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  1. I really love the game, but often during firefights or when I'm on point just walking through the streets I'd wish I'd be able to switch to a burst fire option with my M8. Single shot is good for naling ###### at long ranges and auto fire is very handy in close quater battles, but I really miss a burst fire option for the situations in between 100m and 20m Is anyone else missing burst fire modes? And is it possible to mod this game?
  2. No one's going to take my copy away from me as long as I'm alive
  3. I got the game last week and I must say, I love it. I'm a huge ghost recon 1 fan and I think that it comes pretty close to the original game. This is no CS, you need to move slow and carefull trough the maps, which are huge and offer room for meany differant approaches, and more importantly you really need to use your team. The only things I don't like in compairison to the original game is that the outdoorsy feeling is gone and removal of multiple controlable teams. It's as good as all urban now. Not that I dislike Urban warfare, but I kind of associated ghost recon with big outdoor maps. The smaller team still offers a wide array of tactics, I simply love the tactical side of this game, but on the other hand I miss the ability to switch control between all of your team members and the amount of team members you have with you now. In ghost recon I got the feeling I was opperating with several group that had their own indivial goal, now it's just you and your 3 companions.
  4. Sometimes I really wonder if it's UBI's goal to ###### off the PC community. Damned traitors, if it wasn't for us they wouldn't even exist today :'( Consoles might bring in more money but that doesn't mean that UBI has to treat us like ###### most of the time, unlike many other compagnies. :no:
  5. The first episode got aired over here in Belgium last monday. So far I think it's awsome, I just love the tense atmosphere.
  6. I think we'll play with Solid Snake, why? -Solid Snake smokes cigarettes, Big Boss smokes cigars. -The story is set "X years" after big shell. -Otacon knows him and refers to him as "Snake". -The eyepatch says " Solid "
  7. Well I wouldn't mind seeing women in GR3 in all of the game modes, except for the SP campaign that is. It would interfere a little bit with the realisme of the game. Women just aren't deployed by (nearly?) any army on the front lines for some very good reasons ( Most women are Physically more limited in serval area's then most men. ( Yeah , I know the US has developed a special training program for most women to be able to achieve the same physical strength for all task as most men have, but : 1) The program would cost the army even more money. 2) Only a very small percentage actually succeeded in completing the training. 3) I hardly doubt that anyone ( man or women ) would like having to sacrifice almost all of their free time to train, as it is required to do so if they want to keep the same level of physical fitness. But even training cannot work away several other factors ( E.g. Women's genitalia area is more 'vunerable' to infections then men's genitalia ( which is also one of the reasons why in most armies women are required to shower at least every 2 days while men are required to shower at least 1 time a week )) which makes most women deployable on the battlefield for a shorter time then most men. ) (Note that I do not declare the words that I'm saying here holy. I'm only basing myself on medical and non medical reports from various armies ( US army, Israeli Army, Swedish Army) and will change my oppinion if other believable evidence can be shown.)) But would I die or start crying if they are in the single player campaign? Hell no. It's just that it would add "a little bit" more realisme to the SP campaign.
  8. I would hold my breath on that one. It could possibly be a XBOX feature only, since Microsoft both has the money and likes to "force" people into buying an microsoft product to make it an XBOX only feature.
  9. 9/10 Very nice, though it looks abit cropped.
  10. Would anyone know weither we can still select our own weapons in SP ? Or are they chosen for us in each mission? About the FPWV : I really missed a FPWV in the origin ghost recon at times. Why? Because it immerges you even more into the game. Sure it might block more of the screen, but that and other factors make the game more realistic + it pulls you more into the game as you don't feel somewhat like a "floating camera with a crosshair" but more like a real person.
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