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  1. "I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face..."
  2. So do you guys think that the Apple TV could be any good for doing 'real' console gaming? Looks like the available size of 'app' for the Apple TV is only 200MB which isn't that big at all, and the device has a mag of 64GB of internal space and as far as I can see around 2GB of RAM, with these specs it looks good enough. Any further data a game would need will have to be 'on demand' so for it to load the next level might not be a big issue. Personally would think it could be done, and if they can have controllers, why not have a game like GR on it. What are you thoughts?
  3. Been playing GR from the original, and this has got to be the worst game ever! Personally I play multiplayer online I prefer it, with the lag, not enough setting and the down right rubbish overlay of this game, it just drives me mad! I'll go into it more when I have a better keyboard (on my iPad right now) but jeeeeze guys, what ###### is this?!?
  4. Deff. a MacBook Apple tels you that you can't use more than 2GB because of dual threading memory, it actualy pages 3GB hence the Apple 2GB thing, but I have 2 x 2GB chips adding 4GB I will try it out anyway and to be honest if it runs and runs fine then I am not worried about the way it looks more into how it plays, so it the only way to to try it I guess. Kia. PS. I have been a Mac Engineer for the past 20 years
  5. Good to be back mate On the MacBook the memory is integrated with the main memory and I have 4Gb so should be fine, but I have decided to use my iMac (same specs as my MacBook) to run the games on. but when I have the time I will try it on the MacBook also and test it, I am having problems with the MacBook as I have the drive almost full so going to install a new OS on an external drive and test it that way instead of running it on the internal. I am also having problems with installing Windoz on the iMac but I will 'Soldier on' (punt intended!) I also hope to get a copy of GRAW2PC today if I can get to he shops in time... working for yourself is not easy Kia
  6. Please drop us a quick note saying whether it worked or not. Seems I have a friend (a Mac guy) who asked me the very same question last night about using GRAW2 and BootCamp. -John K. Will do... no Problem Kia.
  7. Great! I think that has calmed my fears about cheating ) I hope to be on this week... I got BootCamp now and working on puting on XP right now! so will pick up a copy of GRAW2PC and I'm set to go. Thanks again guys! Kia.
  8. The 360 version it pretty god, but I want to get away from the run and gun that's around, so thought I'd give it a go, the game is pretty cheap now for the PC and I have the hardware so I thought I'd go for it. The only thing that it a little worrying for me on the PC version is the mods that people do, although this is what I have heard so haven't obviously seen it first hand, 'mod cheating' and having the upper hand if you have modded the game to 'your advantage is there a mechanism to stop that in the PC version? I don't want to come into this game playing in MP and getting my ass kicked because others have moded the game. I like to think I was a good player on the 360 and done pretty well, mainly played MP, so would be good to carry that over. Kia.
  9. I think I will go the BootCamp way and as I'm being told it's not bad performance wise so it's good for me. I will try to get a copy of GRAW2PC in the coming days and will try it out, maybe see you guys online ) I will use my iMac 2.16CD for gaming and stuff like that and keep my MacBook for my work. What is GRAW2PC like on the PC over the 360 verion? Kia.
  10. Thanks for the relies guys, The Macs I have are a MacBook 2.16CD/4gb/120gb and iMac 2.16CD/4gb/250gb they only page 3gb for the memory but putting in the extra help the paging etc. As for playing games, I have never played games on my mac due to not being interested and not many titles out there that got my attention, although about 2 days ago I tried to run AA 2.5a and the frame rate sucked! then I read in forums that it was an issue so tried AA2.3a and that wasn't any good either, then once again I tried AA2.8.2a within Parallels and that seem to work much better, but there were 'glitches' where the mouse pointer would disappear so didn't get a chance to play but will look into it again maybe today. BootCamp, I know all about it but never had the need to test it out so now I have a copy, and will try it out today if I can get a copy of XP later today in the shop. I can imagine this is the way to go so will have my iMac doing the gaming on and my MacBook as my office, as it is now.
  11. Hi all, just thought I'd stop by and ask you guys about this... first off I have been playing GR since GR1 although I mostly got in to GR2 and GR2SS and now the GRAW and GRAW2 etc. but getting a little tired of it and since there is always been a nice community I though I'd side-step and try it on the PC and see how I get on. Now the question is really about PC requirements, I don't have one, and the reason is that I am a Apple Mac engineer and Macs are all I have and although it might be a good idea to get a PC I don't really want to do that just to play games on, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience on running GRAW2PC on an intel Mac under BootCamp or any other virtualization package on a Mac? I don't want this post to get into the PC or Mac debate, it's just a question of can it be done, has anyone tried it etc. I will thank you in advance for any help/replies Kia. - AKA Killer Boo
  12. Haven't played for a while (personal reasons) and just come online to check the new Xbox update and found the Map Pack ready to download! Cool! Downloading now Kia.
  13. Man this is now starting to annoy me I mean I had GRAW early last year but this year I was let down and am STILL waiting for GRAW2 in the post. Oh well, it's good to hear from people that have played the game and know that it's gonna be great when I do eventually get my copy. Nice one guys! (and Brain of-course!) Kia.
  14. I know I have asked this before but I want to get this rolling if people are intrested... rules... 1) all weapons 2) 20 min rounds 3) best of 3 or 4 (gotta figure that out) 4) if you're dead, you are out of the match 5) you can only have ONE speacialised player, one granader, one sniper, one gunner, but as many riffle man as the team wants. 6) 1 central base both teams have to capture the base with 150 or 500 points to win the round. I think 4 rounds so the team gets 2 maps of their choice is good but you have to win by 2 rounds! I have a clan willing to try it out, so let me know. I'm looking for some clans that can implement this and have some fun! if you are intrested, as a clan or on your own then please let me know and post up in this thread. Original post here at our clan forum... http://www.unpredictables.com/forum/ Kia.
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