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  1. It`s not really practical. They know of more then this error, so if they were to release this 1 fix, they would leave other`s unhappy that they never made a quick fix for there issue too. Your not alone waiting and hoping for the patch to come. Well, what's more practical, releasing a hotfix or losing potential future sales because you made the game unplayable?
  2. Any update? My friends and I have been waiting to play missions 9 and 10 since the patch. None of us can load these maps. Also, do you guys plan on releasing more maps soon like you did in GRAW1 patches? [Edit: Post removed from Bug Report and moved to Tech support "discussion" thread]
  3. Just wanted to chime in here as well. I have the same problem. I was hosting coop campaign games every night up until the patch and no longer can. My friend can host the game however. We both run vista.
  4. Graphics 6.5/10 Do they have the right game?
  5. I haven't played any DM yet but in coop, I'd sure love to have the ability to save my favorite kit.
  6. I've been running at 1440x900 on my xerox XR6-19DW since release with no problems. That's 16x10. It doesn't seem to matter if I choose an aspect ratio from the video menu. Nothing is out of proportion, just a nice, wide field of view.
  7. I just want to be sure that everyone understands that in this game, you have a job to do and you have more jobs to do after that. Time is of the essence so there's no need for "side" missions and things of that nature. If the devs really wanted to be brutal, they could have used time based triggers rather than event/progress triggers. This would be even more "realistic" but again would detract from gameplay and certainly replayability. They have made design decisions that appeal to both "sim" and "casual" fans. Want to be all stealth and covert? Grab a silencer and sneak around and be quick on the draw. Want to run and gun? Grab a heavy machinegun and have at it. You can play both ways or any way in between. I like the fact that the missions are much more complex than [GR]. The only reason why people perceive GR:AW to be more linear than [GR] was because every [GR] mission was the same. Complete your goal, then get to the smoke. GR:AW has multiple goals in each mission and I appreciate that much much more than [GR]'s mission style.
  8. I have a p4 2.4ghz (overclocked to 3ghz) with a 6600GT with 128MB and 1GB ram. I do not have any issues as you describe so it has nothing to do with 128mb video. It's still possible ram is to blame if the person has a lot already used up before the game is launched.
  9. Check the 3rd weapons slot where you normally equip extra ammo. It's not in 1 or 2.
  10. Can we get siege mode? This was my favorite TvT mode in GR1...
  11. I am trying so hard to believe that once there is an anticheat and more multiplayer modes to play there will still be a community out there to play against. Right now I am only playing coop because I still have the bad taste in my mouth from the rampant GR1 cheating. Please GRiN, I hope this is your top priority if you're even thinking about an expansion down the road.
  12. I don't know if this is coop only but I played this map 4 times last night and 2 of the 4 times, someone fell through the earth and died after rappeling out of the chopper. Has anyone else seen this?
  13. I've been playing coop the last few nights and my friend made an observation that it was hard to give verbal orders (since using the map is tedious) because there was no grid on the map. GR1 had a map all players could use (and leave up while playing) so you caould say "watch out for the sniper in C-3" or something... Can we get an overlay put in grin? Or maybe even a minimap of sorts?
  14. Are you saying you still currently host such games? If so, I have a lot of rust to shake off
  15. And people like me who want to play online in pick-up games and not be fearful of cheaters and griefers. I have not had as much fun in any online shooter as I did in GR1 before the neon skins, lollipop guns and wallhacks were abound. I even resorted to using the same cheats just so I could continue to play the game once I got too fed up. This of course didn't last very long as my guilt with taking advantage of the non-cheaters cancelled out most of the revenge joy I was getting. I have 3 hopes: The game has the "feel" of GR1 There is a big enough community to keep the game going online for a very long time. Cheating will occur in less than 1% of games I play.
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