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  1. Wombat: Yes, sir, it has been a long time. I took your suggestion and made all of the opposing_force.atr characters the same new "ISIS" character I created, but I am still getting a couple "default" GR characters in the firefight (AB FF185). I have attached the co-op firefight mission, and was wondering if you might take a look at it and let me know where I have messed up the scripting? (coop) ab_firefight-762.gtf
  2. Hi All: I was wondering it is possible to have just ONE character used for a firefight? Typically the firefight selects several different characters from the actor files for a firefight, but I want to have a firefight that uses just one specific actor\character. Resistance...is futile Michael Priester AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker
  3. When attempting to install Ghost recon, I receive the following error message: "The InstallShield engine (kernal.exe) could not be launched. Class not registered." Below is my system information: Windows 7 Professional SP-1 x64 Intel Core i7-3770 @3.40GHz 8GB RAM RealTek HD Audio v6.0.1.5985 AMD Radeon HD 7570 v8.922.0.0 w/32GB RAM DirectX v11 Thanks; Michael Priester AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker
  4. Apex: Makes sense...I'll give it a try. AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker
  5. Apex: How the h$ll are you? It has been WAY too long...I see what you are saying. Here is what I thought could POSSIBLY be done(?): In a mission, I simply set up a zone on the map (Ex: Zone: Respawn 01). When a member of the Player Platoon (set as an Actor Ref in the script as "Player Actor") reaches the zone it triggers a "Respawn Group": GROUP: RESPAWN Allow this block to be reactivated Continue executing responses if (Player Actor is active) Continue executing responses if (Player Actor is a valid reference) Teleport Player Actor to Zone: Respawn 01 Now, here's my thinking for a Firefight: Instead of setting up a new zone along a map, which would be pretty much impossible as every map has different settings and rooms where, as you said, the player actor could possibly be "warped" out of the action all together. Could you simply use one of the 35 "points" on a map that are setup as spawn locations for enemy AIs as the respawn location? Now granted, the big issue with this would be you possibly respawning into the middle of a large number of bad guys, but my thinking is that this would POSSIBLY be avoided, depending on the map and the TIME that the respawn actually happens (my thinking is that not all of the 35 points are used every minute of a firefight to spawn new enemy AIs). So, when a player is killed, the Group: Respawn would take place and would simply respawn the Player actor to the nearest "point" where he/she was killed...Does this sound too stupid or impractical??? AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker
  6. Hi all: Okay, here's another one for you: in a firefight, the absolute worse thing is having to run all the way back to where you were killed at. Is there a way to make the spawn sight move as the fight moves away from the original spawn zone to keep you closer to the fight? I know this is possible in missions, but how would it be handled in a firefight? Thanks; AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker
  7. Hi All: It's been quite a while since I've been here or in Ghost Recon, but decided recently to fire up GR and take the old gal for another spin. I was wondering about generating a .gtf firefight file: I have seen in the scripting where you can spawn (call) an "opposing force" with a specific number of bad guys (say, 30). Here's my question: Is it possible to call for SPECIFIC actors with specific weapon kits to fill the opposing force? AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker
  8. I was wondering: It gets really frustrating when you have to scroll one weapon at a time in any of the kit options in GR. Is there anyway of speeding this up?
  9. I was wondering why it seems whether you are in a firefight or a mission, enemy AI's tend to fire one shot at a time, even when they have fully automatic weapons like the AK-47. Is there a way to script the bad guys so they always fire in full automatic mode instead of single shot?
  10. Hi All: I was wondering if anybody has come across this problem...When joining a multiplayer game, you get some wierd sounds in Ghost Recon. In particular, when you switch weapons, I hear a man dying (death screams) instead of the normal velcro-type sound. The person hosting the game doesn't hear it, just people who have joined the game. I have deleted the sound folders for the MP1, MP2 and Origmiss add-ons and reinstalled the original sound folders from the CD, but ot no avail...
  11. Hi all: Can anybody tell me why every time I try to open an .rsb file with the PhotoShop Plugin (RSB.8bi) I get the following error message: "Plugin can't read the requested format." I doesn't matter which .rsb file I try to open, I get the same message EVERY time...Any ideas on how to work around this and actually be able to open the .rsb file? Thanks; Michael
  12. Tinker: I did that...as I said, however, I think I may have some items not correct in the .ctf file. It only requires a Recon Insertion Point, and does not require any bases be present. Is there any way that I can send you the file and have you look over it and let me know if I have any scripting error in it? I want to try and make it as multi-player as possible, so any advice on my scripting (or lack thereof) would be greatly appreciated... Thanks; Michael
  13. rileyfletcher_01: Thanks...Like I said, it's been a while since I've tried to do any of this. Tinker: No joy...I edited the .gtf file using the blocks you showed me, but it didn't work. I think I have something wrong in some portion of the scripting within the .gtf file that is "offsetting" the changes you offered. Thanks; Michael
  14. Tinker: Thanks for the response (as always!)....It's been a while since I've done any kind of editing in GR...I can't for the life of me remember what program I used to edit the ".gtf" file in GR??? Thanks; Michael
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