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  1. You could probably carve the M35 out of the Demo map, And a utility if memory seves me. Other than that not many vehicles released bar the Blackhawk, BMP and Inflatable.
  2. Combine VBS data.pbo and OFP data.pbo and it will cure alot of the missing texs.
  3. Everyone knows the one in the tux is Jack. Suave debonair and still missing in action. believed to be living with a small heard in upper Chad.
  4. GR Sun April 27 Cshag 3SASR suffered a mortal blow tonight when 3 members were killed in a sad chain of events involving a more than close contact with a V80. SQM Gordo G., Trooper K B. and Private Dugite D. were all tragically killed in action when the Russian Heli Fell on their heads after a valiant effort by the aforementioned Private Dugite D. in engaging the V80 at no more than 20 mtrs with a comandeered Strella Launcher. It was said they all stood there like stunned mullet as the Aircraft nosed dived on SQM Gordo G.'s head and ricocheted on to Trooper KB before flattening Private
  5. You stirred up a hornets nest of talent here Deks. Great stuff guys.
  6. Brand new day Slink, move back in.
  7. Lest we forget. ANZAC fiction......maybe it'll make us think. IJ 1979 The Swamp. The muffled sound of voices brought us to a halt. I squinted into the fog permeating the sodden marshland, my eyes straining to catch the slightest movement. It had taken eight and a half hours of discomfort to get here. My ears, screaming from my heartbeat were useless. The acrid taste of bile welled in my throat, fear beaded on my forehead. Not noticing the cold wet weight of our gear as the crack of the kursz 7.62 cut short the whispered "contact", the squad exploded into action made second na
  8. Damn it Dek. That just cost me a keyboard and 2 packets of tissues.
  9. Dunno Dick, Can't buy Lamb down here.
  10. This is reminding me RS. Cool looking map, pesevere with the portals, mate may be too heavy to run as one room. And keep it backed up till finished hey.
  11. Too cool. Can ya feel that dot on ya ass Baron Dan. HAHAHAHAH
  12. Yaaaawwwn...... wha'ssup Daniel san.
  13. Damndest case of obsessive compulsive disorder I've ever seen. Snow, You and ZJJ should get together, that way you'll be able to find things.
  14. VBS1 used the OFP engine, no disagreement there Para, but it was developed as a sim not a game. This is in relation to the price structure of VBS, and I think that if OFP was produced in the same way, OFP's pricing may well be different. Restrictive only in peoples financial circumstance. Just the whining that goes on in other forums related to OFP, and there's a lot of it, regarding VBS and it's availability price wise. I agree Para, I'm not protecting CT's stance on this, just an observation. All aside you and I want the same things from VBS mate and that probab
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