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  1. Ubisoft have not really officially said GRFS PC is delayed for any reason, they just posted on their GRFS PC forum new dates, haha, sigh @ Ubisoft. I'm a tad confused at the xp patch, it doesn't say the patch is for the game to run in win xp, it says the xp patch will allow the game running on DirectX 9 under Direct X 10/11 systems, hehehe. I wonder what the TriDef 3D is like?, although i'll be using nvidia 3D vision kit.
  2. A windows xp patch for windows xp operating system and a windows xp patch for win vista and win 7?.
  3. No doubt shortly after the game is released to the general public there will be user made GRFS PC youtube videos and maybe something from Ubisoft beforehand?.
  4. Aesthetic augmented reality i suppose, haha!. It's very subtle imho, but i don't think GRFS is all that futuristic, the gadgets are sort of futuristic but the rest is very very near future, i suppose?.
  5. I forgot to add ...i mean for the single player, don't get me wrong Ghost Recon sp was awesome in its day, i can't really give an opinion on Ghost Recon mp because i never got into it, tried a couple of times but just not my thing. Rainbow Six Raven Shield coop and S.W.A.T 4 coop were the only online games i enjoyed over a period of time if i'm honest.
  6. Not another delay haha, although GRFS PC has been officialy marketed for TriDef 3D i can't wait to try GRFS with nvidia's 3D Vision, max payne 3 is stunning in 3D and DX11 on the PC.
  7. Looking forward to Ubisoft's line up of games, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 3, these are looking superb, also looking forward to Takedown (not sure if it's PC only?). More to come i reckon .
  8. I think the ArmA series is much better than the first ghost recon pc game, the first ghost recon is kind of meh to me now, so glad Ubisoft changed the formula if i'm honest. But i appreciate those that like the originals. The first PC Ghost Recon game and Rainbow Six series were great but for me it's the past and i prefer the present and future technology in every way. I will purchase ArmA 3 because i do enjoy what BI have to offer.
  9. I play the XBOX360 version and it looks great, i'm sure the PC version will look superb, i'm hoping GRFS looks great in 3D on the PC the same as Max Payne 3 is using nvidia's 3D Vision tech.
  10. Steam users get it a day earlier than retail shops, my pre-order is available to pick up friday 15th june.
  11. It's not water proof haha!, can have some fun with this device. They put a lot of effort into the art work. My most liked device in grfs . I can't remember what was written on the GRAW XBOX 360 drone?, GRIN had a face on the drone in the PC version but i can't quite remember what was written on it?. Eye in the sky is a cool toy to play with, haha!.
  12. Why do some video game publishers release their titles on all platforms world wide for both digital download and retail purchase and yet some don't?. I'm not talking about tuesday and friday release windows, lol.
  13. What is the point of advertising GRFS Ultimate, Collectors, Signature editions with additional maps if all ecitions get the same map package?.
  14. The biggest let down imho is the lack of full control in private matches for console and pc.
  15. I appreciate the time folk take to give their opinion/s (aka reviews too), which are subjective. Sometimes reviewers get it spot on and other times they get it so wrong. The only real reviewer is YOU the video game player. Fortunately and maybe unfortunately (depends on funds available by you for the game) GRFS is the same game on all major gaming platforms (360, PS3, PC) so you can rent the single player to get a feel of the game mechanics etc but to test the mp an online pass is required. What is a collective review though?, why do folk/gamers swear by certain game review sites? (that also get it wrong).
  16. The signature edition is only one of two versions available to download or purchase from retail in the UK, i pre-ordered the standard edition and will get the other content through unlocks and DLC later on i think.
  17. This is what the internet says... "GRFS Guerrilla mode lets up to two players play split screen, while also system linked. Also, four players, two consoles and two screens. "Online matchmaking is their for campaign co-op and competitive multiplayer" "the standard campaign of GRFS can only be played cooperatively either online or system linked with one person per console and there is no split screen.
  18. As far as i am aware the campaign can only be played cooperatively either online or system linked with one person per console (no splt screen).
  19. This looks interesting The Last of Us
  20. Poor old max, this is a great game, really enjoying the whole experience rockstar put together on this iteration. Once you get familiar with the controls, it's a blast. Graphics/audio - really good, the screenshots/pictures taken (6.3 mega pixels camera) don't do true justice, also i reduced quality/size for upload. Not tried the multiplayer yet but story/sp is good stuff. You can freeze frame gameplay at any time and 360 degree the whole scene for some interesting shots (that's how i took the pictures). Looking forward to the pc version it should look stunning.
  21. I'm glad Ubisoft chose this route. Strange that one publisher chooses to do away with single player DRM allways on connection and another chooses to use it?.
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