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  1. Whats yer server IP and or website, Id like to play with ya gals sometime
  2. I think Multiplayer demo would be an excelent way to help us tweak, get all the bugs out of the gameplay
  3. I can just imagine you as the "Comic Book Guy" from Simpsons.... Best Game Ever!
  4. LOL tnx for hatin on my age comment. I guess I should elaborate by saying at 26 im at my bussy time of my life, the time where I should be starting a family, getting married, buying a house, and spending time polishing my profesional skills, (not in that perticular order) instead of using my free time to play games... Once I get couple of those things figured out then I can see myself getting back to it. You can hate me or not for what I say, I don't care either way.. As far as 3rd person view, I hope they make it a server setup mode, I dont know what it is about 3rd person view but I just enjoy it more
  5. Sorry to disappoint Rocky, but I sure would like to get into the Biz
  6. Hi, I’m new here; due to my general dislike of forums and all the trolling/spamming/un-healthy $41t that they all seem to hold, I will try to make this sweet and to the point. (kind of like Sweet and Sour chicken) After reading the new Whiteknight interview I was shocked at two statements that I think are a big mistake if not done in GRAW PC/XBOX versions. “Is there only FPV in MP? If there are other views, can the server force the view? There is no 3rd person or OTS view in GRAW for PC in either SP or MP games. It is all 1st person.†“Will GRAW feature nothing but urban maps or will we have some open terrain to have firefights on? If you mean empty woods with no inhabitants no. GRAW is urban and ranges from things like shantytowns to dense city environments. I know people are afraid urban will mean less options of approach to a goal but it is rather the opposite. The missions cater to open areas like parks and more wooded terrain but not pure jungle as Far Cry or such.†(I’m not asking for FarCry here, but MP levels to that of GR2 are a must!) These two may influence me more then anyone else in here, and I say this because of my situation; I am a maturing gamer (at the tail end of my gaming years) and an old gamer vet of 26. As you might imagine @ 26 i have seen my large share of great games, crappy games and in-betweens, this brings me to the fact that I am very jaded and as RL responsibilities get heavier and heavier I have to become more and more selective with my involvement in the game world. As this scenario gets more and more one sided I found a little gem that helped keep me grounded in the wonderful world of coded reality - "XBOX Ghost Recon 2" The 2 features in GR2 that influenced me to get the game and waste my precious time on them are; The open ended environments (large Forest Levels and other great MP maps) and the "TPWV" (Third person weapon view) These are a perfect combination that GR2 had as large wooded areas brought me into a new aspect of combat seldom seen in other similar type games and the 3rd person view aka "TPWV" sealed the deal as the view of my Ghost further helped suck me into the game play (It gives me a fresh new perspective if you will - pun intended) as I develop a pseudo emotional attachment to my Ghost since I can physically see/hear and mentally connect to his actions via the visuals provided by the external view. (A much fresher/nicer implementation then just straight 1st Person View) I was much crushed to see GR2 not making it to PC but then when GR3 was announced I was very excited again, until I read this new interview that is. If these 2 must have (for me) features are not in GR3 xbox360/pc versions then I am sadly determined to shelf them quickly after the SP campaign is over. We all know SP is the sweet cherry sitting on top of the yummy MP banana split. Id like to thank Redstorm for without them "Project IGOR" would not be what it is today. P.S. I’m sorry it meant to be short and sweet… /me runs back to America’s Army
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