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  1. You're going to get a whole variety of replies from people, but my 2c is that I really like it. I probably like it as much as I liked GR1 with a similar amount of time spent with it (one of the best things about GR1 was that the more I played it the more I liked it, only time will tell if GRAW2 has that same ability). As was said you can't remove the weapon from your view (with the exception that you don't see it when you run). Personally I don't find that to be a problem, I barely notice it's there if at all. You also can't "soul-switch" but as was said you can use the "cross-com" to see what your squad members see and you can use a context sensitive command menu to move them around, make them attack a particular target, lay down cover fire etc. You can also use this command menu from your own view, you don't have to switch to a squad members view. And you can certainly control each individual, or a squad as a whole. One example I really liked was a mission where you have to defend a building from attack by insurgents. I opened the command map and ordered each of my guys to positions in cover at different points around the front of it. As I got to the building I noticed a mounted machine gun at the front so I was able to point at it and command one of them to use it. Another big plus with GRAW 2 is the reintroduction of rules of engagement, albeit in a slightly limited way, it only allows for "recon" and "assault", but it's still a huge improvement and adds a lot more depth of control. Overall it's certainly not GR1 with updated graphics, and it's missing one or two things that I really liked from GR1, but's a very good game in it's own right and one that I think most people who loved GR1 will really enjoy it. (note: I'm just talking about single player and don't really play multi-player at all)
  2. In GRAW I generally used the SCAR-H + scope, and sometimes suppressed. In GRAW2 I find I start to run low on ammo with it real quick so I've been using the SCAR-L in it's place. It seems to have almost as much stopping power too. IIRC in GRAW1 you could pick up ammo as you went along but in GRAW2 you either take the whole weapon or nothing ?
  3. I haven't had time to finish the SP campaign yet, but I can think of at least two missions where there were multiple objectives presented and you had the choice of the order in which to complete them. Granted they were only small parts of the overall missions i.e. do x, then destroy all three outposts a + b + c in your own order, then do y etc. But it does make me hopefull that the editor when released will allow to easily create one large mission with multiple objectives that can be tackled in any order. I think, or at least I hope, that the technical ability to do it is there now and readily available, but in the interests of telling a story Grin's own missions did force certain parts to be done in order. The "out of mission area" stuff does annoy me too, I do get that there obviously has to be limits to the map, but it also seems to be used to force you to stay within a certain part of the map untill you complete some objective aswell. Hopefully that is something that map/mission designers have to manually add in and with custom maps/missions we can be left free to roam.
  4. That was probably me, I was going to do it because I'd tried getting the demo to run with files from the bundle extracted to the file system and failed, probably because I'd just extracted a few by hand and left the actual bundle file sitting there. I also thought it could act as a mod manager, modders would just distribute the files needed for their own particular mod and a list of changes to make to existing files, and the tool would unbundle, apply the changes needed and rebundle. Then if somebody wanted to deactivate mod x and install mod y, it would be a simple matter for it to unbundle the file, undo x's changes, apply y's and rebundle again. So far I've failed pathetically at figuring out the bundle file format ( ), but I'm sure it'll come to me soon.
  5. I don't think it's really fair to compare HL2 with GRAW. As has been said there are serious differences in the two engines. Possibly the most amazing thing in GRAW is the combination of draw distance, the number and detail of the buildings and the lack of loading times. Playing just the first mission, my jaw hit the floor when I had the drone up on full screen and it climbed up over a building and scanned around looking for bad guys. The view was incredible, I've never seen anything else in any game to compare. Then I could instantly switch back to my own view several blocks away or to the view of any one of my team. Not only that but your can also switch instantly to the command map and pan and zoom, and see everything (explosions, muzzle flash, smoke etc). Contrast this with the small more enclosed HL2 areas and the fact that the game pauses every few minutes to load up the next section. Also while the near-in parts (and water especially) of the bit-tech image above look incredible (better than GRAW), the distant buildings are much less impressive and not as good as GRAW (imo)
  6. I'm not sure about this, but from looking in the quick.bundle file I think weapons were defined in the various XML files it contains. Once someone has figured the bundle file format out and we can extract the XML files and change them we'll have a better idea of what's possible to mod or not. (in fact if it is the way I think it is, then there's little to no point in having an SDK at all)
  7. As per this thread I've been looking into the bundle too, just using a hex/text for now, and there seems to be lot's of goodies that'll help with modding (and also stuff like disabling deferred lighting to enable AA), the Diesel engine looks to be really flexible and easily configurable through the xml files. The structure of the file as you point out is basic enough, at the start of it is a table listing the files and their locations, mainly xml files, their corresponding compiled xml.bin files and some binary resources. Altough somone pointed out in the full version feedback thread that the structure in the retail file seems slightly different to the demo one. I'm hoping I can pick up the retail in the next day or two and then throw something together over the weekend to pull all the files out of the bundle, edit the XML files, recompile them and bundle it all back together. IIRC, it looked like a lot of textures could be pointed too in the XML files, so for modding things like that I think it'll be easier to keep simply change the XML files to point to the new ones instead of trying to put them back in the bundle.
  8. Not sure if it's technically possible, having accelerated 3D across two monitors (altough I think some people have it for flight sims ?). Even if it is it would totally kill whatever frame rates you have, I think the GPU would have to keep alternating between rendering the main screen and rendering the tactical map. It would look very cool though
  9. Not yet actually, good idea, I'll see if I can try it later. Btw, edimensional now have a driver that works with ATi cards, try https://edimensional.com/support_updates.php
  10. Cheers, if it's a different structure I might aswell wait till I get my hands on it to see about extracting it.
  11. Anybody with the retail notice if it's still using the big bundle files or does it look like all the xml files are out in the directories ?
  12. Thanks Ravenmouth. I'd seen that english link and from what I understand of it a Round Robin Archive is something totally different to our bundle file.
  13. Thanks for that Dimz. The only info I could find on .rra files is that it could be a 'round robin archive', not sure yet what can be used to extract it but I'm sure there'll be something somewhere. The crashing can be caused by editing XML files in the bundle, at the start of the bundle is a table listing the embedded files and their location within the bundle. If the length of a file changes then all the files after that will be out of place and the game will crash when looking for them.
  14. Ok, no luck with anything so far. Changing values doesn't seem to have any effect (other than crashing the game if the structure is thrown out). I have noticed though that for each XML text file, there's a compiled binary version, so I'm assuming the game uses that instead. I've tried creating 'real' xml files in the hope that they'd override the ones in the bundle but that didn't do any good, nor did messing with the context.xml to try and get it to recognise my xml file. I think the way forward will be to extract the whole bundle, edit the xml files, recompile them and bundle them all up again.
  15. Thanks, was too busy looking for a complicated solution and totally overlooked the blindingly obvious. I've managed to change the value now, but it doesn't seem to have had an effect, I'll have to keep looking elsewhere I think. As far as I know post processing refers to effects added to a scene after it the geometrey and textures and stuff have been rendered, the HDR/Deferred lighting being one of them. Never thought of that, I'll try it out now.
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