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  1. GRO was a little off to me at first, but with more time I'm learning to like it... not a big fan of the future thing, but a damn good tac shooter that rewards teamwork and basic tactics... Day 1 (only been playing for 1.5 hours), got me a 8 kill streak, best in class, and MVP.. was/am very excited, sure probably nothing for you young studs but I'm old and slow... so this is rare. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19eWOusDs4Y&hd=1&t=2s other highlights, like the enemy using the HEAT suppressor on me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvymNowBUPY&hd=1
  2. I'll throw my 2 cents in... like it matters. Underneath this mess of a release with tons and tons of crashes, lockups, and disconnects... there hides a pretty damn good game... sure it's not as tactical as most of us would want, but it ain't no run and gun either... The potential for a decent game, both SP, MP... and even co-op is there... but UbiSoft really screwed up the PC release. IMO I have SP and MP videos on my You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Magnum9846?feature=mhee But as I posted over at SimHQ, after 20 plus attempts at the SP campaign, and about 15 attempts at MP.... SP... "Theres a good game hidden underneath all this CRAP!" Besides the tech issues, what is it with all that HUD crap? Why is there no options, like in GRAW 1 and 2, to turn off all that crap... the HUD is just too busy... and what the hell is the purpose of blue rings around the weapons, and arrows with data text in the world? MP... "Actually pretty fun, if I could complete a game without a disconnect!" Yep... IMO... potential is there with proper support and a mod or two to get rid of all that HUD crap for a good game, not a great one... guess I'll check back in a month or tow... or not. JMO
  3. Anyone else have this bug where when you click the mouse to fire it exits back... before i add it to my list of bugs for UbiSoft... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aM2U1S0pyY&hd=1 (not seeing if a you tube vid can be inserted in a post here or not.) ohh... it automatically did it, lol... thx.
  4. Just FYI... I'm left handed too and was able to re-program my keys to the numbpad... and the tutorial info actually gives you the new program keys... make sure you have no controllers hooked up... that seems to be a problem.
  5. NP, I'm ashame that I've been registered here for so long and only have 22 post, 23 now... lol... Guess i need to get my post count up.
  6. Is it just me or does the 360 version look better then the PC version? http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3598752/GRFS_PC_vs_Xbox_360_screens.html#Post3598752 WARNING! Screens are from the intro, pre-mission... I do have the complete first mission on video (PC) in that same sub-forum and on my You Tube page, if intrested... but of course SPOILER alert. PS: Right now I can't get through a mission without crashes, (Screens of that in that sub-forum too, lol), so becoming very frustrating to play this right now. IMO
  7. Actually... i think this type of comment and conversation is nessisary... not everyone buys theses games day 1... I pre-ordered both 360 and PC version because i love the series... but I can understand people wanting to know this kind of info BEFORE buying... isn't that what a forum is for?
  8. I have to agree with the original poster... at least give us the option, like in GRAW2... there was an option to go 3rd person (default) or first person... played and loved 1st person view... biggest beef with FS... lack of options, Yes, I know I shouldn't compare it to GRAW2... but I didn't like default GRAW2, but loved it... and still play it with option choices. Not understanding why those options didn't come in FS.
  9. IMO... theres a tactical game hidden in all that ridiculous HUD crap. (Why we didn't get options to turn those off like in GRAW2 is beyond me... and what the hell is the purpose of the blue rings around weapons... thats the worst HUD nonsense for me.)
  10. Thx for Sharing the news Rocky... much appreciated... and we can always use some more "tactical shooters".
  11. I know you need an internet connection, and you have to register in GAME, and it connects each time you start it... so ya, that seems like a problem... but i never followed all that before.
  12. Anyone know about Rise of Flight... pretty good WW1 flight sim... I didn't even know about it till E3 and the ad link at SimHQ... My first flight, first kill, and first death... video, lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51It855fQE
  13. just FYI... the version at E3 was a 360 console version, with easy settings only... I played it, most tactical game on a console to date... it was a beta, early beta... it had bugs and problems but the dev who I talked to listened well to my opinion and thoughts... check www.simhq.com for more info.
  14. Actually, I had a major system crash not to long ago, and ever since FRAPS and video editing has really seemed screwed up, there are some issues..too much bloom etc etc but for the most part it looks good, maybe not GREAT, but very good.... the complete settings are in one of the first screens on that thread, everything HIGH but not MAXED and played at...1920x1200x32 (widescreen). heres my specs: Dell XPS 720 Intel Core2 processor Q6600 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz 768MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX SATA RAID 0 With Dual 160GB 10000 RPM Hard Drives 16X DVD+R/RW CD-RW Combination Drive X-Fi PCI Sound Card Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition For the majority of the game, I jumped from 35 to 55 fps... but did, in heavy vegitation or a lot of activity occasionally drop to the high 20's.
  15. If intrested... I've pretty much summed up my opinion of ArmA2 all in screens and a video... http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...tml#Post2734361 Of course, I'm just one persons opinion... so take it like that.
  16. thanks...we will be trying just that tomorrow, Saturday... Noon Eastern, if anyones interested, feel free to stop by: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/..._21.html#UNREAD
  17. My boys and I have been trying to get this achievement for some time now with a bunch of failures... we basically have 8 to 10 players in my group, we assign 2 man teams to each compass direction, then a 2 man reactionary force, but still fail... Anyone know what the best map and tactic for this mission type is for the achievement? And thx in advance.
  18. My boys and I try and get perfect co-op achievements on all the GRAW2 mission... got most of them but we are having a heck of a time getting it on the Depot mission and Stronghold mission... We have to create a devision by blowing up a fuel dump, then sneak in and plant a tracker on the helicopter... never works, helicopter always takes off... we then have to destroy it before it gets away... we've finished the mission multiple times, just never a perfect co-op for that one... Can someone explain that mission, what we are suppose to do? And then in the Stronghold mission... well what can I say we get overran almost all the time...we assign compass directions of responsibility, but someone goes down, and gets overran... we fall back into the building and fight from there, no luck... anyone got a suggestion or two on how to beat that one? Thanks for any info. Well we got the perfect co-op achievement for Stronghold on our next attempt after posting this... The Depot is the final one we need.
  19. Thx for the news...it's appreciated. Just wondering, anyone know if there is a higher resolution, better video for the one above (in the first post), that one doesn't do the pack justice. thx in advance
  20. I know it's coming... was talking with a old Army buddie today, who told me he and a few other members from his unit... shared some colorful comments (sound bytes) for the next version.
  21. Hey there fellows, Visit alot but rarely post here at GR.net, but i just have to ask... maybe someone, anyone here knows... Where the heck is that classic map pack for the 360 version? It was suppose to be out "end of October, beginning of November", well thats come and gone... We know they were near done, we saw the fly by videos... really should of released that BEFORE CoD4 was released, IMO... anyway, anyone got some info, I'm really wanting those classic maps. thx in advance.
  22. Well GRAW finally looks to be becoming the game is was meant to become. IMO... Over at Tactical Gamer, my buddy Strags (the admin for our GRAW server) started collecting a bunch of nicely done maps for all sorts of gameplay modes. After downloading each and everyone of them, I decided to put them all in one big file for you broadband gamers to download with ease. All these maps are in the TG server cycle, on open days, your invited to join our teamspeak server (you must be in teamspeak to play or will be booted), and join in on the fun, truly how these games were meant to be played. It ain't counterstrike, it's slow and methodical with good teamwork and proper tactics. whether you decide to join our server or not, the maps are all tested, and fantastically done. (Be advised: most of these maps have probably been released in other packs, I do believe I have gotten everyones permission to share these, if not except my apologies and let me know. I simply just took the single downloads and added them all into one, just for my gaming groups needs, but decide to share with anyone else interested. I have not altered, or claim any credit for these works of art.) Here is the map pack in zip format. Simply unzip to your GRAW/Custom Levels folder: http://www.tacticsandteamwork.com/Files/GRAW%20Maps.zip Here is some screenshots of the maps, more to come: http://www.tacticsandteamwork.com/screenshots.htm Here's a link to Tactical Gamer: http://www.tacticalgamer.com/ The TG GRAW forums, in the announcement forums is the list and individual downloads for the maps: http://www.tacticalgamer.com/ghost-recon-a...ced-warfighter/ and here is a link to Shadow Company Elite, Tom Anger makes most of these maps and is making more. Give credit were credit is due: http://www.shadowcompanyelite.com/forum/
  23. or look at it like this... it's the effects from the goggles your ghost wears. (Yellow allows you to see and supposedly shoot better/clearer.)
  24. Thanks for the kind words folks... I'm looking forward to the future with this game, and thanks to GhostRecon.net for the fantastic coverage, check here daily for GR news.
  25. Hello, I don't post much here, but visit everyday... get alot of great news and info from this web site and it's members, so thought I'd share a little news also... (unless you already know of course, lol) You can pre-order Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter from Direct2Drive, then when officially released you'll be able to download the game that day... but as a bonus, you get a choice between Far Cry or Prince of Persa to download NOW. Pretty good deal if you have a broadband connection and like convenience. Just sharing, take care.
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