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  1. Pircay on the PC platform is a major issue and allways will be, there will allways be freeloaders what can anyone do about it?. All computer software developers/publishers have the right to protect their software in some way and anyway they choose to, imho. The only way to combat piracy is to shut down sites like megaupload.com, cut out the big players like kim dotcom, the biggest thieves of them all.
  2. Strange topic title - maybe? but after watching some recent campaign gameplay i noticed tha name changes. The names of the Ghosts were kozak - 30K - Pepper - Bones. 30K and pepper are still in and Ghost Lead is a new name and appears to give orders, but what is the name of the character you play?, also, the character you play in game appears subordinate except for the the mark and execute command. Is this still work in progress?.
  3. Anyone playing it?, is quite good but the dxx 11 features cripple a top end rig, a patch in the works already, dx9.0c is looking great though. the screenshots show the batsuit all ripped up, but you start out clean, last screenshot is from the first game by rocksteady. You get to play with catwoman, she's cute
  4. I like the dof in the tank screenshot and the three grunts in the bamboo field (is it bamboo?) haha!.
  5. I disagree about poorly optimized. I just think it's the technology in BIS's Virtual engine. It's often this way with proper PC games like the ArmA series, it should make your PC crawl maxed out, this is great for enthusiasts who like to upgrade to the latest PC technology. More PC development i say.
  6. If you are confident with motherboard BIOS settings you could try clearing the cmos and resetting the bios to factory default and check to make sure you have enabled what should be enabled and what should be disabled?. But i suppose if it is random it could be anything. Is it 64-bit win 7?, once i had a usb razor mouse that caused lock ups, lifeless desktop issues at random.
  7. I believe that if GRiN was to have had total control over the development of GRAW and made a Ghost Recon game from their own talented perspectives it certainly would of been one of the best games ever on the PC. There may have been certain realism in the game world. Sometimes it is difficult to stamp out game bugs regardless of game platform development. I certainly enjoyed playing the GRAW series on PC and the 360 game console, GRAW on the 360 is more of a fun sofa shooter.
  8. Ghost Recon stood out for the PC player and i'm sure the console player?. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter picked up a prestigious Bafta award for game of the year, GRAW also won the technical achievement award at a ceremony held in London. GRAW will be their focus with some assets from the original.
  9. I really enjoy the sense of height and freedom in ArmA2. Great detail on the models what , really can't wait for ArmA3.
  10. Ivan Buchta:The case you mention illustrates how the mission design works in our games. Arma has never been player-centric, and the things may always proceed towards a certain set of conditions which indicate the mission end: we do not ask the player to fulfill an objective, we rather ask whether an objective is accomplished. ArmA series is the good stuff on PC, so much to do in these games/expansions, one can put the grey matter through its paces so to speak . I really enjoy flying the choppers, ground combat is ace, and the attention to detail is top notch stuff from BIS. Really good stuff, and the modding community..., well, what can i say?, brilliant and thanks really. Bring on ArmA3 .
  11. Ivan Buchta, Creative Director of Bohemia Interactive had this to say.... Everyeye:We are seeing great things forthcoming for the FPS genre and ArmA 3 is one of those titles that will most likely make the difference. You already have a solid fan-base and that's certainly a great opportunity for you to make it even bigger within the ArmA franchise. What are the ArmA 3 key elements and innovations that, in your opinion, would appeal to a larger gaming public? Ivan Buchta:Most shooting games keep focusing on the action-packed cinematic experience, emphasizing the little details at the cost of the player's freedom and gameplay possibilities. We would like to deliver a completely different experience, offering player true and unparalleled freedom of choice in an environment which reacts to his actions. In other words, Arma 3 will hopefully be more demanding on one's brains than fingers, rewarding the creative players with a proper response to their tactical efforts. ⇒ Arma 3 - INTERVISTA (PC) It is probably the only game i'm really looking forward to on the PC.
  12. Windows 7 x64 Home Premium edition ( sp1 + all important and recommended updates) Intel i7-860 2.8GHz but SpeedStep is enabled plus Turbo boost and hyper thread technology is enabled (i just let the motherboard bios do its thing) GeForce GTX 580 + 275.50 beta drivers 8GB 1600MHz RAM (4x 2GB modules) dual channel 500GB Sata 3GB/s hard drive. Don't you think Dx9 looks just as good a dx11 though?, i do. The Dx9 screenshots i posted earlier have the high res textures disabled, everything was on the lowest settings for dx9. Some of the tessellation looks a tad weird imho.
  13. Yeah not bad at all. Check out the framerate
  14. The game looks cool, the sp campaign is longer than most others. I'll get some screenshots up later.
  15. Same here. Just go into the registry and modify that key, it defaults in windows 7 x64 at 1, just modify it to 0, that's what i did and the pop up "warning" is gone, job done, no problems here at my end.
  16. Navy seals?, we may get some underwater missions?.
  17. It's not very often you get to see "pc exclusive", nice, looking forward to this game and its expansions no doubt.
  18. Bit late for some maybe?. I'll give it another go. Unfortunately i'm having graphics issues with nvidia card in the level "seat of power" and using 275.33 drivers. Nvidia are aware of this problem and another driver set is in the works to correct the problem. [Edit: Unofficial D/L links for "leaked versions" removed (has now been officially released)]
  19. I didn't realise 1.8 added dx11, i noticed the "Extreme" advanced graphics options. If i'm honest, i can't quite tell what is different now before 1.8?. Maybe the shadows are darker and the light is brighter?
  20. Yeah, there is an expansion pack as well, Athena Sword and iron Wrath, if you can find them? Iron Wrath was a free download from Ubisoft if i remember correctly.
  21. I personally prefer DiRT3 over DiRT2, there seems to be more rally in DiRT3?, but i'm not really enjoying the drifting stages that much, gymkhana is fun up to a point. Playing the XBOX360 version here. Nothing beats the first Colin McRae rally on PC imho, although, i suppose McRae is becoming an after-thought and it's becoming ken block's rally-drift-gym show Nice screens and vids by the way.
  22. Bones. commando Kozak, 30K, a reconnaissance expert; Pepper, the team sniper; and Bones, an engineer. Information according to teamxbox.
  23. I presume PC gamers will get "free" Ghost Recon Online rather than future soldier?, i'm probaly wrong on that count?, but is Ghost Recon Online also playable on the console?.
  24. I agree when he says teamwork is a huge part of the whole game loop but so is squad commands, what's the heads up on this part of the game with regards to squad commands?. Over 13 different ways to collect intel from the mp game modes, a stun gun. More than 20 million weapon customizations- 52 guns - 49 different attachments. Should be fun with Kinect and randomise weapons
  25. Future Soldier is the step up from Advanced Warfighter. It's still a Ghost Recon game but with much more advanced future technology and weaponry. there is no other game quite like the first one but i personally enjoyed playing GRAW 1 and 2, and i'm quite sure future soldier will be great. Kinect is really cool for bodily or mental exertion
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