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  1. Still trying to play the bloody demo...it runs fine, unfortunately on low, but I digress. I could run it on Medium, but it gets a tad bit choppy. Not too much to ruin the game, but enough to screw up my aiming now and then...but I digress. Actually playing the game, my textures are messed up in a couple of areas. Hubcaps on cars, gun textures, and trees. Everything else looks really good, but the messed up textures do stand out quite a bit... Example, for the SCAR-L. The Magazine is a very dark black, and often changes color while i'm walking. With the XM8, the rear sight does the same thing. Trees somehow curve in to a ball (all bark and no leaf, I guess) and hubcaps sort of looks like they're collapsing in to themselves... Anyone have a hint at what the problem might be? I'm running an ATI Radeon 9700 video card with 128MB of RAM, since that's probably the only piece of hardware that matters. Updated to the latest drivers, and I downloaded the most recent AGEIA drivers from right here on the forums.
  2. a-greed. DVDs may install slower, but you don't have to sit there and rotate between 5 different CDs.
  3. Wait until you try After Montigniac. It would be easier, unfortunately the AI does have the ability to see and shoot through trees/bushes/ammo boxes/houses (occassionally) among other things. Fun game, though.
  4. I've seen this claim tons of times. And more times than not, ego gets in the way of fair assesment. There is no eyes on your forhead, or on you elbow, yet they turn the corner befor your eyes do, hence, why people get shot and think it came through a wall. ← That's not even the big problem. The thing that annoys me is you die before you even get a chance to shoot. I can remember countless times where I would get a glance of the enemy with his back turned, and he would spin around and kill me before I could even aim at him. They can run, stop on a dime and kill you, and continue to run...only to repeat it for each member of your team. Combat seems nonexistant sometimes, because whoever gets seen first doesn't stand a chance in hell. Operation Flashpoint suffered from the same problem, where the enemy would drop prone and kill you from a KM away. The sad thing is, both games are INCREDIBLY fun when the AI actually plays fair - unfortunately, they never seem to want to. Ghost Recon's such an amazingly fun game when you actually get the chance to return fire. Basically i'm praying that AW's enemies come closer to Half Life 2's combine rather than Counter-Strike's "leet hax0rz"
  5. That still doesn't help the fact that the enemy has godlike aim...it was like that in GR, it was like that in GR2, it was like that in pretty much every Rainbow Six game to date. I seriously hope they improve it in GRAW...
  6. http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/interview-grin.htm http://pc.ign.com/articles/643/643119p1.html The AI in this game will be good. Colin ← Thanks Colin, let's hope they deliver in every aspect. I hope that based on a few early videos that the AI give more covering fire for thier own. If this game does something so simple as making AI give covering fire, that makes me stay down an pee my pants, while screaming MEDIC, than I'd spend $100.00 for it. ← Here here. I HATED GR1's AI, and GR2 for the X-box didn't exactly improve them a whole lot.. Case in point, in both games, I gently leaned around a corner, and before my view even got around the corner I was dead..for such a realistic game, that's pretty cheap. Not to mention when i'm ordering different teams around in GR1, they all basically run forward...pointman dies? Keep running! 2nd in command dies? Run forward anyway! I've had two teams of soldiers get killed off by one Russian...doesn't exactly make me feel like i'm leading an elite special forces team. Makes me feel more like i'm babysitting.
  7. You know, you wouldn't believe it, but I managed to fix it earlier (and holy christ, it's a HELL of a lot more fun online!) by simply uninstalling my Firewall...who needs security when you've got Ghost Recon online? We're stuck on 1.0, fresh-out-of-the-box, but hey at least it works. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. Did that....we just tried...nothing. UBI Browser and ingame browser said the same old "Connecting..." message forever. I still have SP to fall back on...but I would of at least like to of tried MP. I can't join any games, and I can't host any games...weird wild stuff.
  9. Okay, i've found out how to port-forward on my firewall...the problem is I have no idea what to do from here. Incoming TCP/IP, Outgoing TCP/IP, Incoming UDP and Outgoing UDP. I've never done this before, so i'm sort of in the dark.
  10. I use McAffe's security center, he uses the basic Windows firewall, and we make sure to disable both programs (I also disable my Virus Scan + exit out of the program entirely), but i'll see if I can open up those ports. I'm thinking that's it, seeing as it didn't pop up saying GhostRecon.exe wants access to the internet.. We've pinged each other, and it went through fine... (edit in new post)
  11. We already tried 1.4 and it didn't help a whole lot...we also tried 1.3 and it didn't work, either. We're not on a LAN (though I share a connection with a computer upstairs - it's a LAN through a hub) and my DS/IT is definately deactivated. We've made sure that both copies were the same version by comparing the numbers (both read off exactly), and it still doesn't work.
  12. Okay, here's the deal. I've got two copies of GR: The original, and the Gold edition. I gave my Original copy to a friend of mine, and I kept the Gold Edition. We've been trying to play GR online with each other (just in a co-op game) for the past couple of days, and so far it just hangs on "Connecting..." Neither of us is on a router (although I have a hub, but that's not it because I can create a game in Battlefield 2 and have people join it). We both do have firewalls, but we disable them before attempting to connect... We've tried patches 1.4 and 1.0 and both have been unsuccessful. Tried the UBI online service, tried the ingame Multiplayer browser, and neither have worked. I'm on a LAN and I gave him my "external IP" (from IPChicken, I read about it on an old post in this forum) and my regular IP, and neither go through. We're both on XP Home Edition, Cable internet, etc etc....probably a little over triple the game's requirements. I haven't installed Desert Siege or Island Thunder with my Gold Edition, just regular Recon. He doesn't have the expansions, either. I'm at the wall with no ideas. Feels like i've tried everything. Can anyone lend me a hand?
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