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  1. I for one, would just like to know why no one brought the lack of AA to our attention. It really is another in a long line of dishonesties by this company. I find it hard to believe that they are so inane as to think that no AA is an afterthought. Surely they (GRIN/UBI) had full awareness of the way this would make some people feel about their title? I've spent hundreds of hours playing the original GR in my time (still play it occassionally), and I'm still deliberating on whether or not I should give this title any attention. It is simply unacceptable to create a game devoid of a feature so many of us consider a necessity, but it is more difficult to overlook not even raising the issue, waiting for it to be revealed in the demo (after tons of preorders). That's the hardest part for me to swallow. This kind of philosophy is one I really don't appreciate promoting. Has there been an official response? It would surprise me if there has, at least it would be contradictory to most everything I've seen over the last several months. Congratulations on some fine gameplay, some nice textures, and some incredible sound effects. Shame on those involved for not providing us with truthful info before the fact (or even after). Hurbold
  2. Another Mirror Thx for the recording. Hurbold
  3. Definitely my pleasure. I'll keep it up as long as needed. See you guys on the battlefield.
  4. Wondering how much of a sacrifice the hygiene part is... This thread even brings out the non-posters. Hurbold
  5. Temp mirror, if anyone's interested: http://leech.metal-gods.org/GRAW_BO_Video.wmv I assume it's ok to post this, just trying to help. Hurbold
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