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  1. I have been playing GR since the beginning, and the Rainbow 6 and Rogue Spear series before that. GRAW PC is NOT the game it once was. The title stayed interesting because of all the custom maps and mods everyone was able to create. I've been so disgusted with GRAW2 I'm now playing the FREE America's Army. So long GRIN, thanks for nothing.
  2. I agree... Make the circle smaller and the N S E W bigger, if at all possible at this point in the game...
  3. THIS is a biggie! I hope it gets fixed, sorting by Ping, Players, Game Type etc... is a must! Okay, I see a couple "replies" ahead of this one.... Being fixed... THANKS!
  4. My brother and I played a few rounds tonight. He had a "kicked for altered files" error too ONE TIME tonight. We are totally legit players, must have been a bug, because he made it back in.
  5. If you use only whql drivers this problem disapeers. Vista only. It was doing it in the Betabut MS updated driver last week and seems fine now. I am also getting double cursors. NOT running Vista, I have XP. Also had same problem in BETA.
  6. Could you also release as [GR].... PLEASE!!! (Yes, I read your posts, but I thought I'd beg anyways) They look great!
  7. No COOP or [GR] game type in the BETA, so I wasn't very happy from the start. I sure hope it's included in the demo.
  8. I may have a solution if you are running Kaspersky for your anti-virus applications.
  9. About all I ever play are [GR] maps, and I really appreciate all your incredible contributions! I just wanted to share my thanks to you, Rpg, for your great work. It IS appreciated!!!
  10. No problems here either. ANOTHER great map! Thanks! By the way, The original Island map was NOT too difficult. I love a challange! Keep 'em coming, and Thanks again MeanOldMan!
  11. I LOVED the Palacio map. Thanks!! Hope to see some more.
  12. Yes, set the timer to "0".... but don't forget to hit [ENTER] after you do so!
  13. You can re-install the Window Update KB917422 AND still run GRAW without any problems. I went through the same probelm. You will need to install an update from Windows that will NOT come up automatically with Windows Updater. The solution can be found at this post: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...mp;hl=kaspersky
  14. Leave that security update in, or go back and re-install it. Restart your computer, then go get another update to fix your problem AND keep the Windows security update. I went through the same problem. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...mp;hl=kaspersky
  15. UPDATE! If you are having probelms running GRAW with Kaspersky IS 6, you no longer have to leave out the Windows KB917422 security update for GRAW to run! After making sure KB917422 is installed (check Add/Remove programs list to check) you can download a fix from here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924867 Everything works fine again.
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