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  1. What about quick saves, is there any, or is it only auto saves?
  2. Sorry about not mentioning that. I am running XP Pro SP2. E6600 core 2 Duo, 4 Giga ram(Crucial BallistiX PC2-6400), Asus p5b-e plus and vga card is Club3D GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB. Edit; Spelling
  3. Well I stated that I am no longer a beta tester, but could not help myself, so I give it a go one more time . The problem is that when I click on join the game crashes. Every time. The error I get is this; "Crash in application version: 0.1878 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : CxImage::GetClrImportant ??? (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : CxImage::GetClrImportant ??? (???) : ??? SCRIPT STACK data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded " End quote. Any ideas anyone?
  4. This beta ###### keep crashing and there is no uninstall functionality in it that works. I am no longer a beta tester!
  5. Hm! I see they talk about a quick saving feature. That’s about bloody time. But not during fighting!? No mentioning of mode (de)activation as in GR. Nope, this time they will not get me to any pre ordering, that is for sure. Wait and se, best option, I think.
  6. Well here I go again; I want quick save feature!!!!!!!!! And also a better way of manage activate/deactivate of modes. Also that servers tell me what modes are needed, not only that I can not connect. All these things really ###### me of in GRAW. Next time I will wait and see before I buy GRAW2.
  7. Hi all. I have GRAW with the latest patch(1.3), and as a single mission player I am a firm believer in quick saves. Since this is not possible at the moment, auto saves are the only option for all of us. What I am looking for is a person that has made a lot of auto saves and are willing to share them. I am not an xlm editor . Please help. I am starting to get sick of playing the same over and over again. In other words; I am also a bad player .
  8. Where the hell is my Mother ........g QUICK SAVE feature!!! Other than that, I am a happy geezer
  9. what I underlined in the quote would be sweeeet! Sweeeet!? It would be heaven!!!!!! [GR] has a lot of features that should be implemented in GRAW.
  10. "installing mods manually is up to the person that makes the mod, not the game." How to activate/deactivate the mods should be done in the game, but are not. That sucks, big time.
  11. Where is QUICK SAVE!!!!! From a person that likes to play single player/mission. ##ck auto saves. Grin may add whatever they like, and fix everything you hardcore players are asking for, but I WANT QUICK SAVE. Probably not a big issue for many of you, but I really miss that feature. And for MP I really miss activate/deactivate menu for the mods. The way it is now sucks. Besides these issues, I like the game. But it will never come close to the old Ghost Recon in popularity. In my opinion, that is.
  12. Well, that is an obvious solution, but not a very desirable one. A picture of the original folder content would be better. But thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Yes, I was thinking this could be the reason. I installed some mods and then the trouble started. But I kept adding more and more mods, still thinking I had not installed enough mods. And with no menu to activate or deactivate mods, this is starting to get silly(just manually deleting files from folder). And all the mods are for the most part single small files. Is getting difficult to keep track off them all, and very time consuming to install them all. And I have already forgotten what original files was in the folder before I installed all the unoriginal mods. Would have been easier if the server rejected if you where missing mods, and not because you have to many. Beginning to remember why I have played mostly in SP mode. That I like, but I do not like the lack of QUICK SAVE!!!!!!!!!!! And not to ad to much to all the complaining when it comes to online gaming, but the lack of players that plays this game are shocking. If GRIN or UBI do not take the reason why that is, the online part of this game are dying. And people will stop buying this game. There is something to learn from the "old" Ghost Recon. If I am not wrong, there are a lot more online gaming during a week there, than it is with GRAW. I know, not much new in what I am saying, but still. Saddening stuff because I really want this game to do well.
  14. All the mods listed; http://www.ghostrecon.net/files/pafiledb.p...egory&id=41
  15. As topic and descriptions says. Get a lot of that when I am trying to join in. Any one who could list the most common ones. Its hard from just looking at the server, to see what game files the host have. And I am not talking about the game version. I have 1.21 ver. Thanks in advance for any helpful input.
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