fall its possible to have a death cam on the where it happened with other members on comms able to tell u if he moves or not. if he sits dead still its quite likely the remaining team-mate(s) could leg it round the corner already ready aiming at the spot and fire instantly, there wud be no visual or audio clues, it doesn't have to be a common spot and no-one needs to have been there before...... now the interview said that it wudn't increment your score enuf to give a cheating result, but if you did it maybe two or three times it probably would give a cheating rating to you in that sense the system could tag a lot of clan players as cheaters merely due to TS or something similar....
  7. In terms of marketing i don't feel a christmas demo would help a great deal....... It could lead to people thinking why the full game wasn't here for christmas, the marketing team would also struggle to make a demo appear important in comparison to other full games that have arrived for the christmas cash in...... in my opinion, i would probably wait till after christmas and new year to give a demo, it allows a completely separate build up, devoid of the christmas crap that bombards customers from now until the 25th......if its the first big game of 2006 that too is a good marketing point, the demo can help to build on that. so personally i feel the demo wud get lost in the holiday advertising and wudn't make as big an impact as if released during the typcially quiet jan. period start warming us gamers back up to the idea of spending money after the christmas overkill
  8. depends on how confident they are this game is wat we want........ which mite also have problems associated with it, cos if the PC version is wat we want (please god!!) then if we all go on praising the tactics of the game, will that put off console gamers who dnt appear to see that as the way forward....... so rele releasing them at about the same time, is rele all ubi can do to try avoid the potholes...... but i doutb we'll see a demo, much as grin may want to give us one, i wud imagine their hands are tied super tight on this game
  9. this just got me thinking....... we aint gonna get a demo if this is the case....... cant afford for us to turn round and point out everything wrong and bad mouth the game (assuming of course its not up to standard and doesn't contain the old GR spirit ---- come on grin, prove me wrong ) .......
  10. ah cheers for the confirmation there WK much appreciated......shame it doesn't fix us lot being stuck in the dark....
  11. ah apologies on the ref. to screenies, those top 8 were new to me.....i assume all those are PC then obviously we've had WK's report, and various compilations of the facts we know, but since then its been real quiet.....with a lot of not too unreasonable questions seeming to go unanswered....which i dnt believe to be grin's wish maybe its purely because this game has been focused towards the XBox, that we're seeing more media for it....... i merely found it strange that if it was delayed due to the XBox that all the videos and a lot more of the game seems to been revealed to consolers rather than PC gamers, if the PC was further ahead u'd assume we'd see more from that media.... or maybe Ubi just doesn't wanna do a lockdown and release the console version first...... i guess i'll just shut up, wait and stop speculating
  12. i wasn't quoting your post mate....i was quoting your link in response to ronin's request about where i found that number from..... i'm well aware of ur estimate of the PC market, and it cud be true, wat i was illustrating, was despite the separate development, there are bound to be underlying principals that both games will adhere to....... hence Ubi is attempting to please 8 million minus the JS & IT units, not just the couple of thousand who bother to post about the game.....hence in my humble opinion why we are seeing a shift in the gameplay
  13. but that doesn't explain the lack of info...... it mite explain the delay in release, but its not unlike Ubi to release the PC version late, so u wud have to assume the game is delayed on account of the XBox but theres quite a lot out about that, which is wat is confusing me......
  14. I'm not trying to add fuel to an already pretty big fire........ but i'm wondering why, if as many have speculated on this board, that the reason GR:AW is delayed because of the XBox, and not the PC, is it that the console fans seem to have been blessed with a decent amount of footage and screenies, while the more "complete" PC version is practically unseen. all to often in this forum have i seen the post begin with "i know its the console version we saw.....but" why is it, we haven't had more PC information......the reason i've mentioned this is because, i just was looking through the console forum and found this link http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc...13/m/2541056663 yes we had Bo comment on the Physics of the game and that was excellent, but if there is that much freedom about info on the console version, why are grin being held back on the PC version?
  15. was from a link JFSebastian put up in the negative feedback thread..... http://www.ubisoftgroup.com/AboutUbisoft/D...t.aspx?cpid=804 obviously it counts both console and PC releases, but despite the "seperate" development, there will be similiar themes throughout both releases, and so the number is a fair guess at the market size they are dealing with....... *edit* just realised it includes JS and IT, so the number 8.5 million is probably an over estimate......but still its a sizeable market, of which as a forum we only make up a small proportion, even if it is an important and in some cases influential proportion
  16. The economics behind that statement isn't true, while a monopoly or dominate market player can have problems of inefficiency and inferior products the rule wont hold in a gaming environment, purely because if the game is really poor or "dumbed down", its not an essential product (well least not for most ppl ) and so if it is that poor people will simply not buy it. Slight price extortion is possible too, but generally gamers don't stand for it, cos they see other games at other price levels (within usually a £5 range) and demand the product to be competitively priced, or save their money for another game...... this is basically the reason we're seeing GR swing the way it is...... the people you have on these forums and forums around the world about GR:AW, will not even come close to numbering 8.5 million, but that is the customer base Ubi is looking at........and probably looking to expand on that therefore while we care enough to post up and voice how we want the game to play, the million's of 14y/o's (no offence to any 14y/o's on this board - and yes its a harsh generalisation, i cant be arsed to do it any other way) don't voice their opinions, but Ubi needs to sell them the game they want, not the couple of thousand ppl on gr.net........hence why the game is losing its tactical edge, purely cos it wont sell well enough like ronin said, thats the hard truth christ i'll shut up now......sorry for the essay, damn my free time at uni
  17. thats not gonna happen, 4 months is no time frame to build a decent rival to GR3, unless a development team has kept a game damn quiet its just not gonna happen..... but we do need competition in the market, someone to look at GR, take away the root values that made it a success, build on them and give us something different......
  18. Just one slight gripe wit the video, tho i'm not sure if this is because its the console version or whatever...... but its the bullet/mag counter, or the lack of it, i thought we were getting magazines not a pool of bullets..... aside from that, it looks pretty good, i like the way you adapt to walls and have the option to leave ur cover.... overall
  19. The sad fact is the game has probably been delayed because of marketing reasons..... no point it needing to build hype and advertise across the world for the PC platform, only 4 months down the line need to do the exact same thing for the XBOX version........ if it was the other way round probably wud have just meant a quiet PC release, but guess in the end it all comes down to money, and they seem to think the XBOX market has more in it
  20. duno if "pleased" is the best way to phrase that statement, but at least its some info, not the kind i was hoping for, but never mind............so long as it doesn't get cancelled
  21. ^^^^ ahhh god bless 16, old enuf to drink, not old enuf for the pub....those parties were a god send but back onto the point, i was a mere child when GR hit the shops (13 if i remember right) and i still wanted tactics in my game (think that makes me a little weird ) , half the fun of the R6:RS was the tactical side to missions.....while the rest came online. but stalker, colin has a very valid point, he did only state his views, ddnt claim to adopt the 16y/o view point, just his POV at 16.....
  22. think it wud need to be a "feature" cos for clan wars its not fair on a team if they experience more jams than the opp. team, unless of course its based on style of play, forcing clans to be tactical with their shooting........ hmmm come to think of it, i think it mite add a bit of excitment and uncertainty into the game which cant be too bad a thing.....
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