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  1. Something like that, but have you played Raven Shield? Many who bought this game had no ideia of the tactical realism that marks every Tom Clancy´s game.

    So many who bought the game expected something like Counter-Strike (that 30cm blast ratius grenade), then they would throw a grenade and instead of taking cover they would just stand, waiting to see the explosion.

    And then you were behind cover, waiting for the grenade to go off, suddenly BOOM, the grenade goes off and your teamate dies in a stupid way . Those good times gave some great laughs.

    course u cud always win the ubi-lottery, pull the pin, take cover, get ur team-mates out the way, and then BOOM......on comes a minute of solid swearing on TS due to the ubi-nade..... :rofl: that provides endless laughs, from both teams!! :D

    edit: also shud say, that the roll or throw option is such a good one to have in, like most the options u GRIN guys are adding :thumbsup:

  2. I wouldn't.  Can you imagine the complaints from people who were on their backs, saw someone advancing from behind, but couldn't shoot because the game disallows it from that posture?  That would be incredibly frustrating.

    i'm not saying its a particularly fair option, i was merely sayin that with the option of it being included with no shootin ability or not being included, i'd rather it was included.....my obvious preference is to have a reduced ability to aim and shoot while on my back, but myb if it was felt that was unfair/damaging to gameplay, an extended lean look over you shoulder would be a possibility....

  3. I like how you all sided with Logos and his high held intelligience.

    i didn't side with anyone least of all their intelligence, i like the idea of being able to look behind me without having to get up.....you're acting like medi-packs have been suggested

    In all fairness of what im trying to point out is yes it will have its benifits as it is somthing you can do in real life. Im just trying to point out that even thoe it can be done it has its limitations and theres better way to handel the situations not by using brute force. It's somthing every Tom Clancy Fan Knows of its called tactics.

    A. You should have a team covering your six.

    B. Your team has been whiped out, You should try to remain mobile and keep from getting flanked or pinned down.

    C. Dont try to out shoot a sniper, there is a reason why in the army they are supposed to take cover when a sniper takes a shot at you.

    You're playing Ghost Recon its about the tactics!

    not how fast you can role onto your back.......

    thats a fair point, and i think the sniper point has long been proven, we arent gonna hit them and thats fair enuf, i'd be happy if there was the option just to roll over and look, without the ability to shoot....because despite wat i shud do, when i'm 1v3, i tend to sit still and hope for the best :thumbsup:

  4. Jumping pass some one on your belly, then rolling over onto your back is going to be some rambo crap and very bad for tac sims.

    i think we've established thru a few of us rolling around on the floor, you cannot and therefore should not be able to dive to the floor, roll over with heavy kit on, and shoot someone 30feet away in the head, and to be honest i don't think that was ever the intention....

    the point of this inclusion is more for desperation attempts at stopping someone behind you, but more importantly can also be used to check behind you, without you leaving cover, or making a ton of noise sliding about to switch your position

    not to mention your going to have a harder time aiming to your left and right.

    try leaning on ur elbows and turning left and right, now do it on your back..... :thumbsup:

  5. ok thats a fair point aiming and firing from that position will be poor, but it still has merits for recon, it allows a quick check of the area behind you without causing you to slide about the place on ur stomach, and i know for rugby training drills i'd rather roll about than crawl about on the floor :thumbsup:

  6. theres really no basis to argue against the including of this feature based on:

    1. it wont get used......hell me and logos will use it plenty!!

    2. its another key to press........you have roughly 80 keys on ur keyboard....and if u dnt wanna map it, or press it, then dont, stay prone......its merely an option, and an interesting one i feel.....

    i cnt see why ppl wud be against another movement.....yes in co-op, unless the AI becomes super sneaky it'll be useless, but in TvT lord knows if ur hiding in a bush, it wud be nice to have a quick look behind u every now and then, just to make sure ur not about to bite the dust.....

  7. alright but wat if the sniper was infront of you, keeping you pinned down, and a rifleman attacks from behind, you have a very decent chance at killing him while the sniper is unable to do anything about it.....

    another thing to remember even if you used it once in 10 matches, surely that once is enuf to justify it being in the game, it isn't a massive resource hog to have a script to allow rolling onto your back, and cud be useful and unique......

  8. in my opinion if we weren't discussing (and by nature disagreeing!) with each other there wouldn't be much point in releasing a game......

    moderators are there to keep the ugly limited, and the good and bad come hand in hand, as no-one ever has the same idea of wat a game shud be compared the next guy to hit 'add reply'

    thats the beauty of a community like this one, everyone can voice an opinion, everyone has a chance to air their views, and as a result of some of the arguments in here, i've changed my position on a few things over a whole range of topics.....

    yeh some get a little out of focus, and taking a step back will help calm things, but at the end of the day, while the programmers spend their work days producing a game for us, its us who spend our free time playing, and in modders cases working to produce the community u see standing before u.....so if they wanna argue, i say let them argue, so long as everyone treats everyone with respect, theres always room to argue, shows the community cares about the game.....

  9. I would prefer them to be implemented the way OFP does. In OFP armor without infantry support is a sitting duck. In OFP I would put my money on three guys with RPGs before a crew of three in a tank. Just the way it should be.

    Also, I like that in OFP you can't manhandle the jeeps and trucks. abusive driving can damage the vehicles and render them useless. Catching to much "air" can lead to a hard landing that can damage you steering, which in turn causes the wheel to pull hard to the left or right. If there is damage to the drivetrain then top speed with be VERY slow, or the vehicle just won't move. You can't just run crazy and plow people over.


    thats the kinda vehicle implementation we need!!

  10. it's possible that this would only be in specific places against specific targets and they will fly in and out on rails, but I'd hope for a bit more than that. If some vehicles are going to move dynamically then I'd hope all, or at least some others will too. Of course that's little more than optomistic speculation.

    from wat i've read, and the recent french Q&A session it does appear ur hopes are unfortunately misplaced, they've been quoted saying that strikes will only be allowed at specific times during the gameplay....but there will obviously be mechanics for moving vehicles, so while the coding cud be a hell of a lot more complex for a modder, its possible that player driven vehicles are possible....depends on how the vehicles are implemented into the game i guess....

  11. i think ur gonna find most vehicles met in the game are either stationary (cars in the street) or involved in ur insertion to the area/misson, and therefore are likely to be scripted on rails of travel.....may not be the case, but it wud seem the easiest way, rather than attempt to script intelligent drivers, capable of reacting to events....especially when the events are likely (in insertion/extraction) to be scripted too....

    tho it wud make for an interesting mod, and if the BF2 vehicle whoring turns out to be infectious, the mod can always be switched off :)

  12. i got a few possible theories:

    1. someone got it wrong at ubi and like most people thought Q1 meant Jan - March....

    2. (my least favourite idea) no-one knows the actual release date because its never gonna be released.....

    3. possible we're looking at another delay, pushing into the financial Q1.

    4. ubi has simply embraced the fact it cnt keep coherent, consistent info on its site, and has gone all out to confuse us :wacko:

  13. Conditions for preorders of “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™”

    The first 500 customers who preorder...between 21/12/2005 and 31/01/2006

    I pre-ordered mine back in September, will I be included as one of the first 500 ???

    'fraid not mate....

  14. i'm wondering wat kind of effects will be seen on health.....

    cos in two of the shots u can see Brown with 3 bars and Allen down to just 1 bar.....i'm hoping theres a similar system to GR with specific degradation of skills based on where u get hit....not the RvS approach of u got shot in the hand so u shud gimp about the level dragging ur leg

  15. <[MAD]Inferno> Will there be more of a push towards GRAW for PC suggesting that most first person shooters are preferred on the PC;

    such as more media and better means of getting news and information to the consumers?

    [ +Ulf ] Yes, you will soon see GRAW PC specific coverage, including more screenshots, audio teasers, live in-game footage, and more.

    dude chill stuff is on the way :thumbsup:

    and paragraphs exist for a reason, makes reading so much easier :)

  16. 3 GR Teams did not all get killed when I was playing - In fact it worked really well when thought out plans were implemented -

    Additionally to suggest a 4-man team would conduct a direct assault on anything in the real world (alone, as a 4-man unit) is silly and not realistic - A 4 man team is nothing more then a RT to gather Intel ....prior to an assault team being called in ....to conduct the assault -

    you have to bear in mind the setting though, this isn't a planned attack force, from my understanding of thhe trailers, the ghosts have been caught off guard, therefore that possibly an explanation why four men will have to assault....

  17. if so, then what happens in 2 years when computer power is much greater than it is now?  Can you increase number of players with a patch?

    thats gonna depend on the implementation of the code, with regards to how ghosts interact, you have to bare in mind all the command systems, plus cross-com will all be set up to deal with 4 ghosts.....cud be an easy adaptation, mite be tricky......i wud imagine that GRIN wud be looking to keep it as open as possible, makes patches and add-ons easier to work on, but i'm not an expert programmer yet (3 years more of the degree to go <_<) so it mite not be possible/or helpful to do this.....

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