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  1. I've been following the development of the .408 for quite a while now, and am considering getting the EDM .408. I personally would like to see this gun in GRAW as it seems very likely that it will see future service. Last I heard two working samples were in the field with a Marine unit in Iraq (correct me if I have my info mixed up), and they proved to be more than capable. Can anyone shed any more light on this? Does anyone know if this round is being given the official "go"?. For those who may no know about this the .408 is a round developed by Cheyenne Tactical. It is a .505 Gibbs round that has been necked down to a .408. In short, it is called the CheyTac. I have not had a chance to fire this round yet, so I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this round, but just from what I have read it seems to have quite a bit of potential. Just wanted to know if there are any people here that have had any actual experience with this round, or if you had any inside information on the results of the testing. Thanks.
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