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  1. I guess yeah, but if i compare Silent Talon with Deep Fire which is also an arctic/snow environment, on my system you can see the difference in the screenshots i reckon. Somethings not quite right, shadows look strange on certain surfaces. I also have to keep changing the settings most times because it keeps reverting to the games default graphics settings and resolution.
  2. This is quite cool, i have noticed this technique (miniature vision haha) on a TV advert or two.
  3. I only get the Yeti Fatal Error message if i change the graphics settings, i found that changing the global illumination on high has caused this for me a couple of times. I was changing the graphics settings to make comparisons of how the game looks and to find a balance for visual and performance purposes. Also i found after i exit to the games main menu screen or quiting the game that the screen resolution keeps defaulting to 1280x720 even though i have it set to 1920x1080 in the graphics option menu. The version number at the top left of the games main menu is blured and blocky but changing to my monitors default resolution of 1920x1080 the numbers become much more crisp and clear. But to change to my resolution i have to select the next resolution down from 1920x1080 to 1680x1050, exit the graphics menu for it to apply, then go back into the graphics menu and select 1920x1080 and then exit the graphics menu for the resolution to apply, its a bit of a bind but this works for me if i want the best look. So, i suspect/think that for some reason the 1280x720 game default resolution is applied automatically no matter what i have set. What i do now is i delete the default config file from my documents folder inside the ubisoft/tom clancy grfs folder, and re-apply all the graphics setting i want. It's a bit of an annoyance to say the least but i'm not sure what is causing the Yeti Fatal Errors for all?. This is just my experience of the Yeti Fatal Errors, and, like i said it only happens when i change the global illumination to high, and the reason i was changing the global illumination is because it was not working in game.
  4. Does your game still work?, did you also delete the YetiShaders_PC2_DX11 files and the YetiPerforce ini file?.
  5. Snow, in daylight sunny conditions should be blinding white, but when i play this mission on the PC, for the most part it is more of a grey colour and quite dull looking in third person view, but, when in scope view or ironsight it becomes a much brighter white, like those conditions should be. I suspect there is a shadow problem or something failing to render properly?, i have tried different graphics settings but it only shows the same results. The XBOX 360 version has blinding white snow, i can see why they recommend the GUNNAR Optiks , haha!. Anyone else see this?.
  6. I believe it uses the YETI game engine, also it says in that write up "the game requires a constant internet connection" but i'm sure there is an option to go in offline mode for campaign from the Uplay Launcher, does this not work?. I suppose the YETI game engine is not to everyones liking on the PC, but, i think it can look really good, i'm not an expert artist but i would say the colour / palette suits the over all level design, sure, the subdued shades and almost chalklike art will not be to everyones taste. I think some credit is noteworthy here for the artists handiwork (even if digitally done, hahaha! . It is a shame about the bugs and glitches for the PC version though. Here are some screenshots i took earlier which i think shows some good visuals whilst playing, this is PC version 1.1.120623.
  7. I haven't mate no, don't think i'll bother myself as i prefer the lighting effects when they work proper haha!, also i think the effects and lighting encourages the gamer to use the assets in the single player campaign, like xray and night vision effects, in fact you'll struggle to see without them through a sandstorm with all the lighting fx . And besides there is the option to tone down all the effects in the games graphics options. But yeah you could tweak the xml files to suit an individual visual experience i suppose. I wonder what the next patch will fix or break? hahaha!. Good game.
  8. Version 1.0 is also broken in the sense that volumetric lighting is not working properly, you can see that in the screenshots i posted. This would also partly explain why the framerate takes a nose dive, simply because of extra effects being rendered by your gpu.
  9. Sometimes i have had issues with other games in the past because punkbuster not updating, although it should update automatically, i just downloaded Punkbuster Setup (PBSetup) and manually updated, have not been online with the pc version yet but when i ran the PBSetup it updated some files. This method might help others with connection issues, it might not because it automatically updated anyway, but its worth a pop just in case, maybe?, can't do any harm. PunkBuster Future Soldier PBSetup
  10. The HD7770 gpu makes the game look better than my GTX 580 looking at that video . Had a quick search earlier and i spotted a HD7770 for about £100, £120 for an overclocked edition. I suppose it depends on what budget is avavilable to the buyer, subjective i guess but the HD7770 is not an expensive graphics card.
  11. I uninstalled the game, re-installed the game but this time i decided not to apply patch v1.1 nor v1.2. The single player visuals are kind of hit and miss for me, but, overall i prefer patch v1.2 with all graphic options low, dx11 disabled/unchecked and antialiasing off, also, vsync is off, version 1.0 is too dark for my liking. GRFS V1.0 - Direct X 11 graphics options highest. Patch V1.2 - Direct X 11 graphics options highest. Patch V1.2 Direct X 11 off graphics options lowest. Patch V1.2 Direct X 11 graphics option highest, 34 "oil painting" frames per second, hahaha!
  12. If you have playable framerate then i would think your pc is more than capable, higher screen resolution will push your gpu. I use a GTX 580 and GRFS pushes this graphics card down to around 30 frames per second on highest settings with vertical synchronization (VSYNC) off, and for me too it looks nasty and grainy in some places on the maps/levels, and the shadows on kozak look odd.
  13. It might help to know what pc hardware you got and what version of windows you use mate. It might also be a bug in the game, i have had only freeze but that was when i was exiting the game, a window popped up tellimg me the game is not responding.
  14. What graphics card are you using?, i wonder if this game prefers the Radeon GPU's?, i use a GeForce GTX 580, if i enable the highest graphical settings the game looks worse, the sun rays are overdone, way way too bright, almost blinding and look out of place, shadows are not right on the character model either, and sometimes the dust blowing everywhere is over the top. I think there is something wrong somewhere, dunno?, but not that impressed with the yeti engine effects on highest settings. Global illumination is way over done, some of the lighting is too bright/saturated maybe?, BLOOM fx?, blooming eck mate, hahaha!. Some textures look low res and slightly cartoonish. Maybe an updated driver from nvidia might cure the glitches, just don't know, but, its not too bad at low settings, its better than highest settings if i'm honest.
  15. i find it more relaxing and laid back to use a controller, and, i'm not hunched up at the pc desk all the time. Horse for courses. Competitive mp on the pc platform is different though, i wouldn't use a gamepad aginst a kb/mouse, haha!.
  16. It turns out that the problems only happen to me if i enable high settings, enabling all the effects and enabling DirectX 11, enabling blur causes stuttering for me. So for the best experience for me and have higher framerate is to disable everything, the game still looks ok (about the same as the xbox 360 version i have). But it begs the question...why did i buy a GTX 580 an i7-860 a solid state hard drive and 8 gigabyte of pc memory to play a game that looks and plays not that much better than the console version?, doh!, hahaha!.
  17. In some pc games today there is no way to make the character you play walk, there is no key to configure in the games control menu otions to press or hold to make the character walk when in gameplay, but you can using a contoller. In GRFS you only have the option of crouching (which looks odd imho) or go prone (which would be mental to play that way). So, imho a controller has its tactical uses, by just gently pressing forward on the default left stick on the gamepad/controller you can tactically move slowly through the levels if you choose to do so, you can't do this on the pc. Zooming in all the time to move tactically does not feel right and looks odd, imho.
  18. The XBOX 360 version is quite decent, looks good plays good. here are some screenshots of the PC v1.2 version, some of the screenshots are at low quality and some are at high quality with Dx11 on and off. But, the shadows are messed up with highest settings, you'll see what i mean in the screenshots, it looks like kozak has been chimney sweeping , hahaha!. Oh, yesh and it cuts my framerate in half high to low , haha!. VSYNC is off.
  19. Tom Clancy titles changed for the PC platform at Ghost Recon 2 and Rainbow Six Lockdown. Yeah, Ghost Recon 2 never came out on the PC. It is a shame for those that are dissapointed in the pc version that they didn't do some research before they made a purchase, but It had been mentioned quite a few times that the console and pc version are identical in every way except maybe the extra graphical improvement on pc. There was plenty of single player and multiplayer youtube gameplay videos that would of helped in the decision to buy or not to buy.
  20. Looks ok but whats with the jitter bug, i'm using a gtx580 i wonder if this will be my experiance too? ...eeek! was going to buy this tomorrow, not too sure if i should or wait a while for fixes?, i can't believe the amount of sticky bug threads over at the official PC GRFS site. This gamer makes it look harder than what it is, notice the xbox360 icons on the pc menu screen haha. GTX 580 [media=]http://youtu.be/HChUBEdRRS8
  21. I like natural motion's euphoria animation system, i presume Rockstar studio will use euphoria in the new gta game?.
  22. There are actually quite a lot of games due this year, in november this year i'll be trying out for the first time ever a HITMAN game - Hitman Absolution, i pre-ordered the XBOX 360 and PC version and was given two codes (360 & PC) for Hitman Sniper Challenge, the Glacier 2 engine is quite alright on the 360 i think and looking forward to august 1st 2012 so i can test the PC version of sniper challenge, the pc version of the sniper challenge will be available through steam.
  23. Although only rumours the Solid State Drive would be a great addition. Quad core for PS4?, does the PS3 use six core?.
  24. It appears that way, some will release all platforms at once and some annoy the pc gamer, although i think this is Ubisofts way for pc games, expect all future ubisoft pc games to follow in this order.
  25. I like the EAX in win xp on some games, doom3, somecolin mcrae rally games, rainbow six raven shield and i think Ghost Recon used EAX 2?. Most if not all game devs have abandoned the implementation of EAX they tend to use their own sound or dolby digital in todays games on pc,does windows 7 use Dolby Digital Plus ?.
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