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  1. Call sign: BRclan.LARSA Age: 41 Game : GRAW
  2. Another one http://support.corps7.com/viewtopic.php?t=92
  3. Are you actually able to join a GRAW server through Xfire?
  4. Reeper_3d, anythig new coming up soon Is it possible to download the latest release?
  5. I have the X-Fi Platinum and don't experience any problems.
  6. P4 3.8 Ghz 2048 MB DDR2 X1900XTX 512MB WD Raptor 10000 RPM 30-45 fps Screen Shots
  7. I'm keeping it, why should I return an excellent game like this? It need some improvement, but still excellent. Played 31 hrs so far, and its getting more interesting the more I play. I only play MP. First I mostly played run n gun style, and got killed all the time. Then I started to take it a lot easier, more sneak and peak and concentrating on taking and holding zones. Then it got a lot more fun.
  8. There is no stats.xml file. The game stats are saved in C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\logs as domination_0.xml, domination_1.xml, domination_2.xml and so on. One file for each round played.
  9. This is the answer i got from UBI http://shop.ubi.com
  10. Hope it will be out Q4 so i have a reasson to stop playing CS:S
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