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  1. Same thing with me, using 1.47 tried changing weapons at the Mule in the training map. Got this error:
  2. What do you mean? I know the air support only works for the assigned targets of the mission; but the Zeus itself can be used on anything from VBL's to the Havocs.
  3. Grenade launchers work well against heli's (one round is all you need), as long as they're close enough. The problem with the Zeus (or Predator if you want to get technical) is that head-one, you won't get a lock unless the heli fires his guns (which leaves you open for a rocket run).
  4. Funniest thing is when u hit a Havoc with a GL: pop!...............KABOOOOOOM!!!
  5. "GRIN - Disreguard any neg comments on the M8. ****Chilly concentrates trying to use Jedi mind tricks.*****" lol I'd rather see them add the all variants of the SCAR (apart from the 7.62x39 ones), they can even keep the selection as it is, and have the barrel length choices similar to the add-ons (that way you don't have 6 different weapons). Anyway, this is not the thread for this kind of topic I guess.
  6. "That is more weapons than the REAL Special Forces guys have. In one breath you want realism, in the next you say you "need" more. It's not a matter of "need" it's a matter of "want" and unless you ask more nicely, you probably won't be getting it from GRIN and will have to wait for modders to do that for you... if they get access to the editor." Actually we sould be getting a smaller selection if you really want to push the "realism" to extremes: -The XM-8 and it's variants should be removed considering they were not accepted in the SCAR trials, and that they potentially may not make it to production (last I heard OICW Inc. I was cancelled). -SOCOM has fallen out with the M9, and is looking for a .45 pistol. The Glock is not an official SOCOM weapon. -The MCR is a just concept from Crye Associates, there is no mention of it anywhere on official Army/SOCOM documents. -The MP-5 (and I'm assuming it's SD variants) lost favour with SOCOM after they deciding it was inadiquate against potentially armoured oponents; their role being taken by the MK-18 CQBR (an M-4 based sub carbine), which itself may be replaced by the FN SCAR-L CQC. As far as the timeline is considered the only weapons that should be in the list are (off the top of my head): -FN SCAR-L (3 variants+EGLM) -FN SCAR-H (potentially 6 variants+EGLM) The SCAR-H sv would potentially replace all M-14/AR-10 based weapons SOCOM uses. -MK-46 -MK-48 -M-109 -M-107 Either way, the subject's been argued to death in other threads, I'm content with the current list, my only wish would be to have the SCAR-H CQC replaced with an SV, and add a 4x ACOG.
  7. Press V again and then Mitchell gets up on his toes (he'd stands higher than he usually does).
  8. Will there be a quick save option on the full version?
  9. Athlon 64 3000+ Asus K8N 1 Gig Ram Leadtek 6600TD 256 I was surprised that it runs fairly well on my system (not perfect, but what is?) at 1024x768 with 4xAni, low post effects quality and everything else set on medium, with a few things set on high in the render settings XML. Apart from the friendly AI controls (I would have preffered a simpler BIA style scheme), I'm really enjoying it.
  10. SCAR-L+Aimpoint+Vert grip Glock Extra Frags I think it would have been nice if there was a "designated marksman rifle" of sorts included, maybe the SCAR-H with a 20" barrel and 4x ACOG. Also maybe add an Aimpoint selection for the MK-46 (it's not a 48), it's got a million rails, might as well use one! "Did you guys notice that when you use the grenade launcher and it impacts too close to you it doesn't arm." lol, by mistake one of my grenades bounced off a car that was just a few feet away, for a second there I was like: "oh $#!@" until I realized what had just happened; laughed my ass off until someone shot me in the head.
  11. Can some people setup a single thread to be a sort of guide or check list on what needs to be done to run the game smoothly for low to high end and either Nvidia or ATi users. Going through the threads I'm seeing a lot of different little useful tips on how to run the game better, but it's hard keeping track of the many topics; if possible it would be nice if we could group them all into one single thread for all.
  12. If it's anything like Oblivion then I'd be happy, I run it smoothly at 1024 on medium with a few bells and whistles turned on; I'm not too much of a stickler on looks as long as it plays well and doesn't look "ugly". I pretty much have the minimum specs right now: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1 Gig of Ram Leadtek 6600TD 256 (84.21)
  13. Unlike BF2 SF, it looks as if GRIN have included the newer 2nd generation SCAR designs instead of the 1st generation "all-black" prototypes that are in your pic. I'm just hoping we get more optics options instead of just the M68.
  14. Quick question, but why is SCAR-H the one with the short barrel and SCAR-L the one with the long barrel (a la BF2 SF)? And will there be ACOGs? I hope we have the choice of going for different barrel lengths for the SCARs, and yeah where are the M4s? Boy I'm gonna sound like a nit-picker but why is the model of the MK-48 that of the MK-46....other than that everything looks great. I'll shut up now.
  15. If that "Countersnipe" rifle is the same as the one in the more cinematic trailer (the one that fires through a wall right above an M1), then it's an MSG-90. As for XM-8, I really don't think it's gonna make it in the Army after all.
  16. I guess I'd like to see whatever's on this list: You could also add: KAC's XM110 SASS XM307 (pintle mounted) XM312 (ditto) XM25 M16A4 (how many A2s would be left in 2014?) SOPMOD M4s M9 pistol M11 pistol Payload rifle M82A1M(A3) M-136 (AT-4) SMAW-D The list can go on to include various M249 and M240 versions as well as shotguns like the M1014, 870, and Mossberg 590......
  17. Nope don't mind if u guys use the pic (i don't even remember starting this topic!). But guys u should remember this is PC Gamer UK, not the US edition (which I also get), so don't expect any answers from pcgamer.com. I guess one place to ask would be http://forum.pcgamer.co.uk (note: I'm getting an error message trying to connect to their forums).
  18. Anybody get the PC Gamer UK of November 2005? On the last page there's this: Though I guess nobody should get their hopes up, especially since they were expecting to review it. But does it give an indication that there is a demo?
  19. The M1 is supposed to be kept in service all the way to 2025, it'll probably be one of the few "Legacy" systems being used alongside the FCS family of vehicles and UAVs. Current operations in Iraq have shown that the Abrams is an effective tool in an urban environment; the Army is planning to upgrade the M-1s urban-fighting capabilities by installing TUSK kits. The future may also bring updates developed for FCS-MCS, E-armor, Active Defense, automated turret, MRM munitions, Integrated Battlefield Management Systems, Organic UAVs........maybe we'll never see the end of the M1 in our life time. http://mbox.hchs.hc.edu.tw/~military/army/m1-tusk.jpg TUSK AFAIK the UH-60 has no current replacement for the near future, some services will be adopting the V-22, but they don't necessarily replace the UH-60; the US-101, S-92, and the V-22 (I think) are currently competing as a replacement for the SAR role, but not the utility role. Like WK mentioned the USMC will be using rebuilt (0 hour airframes) UH-1Ys and AH-1Zs to replace the current fleet of helis. Along with the V-22, the USMC is expecting to receive brand new (not rebuilt) CH-53X', visually similar to the CH-53E but with uprated engines and digitalized controls.
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