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  1. I do think as said here ref pulling a man out of a door (jchung) - which I get your point, that I feel the tazer aproach used was WAY WAY over the top, I mean the man wouldnt exactly be able to stand and simply walk out as they asked after each shock from that thing, and with him then being a pile of twiching mass on the floor they still have to drag him out thats my view. Stubborn as the man was being the police hardly helped themselves either IMO & the incident should be investigated ref the police and the way it was handled.

    True, but there is one major problem you are overlooking. Tolerance. People have different levels of tolerance to different types of "punishment". When I was kickboxing, part of the class was lifting your arms in the air while someone would take shots at your ribs, and this would progress to heavier and heavier shots until eventually you can tolerate a pretty good shot without crumbling to the ground. We did this with our shins, abs, etc... In Aikido we did something similar with choking. One person would sit and have another choke them from behind until they begin to feel light headed. Then the person being choked would begin to slap the ground with their hand and the "choker" would stop. You fight to keep from passing out and in time you will develop a greater tolerance to passing out from being choked.

    Despite equal amounts of training, there are always some people that can handle more than others. I have been hit with mace (this was a long time ago when mace was still in common use), and pepperspray, and I have even seen someone hit with pepperspray and it literally had no effect. Another can was brought out and still nothing. Not all people react the same way when force is applied.

    This guy in the video may have yelled out when hit with a jolt, but in no way does it mean that he was not still resisting arrest. Again, I would challenge you and someone of equal size as one of those officers to carry me out a door without tazing me. I seriously doubt you would be able to take me out that door.


    Good post, thanks for the info. I had a feeling that there was much more to this than meets the eye. :thumbsup:

  2. I remember when no one really cared about backwards compatibility. Almost everyone who's buying a PS3 has a PS2, so why does it matter? Seriously, it's just changing the Tv's output channel and turning a different console on.

    True, but to me personally another console would just amount to clutter that I would not want to have around. Besides, with the new console, the old games would be more of a feature that I would use occasionally, not all the time, so for me personnally I would not want another console around, just to run old games.

    Besides, why keep an old console when you can trade it in and get a $70 credit?

  3. Theres plenty of background not covered leading up to that chaps incident, although do you think that the man could have been simply carried away without the use of tazering him? For the record, I do.

    That is just the thing I am talking about. How do you know whether the police had already tried to get his ID, but the guy prevented them from reaching into his pocket. Also, you cannot see whether the guy was just sitting on the ground, or whether he was bracing his legs in a manner that was making it difficult to drag him out of there. Remember that they had to take him out of a doorway.

    I would gladly challege you to drag me out of a doorway with your choice of someone the size of one of those police officers. I guarantee that you would not be able to get me out of there, even with my hands cuffed. I have subdued guys bigger than me in Judo and Aikido classes, but I'll tell you firsthand that dragging somone out is another task altogether. The only way to do this without giving them the juice is to manipulate a joint and cause enough pain to acquiesce to your demands, but again this does not guarantee that they will comply.

    The tazer will physically wear the one in custody out, so that they are less apt to resist, as a result with a few jolts even the most resistant person will be weak enough to eventually carry out. Joint manipulation does not guarantee this, since soon as you let go they can simply begin resisting again.

    Probable cause is what your refer to yes?

    Actually I was referring to confiscation such as land, firearms, etc... WITHOUT probable cause.

    Do you (anyone reading) think that getting tazered for not showing your ID is unconsitutional? Or do you (anyone reading) think that getting tazered like that chap did for what he didnt do (cooperate) is justified?

    Again, it depends on what happened, and that video is hardly shot at an angle where you can see everything that is happening, and it also does not show what initially happened before the guy was tazed.

    I'm not saying that the guy was 100% at fault, but just that all of details are not present.

  4. Samsung is HUGE... They build cars, too (Nissan's licensed to them for domestic-only). They're some smart dudes in S. Korea...

    I wish they were just a bit smarter and not engage in lame policies like the "sunshine policy" during the 90's. Yeah, let's just leave Kim Jung Il alone until he becomes a bigger threat. Jeez, that was a huge mistake.

  5. This video is leaves some unanswered questions. It does not explain WHY the police were there.

    I have several friends that work for local and federal agencies, and this looks like just a poor understanding of agency tactics.

    For starters, when you enter a room looking for a potential suspect you don't simply call out their name, you look for people that fit a description and then ask for their ID. You also don't announce your reason for being there, as you can scare off any potential accomplices.

    That video of the "unconstitutional" checkpoint should have started long before the stop occured. How do you know whether there was a woman that fits you description that just took off in a car like yours with a bably in the trunk? There may have been a suspect that had been on the run for a while that may have fit her description. I don't like how most of these videos leave out the beginning and only show the "innocent victim" being assaulted.

    We blame the police if they don't catch a criminal, but when they are more vigilant, then we complain that our rights are being violated.

    Want to know what it unconstitutional? When your personal property is conficated without cause. Asking for your identity is not unconstitutional. There are many reasons why the law may need to know your identity. I would bet that if these people in the videos simply showed their ID, there would not have been an "incident" to talk about at all.

    I say the solution to homeland security and reduction in crime, is to allow for all law abiding citizens in all states that can pass a rigorous background check to carry, and a lot of these issues would not be here in the firstplace.

  6. I have to agree with Sup here, and don't forget that now you can find 360 games used at EB. Get a membership card and you can take another 10% off of the price of the games you buy used.

  7. I see the dilema you are in, and in some ways I feel the same way. I only game once or twice a week, and sometimes I don't game at all for a couple weeks, so my Xbox just sits in a box and is not used at all. Right now I'm only using the Xbox as a DVD player, since my DVD player konked out on me. I figured that I might as well use the Xbox for something, since it just sits around, so I have not even bothered to buy another DVD player.

    To me spending money on gaming is just not worth it as I don't really game much at all. I just can't justify spending a lot of money on gaming, so I try to spend as little as possible. My PC is also not running new games too well, but it works just fine for GR/GRIT/DS, and for email etc... so I won't be doing any more PC gaming for a while. I may just get a 360 and leave the PC behind me.

    You know Foxtrot, you could get a 360 and just not "look back". Think about it, the Xbox even has OFP available in it, and with more than double the missions that the entire GR/GRIT/DS has, OFP should keep you busy for a long while. Not to mention that there is a mission editor for OFP, so you really don't need broadband, just the drive to save your missions on.

    From what I understand in near future the 360 will allow you to edit missions in games like GR/GRIT/DS, so at that point what will be the difference from GR on the PC to GR on a 360? In 2007 the 360 will get a more efficient processor, and that is when I plan on picking up a 360, so maybe that could be a good option for you.

    Just a suggestion that you may want consider.

  8. I pretty much have the business news on all day at work, and I heard that Sony's PS3 will not be able to run some 200 previous titles. Any confirmation of this on the gaming sites? Sony's story just gets better and better everyday. :rocky:

    They run, just in various states of broken. Let me find the gamespy story...

    Edit: http://ps3.gamespy.com/articles/745/745556p1.html

    That was an interesting read. Bloomberg news is never quite comprehensive when it comes to gaming news.

  9. I was thinking more about the practicality of a scope on a full-auto. Seems kinda odd to me.

    Honestly there is no way to tell how a gun like that would fire, but if it is anything like an M60, then it should be pretty steady even on full auto fire. Even a .308 cartridge is not to hard to manage on a platform like that, but who knows what that particular gun is like. I have never seen a MAC receiver used to make a belt fed before.

  10. IMO Craig looks a lot tougher than Brosnan. I'll definately watch it.



    I have to agree, the previouse Bonds were all too skinny and wimpy looking. IMO, this Bond simply looks more like THE Bond. Not that Craig looks like a big tough guy, but he at least does not look like the 140lbs weakling that you see being picked on in high school.

  11. I think I just got a unit that was made before lunch :) I'd only had it a month or so before it burped. Has worked flawless since.

    And yes you do need to spend a little less on gun parts and go get a new DVD Player ;)

    LOL, no actually I'm just using it right now, because otherwise the Xbox just sits, and so I may as well use it rather than have it sit around.

    I know you said it in jest. :)

  12. I had the laser go out on my orig Xbox, I shipped it on a Friday, had it back in hand on Tuesday the following week. That extended warranty was worth the $39

    Wow, I bought my Xbox back in July of 2003, and it has not had a single hiccup since. Of course I don't game much, bot anytime I bought a new game the Xbox was running 4-5 days a week, and I have bought a good number of games (I think I have now run over 15 games), so it has seen some good use. Also, my DVD player died, so for last two years I have been just using my Xbox to watch DVDs. I should probably get another DVD player, but I figured why not just use something I already have.

  13. Now I just need to get a 360 when the new processor is installed in the Spring of 2007.

    Probably wise. Like I said, my xbox broke the day before gow's release. :rofl:

    I always wait at least a year before buying any new product. Just a principle I personally follow.

    Sorry to hear about the 360, but I heard that their return policy is pretty good, and not to difficult to deal with. Good luck with the replacement. :thumbsup:

  14. Bush obviously needed to make a change that was significant enough to show that he is willing to work with the New Democratic majority

    Is it enough though? I mean, the history of dealings that man has been involved in (rummy), stepping down realy is just a token gesture to pat the people on the head and say "there you go".

    Willing to work and shuffling a few things is one thing but realy making some change is completely another. It certainly is a very interesting time indeed and on many levels too.

    LOL, for some nothing will ever be enough, but I don't think Bush really needs to satisfy everyone. If he can satisfy just enough people then it may be "good enough". I'm sure he has his trigger on a couple other things he can do should this move not suffice.

    I think are all wondering.. the Republican party needs to accept the defeat, and move on, make changes and come back in '08 with a platform they can stick too.

    Americans spoke loud and clear yesterday.

    So true, so very true.

  15. With form CIA director, Robert M. Gates, nominated to replace him.

    Well, with the number of Dems that have been targeting him for years now, Bush obviously needed to make a change that was significant enough to show that he is willing to work with the New Democratic majority. I wonder how it will all pan out.

  16. I like it Whisper, but that KX3 is going to be virtually useless with the muzzle flash that thing is going to create. I might actually convert my 11.5in commando into a 14.5in as the flash on it is pretty significant. With that conversion I would mount a Knight Masterkey on it.

    Eh, who knows, I still have to finish my 6.8mm and with all the backorders on the parts that project alone is going to take another two months.

    BTW, have you ever used a CAA tactical stock? I heard that they are supposed to be real nice. I'm trying to decide whether to go with them, but I have not actually had a chance to handle one. I have used the Vltor, and the Magpul, and they are top notch quality, but the CAA I have not seen up close (just pictures).

    Any experience with the CAA?

  17. I'm not saying you will like GOW, but you might actually be surprised. From everything I've heard the tactical/military aspect is played up a lot more than the horror side (all within the overall scifi plot, of course.)

    Also, according to the early reviews, framerate problems are nonexistant. Finally somebody is using the 360 hardware right. :)

    I hear ya Sup. I probably will end up liking it. :thumbsup: It is just that the chainsaw at the end of the gun, and the beast like enemy really just reeks too much of a slasher movie. :lol:

    Anyway, like I said, it does look like a well made and well thought out game, and I will try it out.

  18. The graphics look amazing. The only thing about this game is that it has somewhat of a cartoon aspect to it. The whole horror genre is a bit lame IMO. I found this to be the case in Halo when I encountered the flood.

    I know alot of people like the horror aspect to a game, but for me personally, I find it to be a bit boring.

    Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying that GOW is a bad game, as I have not run it yet, I'm just saying that the whole horror genre is something I can do without. It is pretty much like the movies I watch, I find the whole horror genre really boring. Frankly Saving Private Ryan had me more on the edge of my seat than any horror movie has.

    OFP really had me on the edge of my seat, as you never know when a round will come flying out of nowhere and take you down. Man, I wish Armed Assault would make it onto the 360.

    Regardless of my opinion, I think GOW will be an awesome game. Maybe not my cup of tea, but objectively speaking it looks to be well made and pretty well thought out. I will probably try it out anyway, that is when the 360 gets its new processor in 2007. So many new titles to choose from.

  19. I took the IOR off of my commando as I really don't shoot beyond 150 with it. With an 11.5in barrel it just seems a bit pointless. Besides, irons are plenty good enough at 150 yards to make head shots with, so for short barrels IMO optics are really not necessary.


    A 7.5in? That sounds like too much fun. Definitely post some pics. :thumbsup:

    Edit: The CQT is very nice in my opinion, but I do question how durable it is. Nightforce, IOR, and Schmit Benders can all pretty much survive a drop on a concrete floor, but I doubt a Leupold CQT would be as durable. Maybe I am wrong, but this is where I question the CQT.

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