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  1. hey guys, im not gonna waste my time on this mod. thanks for your time once again riverrat
  2. hello everyone, how did you guys install this server side mod. it seems that it overrides the original maps...... am i missing something about this mod and there no readme.... is there a way to set it up as a mods folder map/mission pack to use it that way. thanks for your time riverrat
  3. hello rocky, i ordered a set just now. i will send you a pm also thanks ahead of time and also for putting this together in one collection. riverrat
  4. hello rocky, i was just wondering how someone without a paypal account would be able to purchase a set of dvds from you. (i dont have a paypal account) also what would be the best way to send you payment from the us. thanks for your time riverrat p.s. thanks for taking time out of your real life to help out ghost recon 1 fans around the world.
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