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  1. This only happens when I join a game on Xbox Live, it keeps going back to my old character appearance, but I changed it in the Edit Identity... and it even shows my new face when I sign in.... but as soon as I join an hosted game it goes right back. and I always select the same class. Everything else updates such as the headgear but why not the face?
  2. I've been looking and looking for the concept art of all the Ghost's yet the closest I could find was here: http://ghostrecon.3dretreat.com/gr2.asp But it only has their faces. I want the full picture.... Any links?
  3. I find it strange that Mitchell carries a knife(on his boot) yet you can't use it. I often end up coming very close to the enemy and since it takes ages to reload your weapons....why can't I just pull out the knife and start slashing?!
  4. I too am disappointed with the lack of AI Backup. How come on 8 of the freakin Firefight missions you have no squad with you? Makes no sense.
  5. I'm playing the single player campaign and im having trouble beating Bunker Hill Redux because my stupid squad cant man the freakin .50 cals!! I tell them each to man the 3 machine guns but when I walk away for like 10 seconds they all just ditch the guns and follow me...making them useless! I even tell them to hold position yet they fail to understand and end up running back to me confused as if their saying "uhhh..what was I supposed to do again?" argh...idiots! God this never happened before...they used to stay with the guns no matter what.
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