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  1. US Import at amazon.co.uk , not available yet. Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Alpha Blu-ray 2011 US Import: Amazon.co.uk: Francois Alaux, Herve De Crecy: Film & TV
  2. UK only has the signature edition so i just pre-ordered the standard edition. Looks like i'll be hunting for the Ghost Recon Alpha movie and a t-shirt ha ha ha!. Plus, any extra in-game content will be DLC, well, that's if there is going to be any PC DLC?.
  3. That would be great but wouldn't this cause issues with Ubisoft's game launcher. I would like to mod out the optical camo or have the option to toggle on or off. Auto optical camo is the only thing i don't like at this stage.
  4. With or without optical camo gamers will camp anyway, soldiers do this in real life combat don't they?. Ghost and Bodarks have access to this in game tech so it's balanced, and besides, snipers hang back and scan the area for hostiles, so many ways to play any game if you think about it, imho. Probably more of a stealth feature for single player, i think it's cool and most important it's fun. That's how i see it A true dedicated server in my honest opinion is being able to build and set up your own home or office server without additional costs, have all the software/tools to play the game online with a decent amount of players, no unlocks or progression stats, ranks etc etc. You know, pistols only if that takes your fancy?.
  5. If i'm not mistaken? private matches have all equipment unlocked. I have to say, if i was purchasing GRFS solely for the competitive multiplayer i would wait it out and purchase maybe 6 months+ later and try to bag a bargain buy.
  6. A four player co-op experience, @ 0:30 in that ytv the guy said play "alone", but how can you play alone in "Guerilla mode" if it is a minimum of 4 players?. EDIT: It can be played solo, should be interesting.
  7. I think the mp beta is just ok, only one major issue i had was a super lag freeze frame, i don't know any other way to explain it, i couldn't move, shoot smoke out nada zilch nothing no joy, all i got was host migration or something along those lines of text ha ha!. A region filter has been mentioned by others and i suppose this would help to know where the host is in this world, closer to home is a lower ping so less lag i suppose?. I appreciate being able to have a look/play at a small portion of GRFS multiplayer but i never really liked Ghost Recon competitive mp anyway, if i'm honest. Single player and co-op online i would prefer to try out, ha ha ha!.
  8. Bit of fun with a portable device, ipad and gunsmith looks fun.
  9. Some are upset over the XBOX360 Splinter Cell Conviction early exclusive access deal, lol. I still have the disc so might as well download through the game's ui.
  10. I don't think anyone can really judge the look of the whole game on that one screenshot, i thought BF3 was quite washed out and a constant blue hue over the screen but it still looked and played great on the pc at home, imho. GRFS probably won't look or play right for everyone i suppose.
  11. Hello mate. Not read/seen any information about uniform/gear loadouts for single player, although the australian and new zealand collectors edition has 48 custom headgear skins for multiplayer not sure about coop though?. Apparently here it says... Future Soldier ships with 52 weapons with each having up to 10 parts of the gun that can be customized. All weapons are divided into U.S. and Russian sets and are based on real world guns, with the few weapons not used in service coming from real-life prototype designs. Ubisoft has a deal with Remington for example, so there's a prototype weapon in there from them. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Official Website - Ubisoft - Australia- News
  12. I wonder if there are any night time missions?. I wonder if the YETI game engine uses havok physics?.
  13. Wiki: Stat padding - kill, heal, revive or respawn. Actions such as these are usually done on password-protected or empty game servers...oh wait ...that was battlefield 2 ha ha!
  14. I think it's great that Ubisoft are working on several improvements in order to take full advantage of the PC platform, i'm pleased about new high quality textures and windows xp support.
  15. WoW core blimey chief are those hot babes in GR:FS?, hehe, nice.
  16. Nice one mate, will install this later, i'll post some photo's later too , cheers.
  17. Splinter Cell Conviction was a port but looked and played really well on the PC
  18. I should think that the majority of the weapons in that list is for the multiplayer modes and coop only?.
  19. Does Ghost Recon Online use the yeti game engine on PC?, what does it say in the game folder files?.
  20. Future soldier is a cover based third person shooter, looks fun, i like the arma series in third person mode. Third person perspective was implemented in Ghost Recon 2 on the consoles, except for the first game it's allways been this way on consoles, infact i think it suits the consoles better this way. PC would of been great for first person with the option to change to first person. I guess i personaly don't mind anymore as long as the game is fun. I would of prefered a Ghost Recon remake on the windows platform, it looks like everyone wants a different perspective for Ghost Recon, hahaha!. I'll allways have a soft spot for Ubisoft's Ghost Recon, no matter what they give us, it's a day one purchase for me, can't wait if i'm honest. there isn't a lot to choose from nowadays, ArmA 3 has been pused back till late 2012, can't wait though, just going to enjoy Ghost Recon Future Soldier for what it is and not for what it isn't.
  21. It's probaly the same game on all 3 major platforms, the pc version will probably have anisotropic filtering setting and some antialiasing, maybe higher texture resolution? and better shadow techniques/filters and lighting?. Think i'll get the xbox360 version myself, i have a feeling microsoft's console will get the the edge?.
  22. Yeah there was GRAW PC sp mission 2 demo you could play local coop lan too, and mp GRAW 2 PC demo. Ubisoft - Downloads
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