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  1. small details [Latin petius, detailis.] 1. ammo crates at the spawn point. 2. choice of gun.
  2. Yes it's the way to go! It makes you listen and look around. You are not outside playing but inside doing. Also note, the Hardcore mode does not change anything except the Hud display. So it's not more difficult, you just have to remember stuff a lot more, like fire rate, clips. You also need to pay attention to your teammates a lot more. Pause between battles to fix everybody up, 'Q' and scan all of them mates. Their name will be orange if wounded. That will also bring up the compass when you need it.
  3. Yah that game really forces the player to think and check positions at all times especially before engaging. Easier said than done, i know.
  4. One of the things that Cm as done right, is to put the word 'fun' back into gaming.
  5. Not sure i understand all of it but it sounds like a riot. Curious to see the patch fix list. Gonna head overthere to read and educate myself. Thx Tinker
  6. not sure if i understand the question correctly, but you can set multiple waypoints by holding shift and clicking on the map. Then from the menus F1, F2 etc, select go there fast. Or somthing like that. The depth of orders in this game is just fantastic.
  7. Hey Big Yes I would agree, all maps should be made available but we could agree that : *. maps that don't loadup or make the game crash (and it is that case for some) would be in the 'Beta' section. *. distinct sections. a) SP. MP Infiltration. MP Annihilation. Coop. b) Beta. SP. MP Infiltration. MP Annihilation. Coop. c) Community’s picks. SP. MP Infiltration. MP Annihilation. Coop. If a mission is SP in it's conception, then yes i do understand the creator might want to impose his scenario, and decide what riffle you will play with, even if i think it's a terrible idea. Coop though, gimme ammo crates from the get go or i won't play them. I think there is room for a more organized site.
  8. well actually quite the opposite my friend, there is plenty of room for a well organized site for OFDR community made content. Have strict guidelines for uploaders. Have categories for maps / mission like Beta, Finished maps. Separate things to make it clear. SP. MP. Coop. Have a rating system. Be brutal. Only the best make the final cut. Folks will appreciate it, and it would distinguish your site from the others. Right now, it's a free for all. Edit: Just to give you an idea. If i had my site for user made content, maps that don't include amo crates from the spawn point to offer the choice of riffle for the players, would not make the final cut for Coop. That simple.
  9. oh, heh, hmm how can i say this? First, the MP and Coop maps are not separated in different folders. Then the 'Betas' and the finished maps are together. Also these words from an old wise man come to mind… 'We do not wish for quantity, we want quality'.
  10. Yeah that's the big difference right there. Some enjoy being taken for the ride and rise to the Devs challenge to complete the story. Some prefer to make their own scenario.
  11. I paid more attention to the head bob since this topic started... and I have a hard time understanding what bothers ppl so much. The gun moves a lot, but the view is reasonably stable, considering that the character is moving. I get motion sick very easily but this does not phase me a bit.
  12. Why, is there something unusual about that? Am i weird or sometin?? Yes, always played GR in MP Coop from day 1. Either with fellow coopers on LAN or bots as backup when I played solo. Same with RvS. Fireup the game in MP, start a server, set it to Coop with the AI backup option checked and choose a mission or Firefight/Terrorist hunt. Voila, that was my custom SP. I have no idea to this day what the SP campaign is like with GR/DS/IT or RvS/AS. Anyways, I take it as a good omen to not want to play the SP portion of a game. OPDR as better to offer than it’s SP campaign and THAT my friends, is a good sign.
  13. hehe, I stoped on mission 3 or 4. The scripts are one thing but do not rush me to complet a mission! Never ever. I never did play SP campain with GR either. Just solo coop with the bots as teammates.
  14. A map can be made for SP and MP. With a script (mission) or not, so yes a mission is played on a map. Correct me if I’m in the left field, but from what i know it is not possible to create a new map with this editor. Only missions. The island is the island and that’s it. Have yet to open this editor so somebody more qualified might answer your question, but here is my general understanding of content created by the community… Map = Making a playground from the bottom up. That includes terrain, vegetation, buildings, entities etc that are included in the editor. Mission = Making a script on an existing map. Objects scan be placed on this map to create a new setup on the same environment. Mod = Modification of existing game files to modify the mechanics of a game or looks. Total conversion = To import and create new files in order to change a game to something else. So with OPDR, we have 'Scripters' and 'Modders', but no 'Mappers'. Or do we Due to unfortunate tagging convention we refer to ppl that make missions as 'Mappers' or 'Modders', when in fact they are more like 'Scripters' but there are some map making elements in their work, such as replacing objects to fit the scenario on the map. Same for ppl that make total conversion of a game, they are referred to as 'Modders', when in fact they should be called 'Devs' or 'Developers', but this tag already designate the original 'makers' of the game. The ones that modify games files should be called as such… 'Modders'. Folks who make map, 'Mappers'. Mission, 'Scripters'. Total conversion…. 'Converters' :s gee, I think I just confused myself So to clear this once and for all just won’t happen Lighty.
  15. First missions to my knowledge to offer a choice of weapon in the ammo crates. Thank you Tinker. Would have liked to have a medic on my team though. Great work!!
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