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  1. I know spawn killing won't be stopped but I do think the HOST has power as to how games should be played. I remember one guy telling everyone in his Sharpshooter room that the point of sharpshooter isn't to see who gets to the other teams spawn point the quickest and if he saw any of the other team in good distance to start spawn killing, he would kick'em out. It worked and it made for a very fun and spawnkilling-free game. The power is in the Host, if you ever get in a room where a host doesn't supply his own fair rules then I'd get out and find another room. But what are the odds of that ever happening? *sigh*
  2. One thing I want an answer to is if the lobby system will run in real time. Meaning you see when rooms close, start, open, etc. There's nothing more I hated then to get in a room that was 2 seconds into the game. And then having to quit ALL the way back to the main menu, signing onto multiplayer, going to Opti-Match finding a room that had the gametype you wanted, only to get into a room where the host isn't even there! I sure hope this gets fixed. By the way I'm not USMC Maggot. Looks like there are two fly babies in these forums
  3. Wow, whoever came up with this idea should get a bigger paycheck. That's a GREAT addition to gameplay, it not only lowers the number of run-n-gun people, but it also kinda gives out a helping hand to the snipers who prefer to be posted and wait for movement. This way you're more alert as to not running as much or else you might get sniped. I hope we get a confirmation on this gameplay addition.
  4. I'd have to agree with reckless, EasyCo, and the others. I'd much rather play most of the SP missions online, than to have 4 "unique" co-op missions. I thought the whole time we'd be able to play SP online like it used to be. It's seems that during every new game that comes out and new things are added to it, we get a big chunk of what we liked in previous games out of the game. As far as AI goes, those 3 new co-op videos were an embarrasment, seeing an enemy stand right in front of you for 3 seconds without shooting proves that we'll still have hipshot AI, mile eye AI, and lucky shooter AI.
  5. I believe the going into buildings question has already been answered. And the answer is.....no As for the binoculars? Seeing as how far you can see on some of the videoclips I've seen I don't see why they shouldn't bring them back. But it's highly unlikely that we'd get them.
  6. I'll also have to agree, great questions. I'll throw in my question if it helps. Now one thing I hated in GR2 & GR2SS was when I launched a rocket at a guy standing about 5 feet from a lightpole, the rocket hits the pole causeing a "big explosion" but yet the enemy isn't even phased by it. So here's my question. 1. Will grenade or rocket explosions stun the enemy if it explodes near them? 2. And are those darn lightpoles, trees, mailbox, etc. still invinsible if hit by a rocket? Hope to hear those cleared up. Thanks alot.
  7. Well Microsoft has released a list of 200+ games that the Xbox 360 will be able to play from the first generation Xbox. To my surprise Ghost Recon: Island Thunder & Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike were nowhere in the list! They had Ghost Recon 1 and Ghost Recon 2. But both of the expansions were not listed. Now please can someone confirm that we'll be able to play both of these games on the Xbox 360.
  8. I and a bunch of my other online friends which I met though playing GR:IT for the Xbox feel the exact same way. I feel like Ubisoft is giving us console gamers just a taste of what we could have gotten if we were PC gamers. Why can't we share some of the great tactical experiences the PC guys do. I understand some of the features are better for the PC version. But I still can't help the fact that I and others feel left out on a great game we won't ever play unless we have a high-end computer to play it on. It's almost like us console gamers aren't good enough or "rich" enough to have the same experiences most of the PC guys will when GRAW is out.
  9. I don't get it, why do some of you sound like you want the console version to not be as good as the PC version? By all means maybe you should want it to be equal on all platforms, now I'm not saying that they should have some of the features the PC might have such the map where you can send orders to your team mates. But it almost sounds like you guys are dividing people instead of uniting them. Why shouldn't the console versions be more tactical? why shouldn't the consolers have the same great things the PC might have? I don't know where you got to saying that all console gamers are kids with a 3 min attention spans? Not all console gamers fall down that demographic and certainly not the players I've played with over Xbox Live. My point is that instead of being happy that the console version won't be as "good" as the PC version maybe you should point out that some (including me) people want to have the same great experiance that the PC version will have.
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