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  1. I haven't tried the free EP out yet, but from what I have read, many say it's buggy and unpolished, kinda like it wasn't ready, anyone have any thoughts on that? No sense looking a gift horse in the mouth, guess I'll reinstall RvS and check it out.
  2. I am a realist Colin and as such, still skeptical, BUT feeling good about it. The fact WK came back and seems positive is a good sign. The fact he was chosen in the first place to preview it, in light of the many posts he has about the matter I have read is an even better sign, LOL My biggest concern still is support for the PC version from Ubi despite GRIN, but so far I think it looks great. Looking forward to more info and shots.
  3. No hurry for a demo here, just for the game
  4. I agree. My main concerns are the correct gameplay, the updated engine and the ability to mod. As long as we have the basics, then the skys the limit for addons. I would rather they get the basics right and we can do the rest. I am not a fan of the new uniforms or the modern looking weapons, but I am hoping, and assume that we'll be able to mod all that to a different look, so I'm not worried. guess I need to bone up on my espanol' since I'll be deployed to Mexico soon
  5. I couldn't agree more. makes you wonder what things we don't know about. Michael
  6. While I can see your point as having a great GR experience for fans of both platforms, I am all for driving a wedge between consoles and PC. I dislike consoles, have a PS2 and Xbox sitting here collecting dust. I want the developers to spend ALL their development time on a PC version, not divide it between the 2 platforms, especially since UBi make it clear they are leaning towards console development only. I would love for this title to be a hit and to be a huge hit, enough to make Ubi rethink the console vs PC deal. Michael
  7. Going back a bit, I wonder what she looks like now. ← Actually I think she died in an auto accident in 2002 EDIT-Opps, didn't see the last post
  8. Thanks bro, put the sig together rather quickly, LOL. Funny, I never was to much of a vehicle, air, tech kind of guy, probably because most of the shooters I played didn't really support them well. I got BF2 a few weeks ago and while it looks great and the vehicles are sweet, the gameplay is pretty buggy in SP, haven't tried MP yet, the forums are full of idiots, so I decided to wait. Lucky you on the mods, I had some great ones when I used to play, but I have built 4 PCs since then, so I out looking and d/ling now, LOL. Once I get setup, if you wanna do some COOP drop me a PM. Buehgler_AS, thanks for the links, off to check them out. Michael
  9. I have spent the last few weeks reading many of the forums and getting up to date on the whole UBI-console (which I hate)-buggy releases deal. Let's hope GRAW is a winner so we can rally the support to show Ubi that PC titles can/do in fact make money. Thanks Rocky, I'll definately check the servers out.
  10. Chiles4, you sound like me, I just got back into it to for very similar reasons and I am looking for some more great COOP play as well. I have a highend rig and it really is nice to crank it all up and play, makes a lot of difference. I was wondering about Mods, are there new ones being developed still or has that stopped all together. I remember d/l some great ones back in the day and seeing as I have been out of it for awhile, wasn't sure what the latest and greatest are. Plus I do 3D modeling for MSFS as well as some other games and wondered if it could be applied here also, possibly GRAW?
  11. Sweet thread! I used to play COOP with a couple of friends all the time, best gaming experience I have ever had. Stopped for a long while and recently saw a post by Whiteknight at a flightsim forum, checked in here, read the news about GRAW and started up again. Since I used to spend some time here before, I figured it was time I signed up, LOL. Played last night and realised how much I love it. (now to find some good team COOP servers )
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