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  1. Hey, TrV is ready, count with our Our Email, bgoitia@hotmail.com or public any answer in this post Aqui
  2. Hi one more team for us: Add 5 TrV team TrV5 TrV_Diarreico TrV5 TrV_Polar regards
  3. HI our team for TrV are: TrV1: LION and Bastago TrV2: MunRra and Maquiabelo. coming soon, we register other teams.
  4. Hi ALL who want Friendly with our: Rules: Mod: GR/DS/IT Type: HH (Hamburger Hill) Game: 9 Map Time: 10 min each map respawn: off. Our contact: Xfire: bgoitia trsnake trlion
  5. Hola a todos. Somos un clan Venezolano de Ghost Recon 1, invitamos a cualquiera que viva en venezuela a unirse a nuestro clan, o lo ayudamos a formar su propio clan, tenemos experiencia desde hace 4 años. We are a Venezuelan clan of Ghost Recon 1, we invite anyone that lives in Venezuela to joining our clan, or we it help to form our own clan, have experience for 4 years. Contact me: MSN: bgoitia@hotmail.com Xfire: bgoitia
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