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  1. Ive been looking at the PC trailer, and Im wondering, why cant 360 owners get a very realistic game as well?

    I mean, things like planning can be put in and made so a player can jump right in, or plan the mission before hand. So a casual gamer and a more tactical gamer can both play how they want to.

    Im also hearing about other more realistic changes in the PC version like ironsights and weapon modding. I can assure you that those things would be wanted by many console players.

    Ive played GRAW at a friends house, and liked it, but i really love VERY realistic shooters. How come if we dont have a good computer, we have to miss out on the action?

    so please Ubi, can we see a more realistic console game? I dont like being shafted for not having a good PC. Plus GR1 and GRIT were very popular on Xbox which showed that the game can still be very realistic and popular.

  2. I have a question about the ACU

    I saw a picture of the ACU in 3 different colors. Grey/Blueish, Green, and desert brown/tan.

    Now, why isnt the military using the desert pattern for Iraq? It would work better than the blue color, or green color ACU.....

    Ill try to find the pic of the different ACU colors and post it here.



  3. well, everything sounds cool, if not a bit mysterious, but the stuff you have divulged has gotten me excited about this game all over again. i pick up my 360 on launch day, but really i am just waiting till feb. to play this game. Can you answer me this though. how much customization do you have with your weapon load out. that was one thing that always dissappointed me with GR. i would like to choose say an M4, but maybe i want a suppressor, or maybe a scope, foregrip etc. are those type of options in the game. thanks.

    No one has answered this, and I would like to know the answer about weapon customization as well.

    I would like the option of going out with an Aimpoint and forgrip, or going out with an ACOG and m203 based on the mission.

  4. kjs7 asked if we would just slap uppers on the M4s. Not likely. That is what we have done in SOF. But that is a different process and purchasing and employment is different for acquired systems. For larger numbers there will be a purchase of a complete weapons system. Some of this is for contractual purposes/warranty and some of this may be for political purposes. Usually that is not the case after the Beretta contract. However I hope everyone knows that Beretta got the M9 contract so we could maintain US presence on Italian bases.

    Careful, your tinfoil hat is showing. Beretta got the M9 contract because their gun was cheaper than the Sig P226.

    As to the discussion at hand: 6.8 is a very nice round. Without further field testing, I wouldn't just come out and say that it's better than the 5.56, because I don't know that, but it is a nice round.

    However, we've got billions of rounds of 5.56 in stock right now, not to mention all the ammo that our NATO allies have. Changing caliber would entail more than just buying new guns, we'd have to screw around with our ammo production, too, and then we'd be forcing it on the rest of NATO (and those countries don't have the same obscenely high military budget that we do). So I think it unlikely that we'll be switching anytime soon.

    Is there a way to make the 5.56 round more effective to void changing to a new caliber?

  5. I would like to see some kind of M468 make it into the game. I would also like to see an Mk23 SOCOM Pistol.

    And I would love to see stuff like weapon jamming in the game. That would add some more realism to this game.

    How about you guys?

    (This is for both PC and Console Versions, But im too lazy to make a topic on the console board :D )

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