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  1. Hi everyone My first post here.I am looking forward to GR:AW on the PC, i have great faith that this game will be awesome.I played Ghost Recon, DS, and IT for ages, to me it was the best war game out.I do prefer the fpwv in fps.Man i wish i was 26 again, i not too long ago thought to myself...is it time to hang up the mouse?Not a chance, what with the technology of today, hardware plus the software (games) to good to miss out on man.I don't think i'll ever grow out of gaming, everything i wanted to see in games is here and it's getting better and greater, the graphics and gameplay is the best it has been, well that's what i think.At 43 life is great.I think i remember reading an article somewhere on the net that said 25% of gamers are over 40, how true that is i dunno.
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