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  1. First check you have eliminated all the Guards in the gate towers and on the ground in the main compound. then position your team to cover the tower entrance to the right, on the far wall of the compound ( were the prisoners are ) you will need to do this before you engage the prisoner gaurds. As a team of opfors will appear from that door way when you go for the prisoners. after that it all goes loud, so you mite wanna think about taking something with a bit more firepower, but just keep them set to recon till then. I have found the MP5 to be quite effective at mid range on semi auto(Burst) and alway aim for the head.. Good luck Thanks for the replies - I will try those tactics. This level must be the most replayed level of any game I've ever played during my 26 years experience of playing games! Man, its tought on elite!
  2. Hope someone can help me! Having trouble completing the POW camp level on GR1 in Elite mode. No matter which way I enter the camp, as soon as I shoot any of the guards close to the POWs some 'unseen' enemy will kill a POW thus ending the level. As I dont have any silenced sniper rifles yet and the silenced MP5 is only really has any stopping power from close range I'm a bit stuck. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks very much for your help WK. I'll be able to pick my teams with that in mind!
  4. Hi There, I'm quite new to GR, the roles of sniperm rifleman and demolitions are fairly self explanatory. However, I'm not quite sure what the role of the Support soldiers plays, what their strengths/weaknesses are, and when to use/not to use them. Can anybody help?
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