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  1. I've never liked TDM as a gametype anyway, I much prefer some sort of team objective. I guess if I decide to give this game a try (still undecided) I will be playing Search and Destroy then.
  2. It's quite fast-paced isn't it? Not as bad as I'd feared, though... I think you could play carefully if you chose to. Nice looking map!
  3. I've been getting the same error, irregularly since the game came out. It drives me nuts! In game, with a ping of around 80, everything is smooth and hassle free... as soon as a new round starts or the map changes, there is a 50/50 chance of this happening to me. The really weird thing is that other people I play with tell me that I'm getting booted for "altered game files" but I get a message about connection timeouts.
  4. Let me start off by saying that I personlly love GRAW2, I'm enjoying it thoroughly. However, I don't think it's perfect, especially in terms of immerssion. I recently found myself in the position of standing in a computer shop while my wife bought an iPod. Through sheer boredom (buying exactly what you intended to buy apparently takes some time), I browsed the PC games section and found a copy of Red Orchestra. I'd heard of this game and thought it might be something to fiddle with while waiting for some local GRAW 2 servers to arrive. Strangely, this (old) game has made me realize where
  5. Indeed. I reckon a huge percentage of the "problems" with GRAW2, especially with SP, are due to the poor manual. Hell, I learned more about how the AI behave and what tools are available to you, right here on this forum than I did from the manual (thanks Bo and other GRIN devs ). It can't be that hard to flesh out the manual, and give some advice on how to use all your command options, surely?
  6. Yes, I do have the game for myself, and Campaign COOP is in. The reviewer got it wrong.
  7. The enemy AI on hardcore level does display unbelievable accuracy, and completely unbelievable "reaction times." The first few times I tried COOP I actually thought I was dying because my weapon had blown up when I fired it... it didn't seem possible that the AI could have heard my gunfire, looked for me, found me and shot me in 0.05 seconds. Overall, I like the AI... but I really wish SOMEONE would design an enemy AI where "hardcore" meant their tactical ability was really good, rather than just astounding accuracy and reaction times. I'm happy with the way the game has moved forward in so
  8. Personally, I'm loving it. There are some bugs (just like every game) and some things which could be improved on (just like any game).... but the overall package was well worth the money. Good job GRIN, and I can't wait to see what you guys fix/add in the coming patches.
  9. Aaah, I know that name ... if my memory serves me correctly, he was an avid [GR] player. And thanks for the server name, you might very well bump into a brand new target soon.
  10. Which server is that? I live in South Africa and haven't been brave enough to try any international servers... I just assumed the lag would suck.
  11. Yeah, I've had this bug crop up from time to time. Sometimes it can be fixed by issuing the cover command directly from the "camera view"... other times the AI buddy will revert back to pointing the wrong way as soon as I press G to remove the camera view.
  12. Doesn't the COOP (not Campaign COOP) do this already, or am I misunderstanding your point?
  13. I'm loving the SP too. Not sure about the Mule, to be honest... I kind of forgot it was there! But, I spent about 2.5 hours completeing mission 2 on Hardcore (no reloads) - not necessary, I know, but I play this as if my life depended on it, and it's awesome! I know some people prefer quicker gameplay etc, but for me this game has been amazingly good so far. The new ROE and crosscom orders add to the game like you would not believe, if you actually use them MP maps seem a lot better than GRAW 1 in that they offer more variety in how you "handle" them. Careful gameplay can benefit you now
  14. I guess people have different tastes - this is a vast improvement over GRAW 1 for me. Yes, there are some issues... but I'm very pleased with my purchase and am looking forward to endless hours of decent MP.
  15. This is quite amazing... what possible BENEFIT could there be to this ban... for Ubisoft, Grin or the fanbase? Cutting off communication like this can ONLY have negative consequences. Ubisoft, please reconsider... your sales can only benefit from having the developers and the fans chatting with each other!
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