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  1. I might have to buy an online adaptor for the PS2 then
  2. Is it PS2 or PS3 only ? Or can us xbox owners play it. I loved Socom 1 and 2
  3. I seem to remember being able to in island thunder but nvm. Ghost Recon 2 owned - why not play it? Some people are too fussy and are always like 'oh your a n00b you play GR2, it's out game not yours' - thats lame.
  4. The one above is so-so i'd give it 5/10 I don't have a picture sig atm but i made this a while back Yes i made the background and everything MYSELF, i do not rip. Name is Tuvok as i use that for Star Trek games, please rate it.
  5. I got 7 out of 10 too How is the nails real, the shadows don't match.
  6. Even the foliage in Ghost Recon 2 isn't very desne apart from the swamp level. Like Battlefield Vietnam - we were told it would be thick wooded regions like Vietnam but most of the maps were pretty open, they got it right a few times. I'd like to see REALLY dense wooded areas and swamp lands and things so you can't see too far and just set up tent and snipe.
  7. It's typical American stuff Cons
  8. Looks cool but very impracticle. As someone said on those forums, it couldn't get through doors or up stairs.
  9. wow, impressive stuff - beautiful
  10. Good video but i'd like more in-game footage and to be shown the abilities.
  11. Why not pay 40 quid for live, get THOUSANDS of players and a proper service. £40 isn't much at all, it's the price of a game - either buy some rubbish new game which you'll play once or subscribe to Xbox Live and get a years worth of online carnage. It's a bit lame not paying such a small amount.
  12. I HATE 50 CENT, what an idiot, so full of himself - he can go to hell - that game isn't getting my money.
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