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  1. Ok, how the h-e- double hockey sticks do you get to the bunkers? I am getting shredded right after the initial shanty area. Thought I had it figured and replayed the part before and resupplied with the sniper rifle, took out the far bunker with it, but then the closest one opens up on me.

    Any suggestions?


  2. Hey guys....This is probably gonna sound really really stupid, but i havent played ghost recon at all before this okay. Well i do the first couple of missions fine and now im on to the one where i have to destroy this truck sorta thing with the air strike....and i dont know how to do it??? can someone please help me!!

    Under your list of teammates to the left there should be an option for air striike. If not, you probably haven't gotten a point where it shows up, but that is how.

  3. Oh crap please don't make me rescue the VIP2 again..

    LOL, exactly :o wasn't for that tank after getting him loaded on the hawk....... :wall:

    games running smooth for me, wonder if I should install this right away with some having issues, guess I'll watch this thread a bit more.

    Thanks for the info guys, really enjoying this game!

  4. I think the patch is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    A "few" of my friends and I, tried to play Co-Op and "they" could not connect because "they" didn't have the 1.06 version!!!!1

    When "they" tried to dl it, "they" could not because "they" have an illegal copy!!!!!!!!1

    NOW, they will have to buy the game legally!!!!!!!!

    Thankyou.........Thankyou...............Thankyou to GRIN. This is the best anti-cheat device lately. :thumbsup:

    I mean this..........I told my "friends" either they buy the game or I will find another clan to play with. They said they would buy the game very soon.

    Thanks again.................Kingkat

    Great "friends", I'd kick then out of the clan anyway for being pirates. :o=

    No problem with the patch, so far everything runs fine and have had no major issues (other than getting by butt kicked by guys speaking espanol, LOL)

  5. Well went and got it after work today and had a few hours to play tonight. While still being open minded, I like it. It runs with highest options ok on my rig (ASUS SLI MOBO, 850XTPE 256, 4800+ dual core) I think it's complete crap that you have to have a 512 card for highest texture option, not many have that yet. Graphics are ok, nothing to get to excited about, but they convey the sense of being in a desert type city (WE NEED ANTIALIASING!!!). Still playing with the sound trying to get louder gun fire while the voice is lower. love the weapon recoil though. the movemnet of the guys is pretty believable, yet some of the death poses for the enemies is a little funky.

    The extra detail of physics is pretty cool, shot a tango thru a van door window and the glass shattered and the door swung out, love it.

    I do wish the city had some civilian life, would add to the immersion more.

    After I get a few more hours with it, I'll see about finding a coop game and see how that goes.

    I think it has potential with MODS, lets hope they will support us. :g_withgrin:

  6. It can't be to difficult to compile a little 30 second clip of the game... can it?

    Graphics are not bad but they look like a drawing / painting to me =/

    Look at this car for example :  http://www.1up.com/do/slideshow?pager.offs...558&mId=2407162

    The car looks like a bad painting  :huh:  Does no one agree?

    I agree, not to impressed with the graphics, but gameplay is just as important to me, so hopefully that will be right.

  7. of cause they will deliever they seem to have a passion for GR on a PC from  reading the interviews, which i think will do us GR PC guys well.

    Remember it is UBI who are the bad boys on the Block.  GO GRIN GO

    Sorry should have phrased it better. Of course Grin will do right by us, just hope they will be able to bypass any constraints UBI might place on them to deliver the product that we all want.

    GO GRIN! :thumbsup:

  8. And why does everyone think that EVERYONE on welfare is pampered?

    Because lots CAN go out and get employment, but choose not to - LAZY! (at least in e US)

    You guys really need to get out more.

    I'm not saying that they were all innocent by any stretch.  But you guys are lumping everyone together in that category, and you don't know a damn thing about any of them.

    I know I am not lumping everyone into this same situation, there are elderly and sick that cannot/could not do anything for themselves, they have people that look after them, or should and these people should have gotten them out, so yes, there is/was neglegence on their part and on the part of the city officials on getting them out, no doubt about that. But while you seem to think we are seeing just the one side, you seem to be seeing just one side as well. I lost my job several years ago and faced being in a situation as many people that are at a poverty level, BUT I chose to get out of it and do something about it.

    I just hired a guy from N.O. that is lower income and did lose his home and everything it it. We have talked about the situation and he feels that many could have helped themselves out, but chose not to. It was all he could do to get out of town. Man does he hate the mayor of N.O., LOL

  9. Someday it may be you who can't get out for one reason or another.  Think how you would feel if your government and the people around you, like some here, blamed you for being crippled up or poor because sometimes ###### just happens.

    I have thought this out long and hard and if I had no money and no vehicle and knew that my life might end because a hurricane was going to hit my city, I would crawl to a bus station and beg for help or hitch a ride, whatever it took to get the hell out of dodge, again, it's personal responsibility. But then again, I am not sitting around my house waiting for my govt check, so maybe it's a different mind set.

    I'm really glad that alot of the folks here bad mouthing the victims aren't being relied on for help.

    I guess you missed the part of my previous post about the money and time I have donated, oh well.


  10. Warhawk, I couldn't agree more. I live in Texas and have 2 friends that lost their homes in Misissippi and niether they nor I blame the govt. My sister and her family live in Houston and they left in plenty of time and had no problems other than extreme gas price gouging (That is something that the govt should control)

    I have followed both storms very closly and IMO, I place blame firstly on the mayor and Gov of LA for their lack of planning and acting, secondly the citizens in New Orleans that stayed, FOR WHATEVER REASON, and lastly a small percent to the govt for not overiding the idiots in control in LA, who obviously were NOT in control and for not implementing the full force of marshal law and shooting looters, which for a large part were comprised of organized gangs from other states as well.

    I have contributed to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army and even volunteered at Reunion Arena and the one thing I notice more than anything else is a lack of personal responsibility for your own well being. Makes me glad I am not a first responder who has to risk my life because someone was to stupid to leave when they knew they should have. Then they expect my tax money to help them rebuild their house in the same spot it was in the first place so it can be demolished again, I don't think so! :o=

  11. WK, thank you so much for the report, it is much appreciated. While there are a few things I am not to thrilled with, for the most part it sounds like a winner and regardless, I plan to have an open mind based on the fact that GRIN does seemed concerned with what the fans want, which is outstanding in my book.

    What I really look forward to is the mods that may come out of it. With the commitment that GRIN seems to have with the community, I would think that there will be more support for mods and if so, we might get some pretty amazing ones. I do 2 and 3D work with 3DS and Gmax for Flight Sim and some other games and look forward to trying my hand out with GRAW.

    Hmmm, more PC gamers in Germany huh, might have to move soon :rofl:

    Thanks also to Rocky for getting this posted, great job!

  12. In the modern era, large scale urban combat is a new development, seen mostly in places like Fallujah, or in Bagdad during the combat phase of the war. GRAW could be ther first modern shooter that does large city scale urban combat well. I don't include BF 2 or JO, because I don't know if they have large city maps and they do not have an SP component.

    The key is the size of the maps and their openness.

    Kurtz, actually BF2 has a good SP environment, 12 maps in 3 different sizes and you can control how many bots you want in the game with a mod. My fav map is Strike at Karkland which depicts a meduim sized middle eastern type city and with the sandy colors and uniforms that resemble what the US troops are wearing in Iraq, you get a good sense of the current conflict. Even with the bots, you can have some serious firefights in that game.

    I can only imagine how intense a good multiplayer team oriented match would be in BF2, haven't tried it yet since the BF2 forums are full of idiotic little kids with foul mouths and no sense.


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