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  1. Hi There Anyone still playing this game? Thinking about installing it again and have som rounds for fun. Thats if There's ppl still playing, and There's any servers online. Long time.. LARSA.vU
  2. Nj Clone. Good luck in the finals. Cant report the loss yet, the thread is locked.
  3. Its the SCE server for the match.
  4. Great. I have sent Irish a PM for server reservation.
  5. Hi Guess the rest of your guys are US. If so, it must be 10:30 PM CET on sunday. Believe its afternoon in the states then. We got a TWL match at 9:00 PM CET, hope we can make it. Sound OK?
  6. Hi Clone You got many European players? Were located i Sweden, timezone CET.
  7. Results of Round 2 vU vs ICE Date of Match: Nov 11, 2007 Team 1 Name: vU Team 2 Name: ICE Final Score: 3/0 Winning Team: vU Server Played On: Server 1 - SCE vU win by forfiet, ICE dont have enough players.
  8. Got 5 players so far. How many do you got?
  9. Dont know yet. Will post as soon as i know.
  10. Hi ICE Since you are in US and we in Sweden. The only day and time for the match is on sunday. Afternoon for you and evening for us. 4p.m. EST for you and 10p.m. CET for us on Sunday November 11 Sounds OK?
  11. Thanks for a nice match SCE. Cya on HH next time. Looking forward to meet the other teams..
  12. Round 1 Match set and booked on Sunday, Nov4th at 4:00 p.m. EST on SERVER 1 - SCE OK. That would be 10 p.m. GMT +1 our time if the match starts at 4 p.m. EST. Is that correct?
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