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  1. GamersHell.com Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC Screenshot 561758 - GamersHell.com
  2. Kinect voice recognition is cool. Would be really cool for team commands in game.
  3. I hope there is an option to disable hud info?. Too much for me personally. FS 2010 looks ok-ish in the screen shot below. [Edit]the character model discussion has been moved to it's own thread here
  4. H.A.W.X. 2, fight in the same conflict depicted in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier. That's what it says on the back of my retail dvd rom case.
  5. That's a lot of money just for an advert. I wonder how much they are spending on the whole game including all major gaming platforms?. EA Spending $100 Million To Beat Call Of Duty With Battlefield 3 - News - www.GameInformer.com Plus, the fault line series in a full length 12 minute trailer http://bf3blog.com/2...length-trailer/ Largest BF maps they have ever made to be seen in BF3 http://bf3blog.com/2...weve-ever-made/
  6. The probable reason why we will never get the Ghost Recon "we" want is because "we" all want different things for a Ghost Recon pc game. I would simply love to revisit the past and play a graphical and scenario updated version of the first Ghost Recon game, other than that then no other change from the original. You lot confuse me, i thought most wanted a return to the original?, haha. Oh well, bring on future soldier then.
  7. I agree A2 and OA need a beast of a rig to run it maxed out with high resolutions, but it is one of the most realistic and authentic fps a military sim fan can play on the pc. Don't allways believe the hype, DICE are bound to say what they are saying, it's to generate interest and build up enthusiasm for their upcoming product. I'm not saying BF3 will be rubbish, it will be fun no doubt, but i would think it will be another Bad Company in a new shiny coat with 64 players?, lol. The demo will be telling, words are cheap, can mean jacksquat, especially at this stage.
  8. Yes, each to their own opinion but i disagree about how one would see Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon had it all for me personally, less chitter chatter over comms, a very unique reticle (optics), different weather effects, great night and day time levels, great sound (EAX in its day), i liked the scenario, not too many cut scenes, graphics were top notch in its day, more than four man squad, 15+ missions and a whole bunch of user made content. More to add but you all have heard this before. That's the game i would love UBISOFT to re-make. It would have to be UBISOFT that makes the game, it would have to be the exact original assets, identical in every way except updated render path and a different scenario in a european setting, russia for the win haha!. For me, it is that unique reticle that does the job and would have to be in, no weapon view, or else it is the same as most other fps out their. Not that i don't enjoy other authentic shooters but Ghost Recon wins over most military type games personally speaking. It would be awesome to play an exact remake, here's hoping and wishing for the return of GR on PC. The past was a pleasant place to game in on the pc platform, Ghost Recon was a beauty, imho nothing can replace it, only an exact carbon copy with a different scenario/theatre of war. I enjoy present games and i think your work/effort is great mate, much appreciated.
  9. Just purchased these games today at Game.co.uk local retail shop. Assassins Creed Brotherhood cost me £24.99. Although, i did purchase Splinter Cell Conviction last year, i paid about £30 retail, but for 98 pence i could not resist lol.
  10. I doubt Ubisoft will re-make Ghost Recon with a different scenario and keep to the original including the unique reticle (optics). I won't be purchasing red river because it is download only for pc (don't have any way of buying online right now). I enjoyed GRAW 1 and 2 on pc and 360.
  11. CryEngine 2 was developed with PC in mind, higher texture resolution, more graphical settings etc. Crysis 2 is a cool sci-fi game. CryEngine 3 was developed with consoles in mind i think, there are youtube videos showing "Live Create" feature in CryEngine3 which was designed for seamless transitional game developing on all 3 major gaming platforms instantaneously, so you can't have higher texture resolutions because the console won't handle it. Crysis 2 looks much better in 3D imho, even with anaglyph glasses, haha!. I played and completed the sp campaign on post-human warrior using the XBOX 360 controller on a PC, i struggled to line up and fire off a shot with a 360 gamepad in Crysis. The screenshots i posted previously show keyboard prompts but as soon as you touch a key onyour keyboard it switches instantly between M/KB or gamepad, similar to Resident Evil 5 PC, which i thought was a nice touch by Crytek.
  12. My favourite aircraft to fly in a video game, will probably check this out.
  13. I wonder if that was just cgi cinematic ragdoll effects when the bomber was kneed to the ground during the melee hand to hand combat?. Cool vid, i liked it.
  14. The traditional shooter elements are there in game, and i like the cinematic approach. I enjoy playing the game, i like a good sci-fi action game. Some have quoted the lighting in game gives off a distorted bloom effect but is this due to the nanosuit visor reflecting light in certain scenes in the game world?.
  15. This might sound odd to some but the main protagonist in a shooter game is the weapon, if it don't sound right it don't feel right and you lose a lot of feedback. Graphics and story and objectives is cool but the game sound to me is so important for maximum effect.
  16. It would of been great if EA gave Crytek more funds to have made the best possible Crysis 2 for the windows platform, at this stage i have to say i prefer the CryEngine 2 over 3. I played on veteran and post-human difficulty and you still had grenade red hexagon indications, i prefered Crysis A.I, there are glitches in Crysis 2 as with most games. I like some assets in Crysis 2, sound if half decent, music score is alright. Although for the most part the gameplay is quite linear, a sort of corridor shooter with slight open spaces, stealth ellements and slight tactics but quite repetative. I believe Crytek could have done much more for the PC version.
  17. I'll have to pick up the orange box sometime. Half Life 2 looks great in 3D, does the cinematic mod support 3D ok?.
  18. Great animations. Something looks odd with the wsad prompt on screen, why would that show up?, player looks slow using mouse movement, seems more like a controller movement?.
  19. The 8800GT still hanging in there. Interesting to read the shader based anti-aliasing. Would like to have seen the 3D Vision results.
  20. Thanks for that Pave, always good to know who's who and what's going on. Well, half life 2 was linear for the most part but a great game to play regardless. The more i see of C2 the more usable open traversable space there appears to be. I guess simply because of the cityscape blocking the horizon you will feel hemmed in somewhat, but then again at certain stages it looks to open up. You can de-finitely traverse the levels in any direction, rather than it being a total on-rails corridor shooter. The official video linked provided below shows options to run and gun it or sneak & peak tactics, looks to be fun and i am curious to see what Crytek have done with the lighting and DX 11 features, also Cevat mentioned their implementation of antialiasing techniques (apparently the conventional use of AA, like 4x - 8x etc are not in this version of the CryEngine 3) apparently the deferred renderer is just incompatible with current hardware-assisted antialiasing ?, Cevat Yerli said this in a gameplay interview but i can't find it so not 100% sure?. Some official single player xbox360 gameplay here, possible spoiler for this particular level but interesting to see the possibilities. I watched it, spoilt nothing for me lol.
  21. Six on six, probably about right for the size of the maps, should be fun, i'll give the demo a try.
  22. I wonder how the data was leaked and who or what persons were involved?. I heard the leaked developer build has the whole single player, the complete multiplayer c/w masterkey (whatever that is?) and the CryEngine 3 editor and xbox360 and ps3 data/code? and dx9-10-11?. Oh dear.
  23. Are the CELL a police force?, looks very tight/linear in the city but maube that's just the impression from video gameplay?. Linear sandbox?, i wonder what that means?.
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