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  1. Brettzies No Weapons, Skins Only....

    Download and install Brettzies Weapon mod v3.2

    Remove folders -->


    Remove sub-folders -->





    group_manager.xml --> friendly soldiers section (near the bottom) still referenced Bretzzies weapons
    and had to be replaced with some original GRAW2 script

    ghost_templates.xml --> Mission 01 to Mission 10 Character list replaced with GRAW 2 Original Script

    mp_templates.xml --> form Default templates & Kit templates onward, replaced with the original GRAW 2 script

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<....................In order to use new kits.......................>>>>>>>>>>


    where it says...

    <model file="/beings/ghost_team/ghost_team_player.xml"/><!--ghost_sf_heavy-->
    <model file="/beings/ghost_team/ghost_team.xml"/><!--ghost_sf_heavy-->

    change to an option found in objects/beings/ghost_team folder (an xml file with model configurations - open it to check)
    (examples: ghost_sas_light.xml, ghost_merc, ghost_stalker etc)

    <model file="/beings/ghost_team/ghost_sas_light.xml"/><!--ghost_team_player-->
    <model file="/beings/ghost_team/ghost_sas_light.xml"/><!--ghost_team-->


    simply changed ghost_team for whichever kit I chose. Here it was for the SAS, to match the above selection

    <!-- Original Ghost Uniforms-->
    @teammate_ai_macro( teammate_mitchell, ghost_sas_light, teammate_mitchell_husk, sco_, mitchell_sound )
    @teammate_player_macro( teammate_mitchell_player, ghost_sas_light, teammate_mitchell_husk, mitchell_sound )
    @teammate_husk_macro( teammate_mitchell_husk, ghost_sas_light, sco_, mitchell_sound, MITCHELL )


    As far as I undersatnd it, (I don't get the holster colour changing, so leave it default) but you change head gear in this file (somehow)
  2. Is this the TacMap Solution we have been looking for...??

    I have discovered that there wasn't ever that much wrong with GRAW
    The graphics, physics, ballistics, tactics, blah, blah, blah...it's all there !
    My main gripe was the lack of a tactical map we could share in Co-Op Multiplayer, but I'm hoping that's been fixed, thanks to BSR Vhladd's OGR Mod

    Y'see, with enemy AI so ferocious, to achieve an advantage in No-Respawn-Never-Played-Before-Maps Ghost Recon gave you the command map and sensors. It was nice to have an in-game equivalent of being able to say to your buddy " Hey, there's one over there.."

    I never forgave GRIN / UBI but on reflection GRAW is a pretty good successor to GR. Really good.

    DOWNLOAD : ogr_co_op.bundle.zip

    I've yet to test it out, but I have taken the necessary files from BSR Vhladd's mod and created a co-op version.


    It will require the map makers to have included a MiniMap, but this is usually the case, if not, it may even be possible to create a set of Grid-Map Minimaps to work with the custom co-op maps already in existence.
    Failing that, it wouldn't take long to open and fix for hardcore no respawn players.

    Pop the file into your MODS folder and activate as you would the ogr.bundle or nocom.bundle

    in your context.xml using <mod_bundle name="ogr_co_op"/>

  3. coop_crashsite_rain is now ready for release.

    Rain Animations and Sound Effects

    Download Link:
    Mission Author: Black Ghost
    Map Author: GRIN
    File Size: 1.8 Mb
    Version: 2.0



    RainSounds (language mod) Folder (2Mb)

    Required to play these rain missions

    Just extract all files to your game folder

    read-me instructions included

    start the mission using the context-rainsounds.bat

    Also, the default coop_crashsite had no fire or smoke at the crashsite

    not sure if it's cos it causes a problem in MP coop, but I have put the fires back in


    Missions and Mod as I update available at nomandown

    Also Available in Beige ....

    Download Link:
    coop_crashsite_desert (no rain - no mod required)
    Mission Author: Black Ghost
    Map Author: GRIN
    File Size: 1.8 Mb
    Version: 2.0


  4. Was actually disappointed hosted recently with no people joining me.

    Server name? NO RESPAWN

    Was it the block capitals do you think? Hmmmm

    I played coop_crashsite got thru to the end 99 kills and was wiped out by the enemy helos (well, distracted and shot by AI)

    The silenced weapons work well. You can take out plenty without alerting nearby enemies.

    Slow and steady, you get to enjoy the scenery, and GRAW2 does come with a deathcam, so sitting it out isn't that painful.

    As far as campaigns go, your Team AI work wonders, always having the first-drop on tangoes if they are positioned in cover first.

    Nearly all the campaign maps can be completed no-respawn with the only provisio being you really do need to know in advance where the snipers, machine-gun-nests and panhards are going to be (mostly, but still possible)

    yeah, no respawn is where the game is at for me :cowboy:

  5. Add Rain to any map...

    here's a link to a demo

    Special thanks to:

    Radiator for his _rego community sounds project (and wiki tutorial !!)

    Brettzie for illustrating his method (by my reverse-engineering his mod)

    Xdxxdy for showing us this is possible

    Using an un-bundled mission modifier

    (simply creating eg, mission05 folder inside the english/levels folder)

    I Included these 3 folders (4 files) for the Rain Anim (from Xdxxdy's calavera example)



    Copy a misson xml/world.xml and xml/unit_list.xml to a new ..

    english/levels/mission_name/xml folder

    world.xml --> find <sounds>, copy, paste and rename a sound

    <sound name="generic4" cue="e_rain_main">
    <position pos_x="52085" pos_y="42165" pos_z="5625"/>

    unit_list.xml -->

    find alphabetically a slot for your rain e.g <unit name ="rattlesnake" >,
    copy, paste this line

    <unit name="rain" amount="1"/>

    ---> Setting up the sound


    Using Radiators Community Custom Sound Modifier which involves having the following structure.

    english/levels/sound/ -->

    a copy of the original (patch.bundle) sound/settings.xml
    a custom_sounds.xml (from Radiators tutorial, or Brettzies etc)
    a sound_rego_rain.xml (I've not registered (yet), and whilst not sharing added a rain_modifier.xml(+)
    a rain_sounds.xml (I created this one as not registered with Radiator's Project)

    (if using johntc02,Brettzies or any other sound modified addon, use their settings.xml. (if it exists**)
    --> add these two lines to the end of the <wavebanks> and <soundbanks> lists (if not exists**)

    --> english/levels/sound/settings.xml

    <xi:include href="custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/wavebanks/*)"/>
    <xi:include href="custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/soundbanks/*)"/>

    --> english/levels/sound/sound_rego_rain.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <sound_rego_rain xmlns:xi="x">
    <xi:include href="..\sound\rain_sounds.xml#xpointer(/rain_sounds/wavebanks/*)"/>

    <xi:include href="..\sound\rain_sounds.xml#xpointer(/rain_sounds/soundbanks/*)"/>

    --> english/levels/sound/sound_rego_rain.xml -- (+) a created rain_modifier.xml)

    <rain_sounds xmlns:xi="x">
    <wavebank path="data\sound\rain\rain_wave.xml"/>
    <soundbank path="data\sound\rain\rain_sound.xml"/>

    --> english/levels/sound/rain


    rain_sound.xml -->

    <soundbank name="rain_sound" default_wavebank="rain_wave" xmlns:xi="x">
    <sound name="e_rain_street" group="ambient_loop" zero_distance="10.0" pitch="0" positioning="2d" attenuation="none" occlusion="false" reference_distance="1.0" loop="true" gain="10">
    <wave name="e_rain_street"/>

    rain_wave.xml -->

    <wavebank name="rain_wave" dir="data/sound/rain" xmlns:xi="x">
    <wave name="e_rain_street" file="e_rain_street.wav" stream="true" />

    ...and that should do it !!

    I'm working on this a mod-folder, to include stock campaign missions with rain and rain sound.

    So far so good, except that the rain doesn't appear in the night missions. currently trying to find out why.

    EDIT -- forgot to add a small prop to the map (still testing)

    basic mission edit would be

    english/levels/mission_name/xml/world.xml -->

    find <sounds>, copy, paste and rename a sound

    <sound name="whatever" cue="e_rain_main">
    <position pos_x="52085" pos_y="42165" pos_z="5625"/>

    find <small_static>, copy, paste and rename a prop (make sure ID is unique to the list)

    <unit name="rain" unit_id="6578" name_id="none" cover_off="false">
    <position pos_x="5777.9077" pos_y="276.49747" pos_z="-180.35384"/>
    <rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="0"/>

    english/levels/mission_name/xml/unit_list.xml -->

    find alphabetically a slot for your rain e.g <unit name ="rattlesnake" >,
    copy, paste this line

    <unit name="rain" amount="1"/>

  6. I've added another thing.

    The info is html, parsed from an online masterlist...hope it stays online til I learn query protocols

    A link on the IP redirects to an individual server output page. (it does work but...)

    Unfortunately my webhost is currently blocking the ports, but the list is viewable.

    No link to an uploaded version yet, but will be included in v2.5


  7. graw2statimg.jpg

    Update of changes:

    Centered all fields, removed stats for Zeus, C4 and Adats (redundant)

    Changed kill / death ratio, swapped for weapon Accuracy

    Map Images for Server Viewer, Map Statistics, Maps Played

    Added Medal System (next job is an option to remove them)

    Added Offline Server Image and Table (my current server is blocking mine, it does work)

    Added Longest player shot and CQB distance average

    Optimized for co-op

    graw2_stats_v2.4(feel free to report any problems or changes you'd like)

    example output (latest version changes linked at bottom of page)

  8. Gone about as far as I can with it for now. Single file uploads only, but the HTML tables are all centered and the medals and percentages all work ok. The Medals are kind of a fixed feature, but you could always set the scoring out-of-range to disable awarding them.

    Links above are the same, now updated. I'll work more on it if we play the marathon, if Red Sabre doesn't distract us that is ;)

  9. I had trouble connecting with the FTP function. I know you can't host local server and FTP to Windows, I wonder if a web host has a similar problem connecting to it's own FTP server?

    I was too scared to use the executable, not being able to see the code inside. Also, I want to be able to administer which logs get uploaded, and not just upload all post game results. Truth? Too scared to test it, lol

    Gonna try to change the ftp2.php to just have a multiple file POST from
    the server, reading a local folder and renaming files as it uploads.

    I'm getting close to how i'd like it, so I'll release it as a newer version, thanks for giving the go-ahead on that.

    Why can't I find just the normal smiley? oh well, big grin then. (heh, big Grin) :D

  10. OK so I've managed to get it working a little bit.
    We need Jody to return and look at what I've done to re-work anything I missed.

    So, if you know PHP,MySQL and CSS you should be OK.

    Fixed the SQL file install
    Fixed some PHP errors (not Jody's, just out-dated code)

    Some table layout modification
    The server viewer is on a seperate page to speed up stats viewing. It still works good.

    The FTP upload is removed until I understand it better, so only uploading of individual game_log.xml's allowed.

    Not sure this isn't just for COOP, and TUG Teams one handles PvP better, but not sure if that's for just GRAW anyways.

    Well, it's a start.

    I want to host a COOP campaign, to play John TC02's two Campaigns, and intend to edit it further
    (if I'm really up to it and have nothing to do - a feeling not unwholly unfamiliar to me - which also got me to thinking "hey. Jody's a girl...I wonder if she's cute?)

    The idea being I implement a medal system akin to ghost recon classic whereby Bronze Stars, Silver Stars and Purple Hearts are awarded to players. A nice page on which to show medal images!
    Would be nice as a memento of the glory days, along with screenies, when the Campaign Marathon is over...

    Anyhoo. ...Laters...(on)



    ...there are more statistics that weren't included that I'd like to add, like player weapon accuracy as a percentage

    and player kill range in metres.

    I like the idea of medals, but since I'd need to allow users to set the values to award them it should be a togglable option. Here's a screenshot of where it's heading so far....my own CSS style, you can change it easily.


  11. I could release a community version of v2.0. I'm guessing the code works for some people.

    I have also attempted to do some PHP renaming, text alterations and layout, but it's really up to the individual.

    And you really need to know about MySQL and PHP to get it to work, most people who use this software can do that no probs.

    What might be easier is I'll just post the code elements of v2 that I altered (it wasn't much) and anyone wanting help will find it here

    since Jody created a link in the program to this thread.

    The SQL was the main problem... but only involved removing all the ' commas.

    If I spend the right amount of time on it and make it Installable-User-Friendly I'll release it as a download, sure thing. :yes:

  12. Had a bit o' trouble with this - the TUG team one had too many errors to fiddle with (maybe later)

    Apart from the sql (which any good sql host should be able to find a work-around for installing tables)

    Basically finding modern examples of SQL table insert and equally, fixing PHP deprecated code.

    I'm doing a lot of this lately, so sorry for digging this up, but someone might need it one day....

    I had to modify the first few lines of the stats/index.php

    where it said..

    // if (isset($_GET['cat'])) { $cat = $_GET['cat'];}

    // was changed to (courtesy of StackOverflow PHP help)
    $cat = (isset($_GET['cat']) ? $_GET['cat'] : null);

    and it worked perfectly.

  13. Oh, one last thing. If you can't host a local server (wamp or xamp or whatever) you can always just use...

    FRAPS and Dropbox - No scripting, just have FRAPS save to you public image folder.

    Thing I like about my last bit of code is it doesn't fill your drives with screenshots, The last image is always overwritten.

  14. OK here it is re-worked again.

    If you know how ...(sorry about this bit)... to host websites !

    1. Use FRAPS or similar to capture .jpg's.
    2. Use PHP Photo Album script- at dynamicdrive(dot)com

    (If you don't want to handle the whole thing on your local server - otherwise see original method)
    Create a directory on both local and online websites you administrate called 'tacmapup'
    create any image, and save as 'grawtacmap.jpg' to both local and remote 'tacmapup' folders.
    In your local server, save the following as upload.php, run it in your local tacmapup folder

    and run a web browser that will auto-refresh the script.


    <script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>setTimeout('location.reload();',10000);</script>


    $path = ".";
    $latest_ctime = 0;
    $latest_filename = '';

    $d = dir($path);
    while (false !== ($entry = $d->read())) {
    $filepath = "{$path}/{$entry}";
    if (is_file($filepath) && filectime($filepath) > $latest_ctime) {
    $latest_ctime = filectime($filepath);
    $latest_filename = $entry;

    $filename = 'grawtacmap.jpg';
    if ("{$latest_filename}" == "grawtacmap.jpg") { echo "File Exists"; } else {

    $file = "grawtacmap.jpg";
    $remote_file = "/public_html/tacmapup/grawtacmap.jpg";

    $ftp_server = "ftp.yoursite";
    $ftp_user_name = "yourusername";
    $ftp_user_pass = "yourpassword";

    $conn_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server);
    $login_result = ftp_login($conn_id, $ftp_user_name, $ftp_user_pass);
    // upload a file
    if (ftp_put($conn_id, $remote_file, $file, FTP_BINARY)) {
    echo "successfully uploaded $file\n";
    } else {
    echo "There was a problem while uploading $file\n";



    Use the Dynamic Gallery Script in the Online Site to update the last screenshot every 30 seconds, while
    the above script will FTP upload every 30 seconds (only if FRAPS has created a new image).

    As host, take screenshots and leave the upload.php open in a browser window while you play.
    My example image at www.nomandown.co.uk/tacmapup/gallery.php

  15. ...still digging up old threads....

    I don't see why this couldn't be scripted. All we need is someone to create a medikit model (applied like C4). It should be possible for team-mates to reset the player health before he goes off the red completely. Would be nice for No Respawn when that unseen sniper gets you pretty good.

    If anyone capable ever gets bored, +1 to see this (admittedly, it'd have to be added to all the old missions, doubt it could be done as a standalone mod)

  16. Old thread, but it does get asked....

    Have to second this... Johns maps (JohnTC02) The Cartel and Bushmaster Campaigns.

    Such a Simple iIdea, fun multiple objectives (same thing each time, but works well), auto saves on each objective completed and makes each mission a series of mini-missions.

    Absolutely brilliant work ! Cheers John !

  17. In case anyone else stumbles on this old thread like I did -- the Files mentioned, the method mentioned, did not work. The Author the infamous Aluigi, created it for other purposes and it din't do a full and proper job with OFP:DR.

    please if you know other places where there are discussions related to OF2 and my script write it there: DO NOT USE THAT SCRIPT

    Original Forum Thread

    It did however allow some, if not most, of the xml files available which do actually Mod some aspects of Dragon Rising to be realised. We can be grateful for that at least.


  18. " I downloaded and installed some server managers (ReconLogs other than the v3.4.0.4 found at Woody2000) they all looked really good, but none functioned without mishap. On XP, and depending on the source..they were hacked and used the .mis files as placeholders on my computer to host video files... "

    dk-force.dk is the only place I know that had a working copy.
    My forum thread about it is there somewhere.
    (a re-post the main points here)

    I managed to track down ReconLog_V3.16.1.0 and have installed it on my main XP machine
    My second PC - Win 7 would not run it.

    hmm my first problem with this is where do you got the reconlog from, it is not hard to get, but there is only 2 plays to get it from. nr 1: www.gocoding.com and you will have to allow access from Rich there have made the reconlog.
    nr. 2. Danish Force or one of the server admins.
    If you dont have the reconlog from thes 2, then i am sorry to sat i cant help you.
    Reconlog is a rely powerfull tool for GR, and many out there are trying all they can to hack or do other things with this tool, and we cant allow that happend, there for i do every things i can to kiip this recon log in my databset to see hou have or not.

    I can be quite determined..So yeah, I just HAD to find the latest version
    I got it from 4shared [which turned out to have the Trojan Malware]

    The DK Force download page redirects to GoCoding, but somehow I managed to get a copy of which worked ok.
    I didn't notice before, but looks like he was willing to share a copy of it with me, not sure i accepted, but might be worth trying DK Force anyway.

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