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  1. I don't get it, can someone explain to me why anyone would want to be a "poser"? What do these people get out of atempting to appear as someone they are not? What is the point? I know that I have seen reports about guys that buy a uniform and lie about being an officer in a branch of service in hopes of picking up women, but I really don't get the whole posturing on some internet forum. What the heck do they get out of it?
  2. I don't get it. The first post and it is an attempt to discredit someone? Not exactly a good way to shoot the breeze with others on a forum.
  3. It does lack in the "cool" department, but if it is everything they say it is, then that is one serious piece of machinery. I'm assuming that it comes with the powerstroke diesel?
  4. Again, I want to know when they are going to show some screenshots of building interiors. Are these screenshots indicative of yet another game that will not allow us to enter buildings?
  5. Thanks a lot ronin, the people in my office wanted to know what I was laughing about. Fortunately I opened the Humor thread and just showed them the some of the cop stories. Imagine trying to explain this one.
  6. @ronin Good one. Except I have to admit, I was really looking to abduct Lindy.
  7. Dang! I knew I shouldn't have gone down looking for my laser pistol.
  8. That is just fine with me, Tina Wood will make me plenty happy.
  9. I was going to cast a write in vote for Lindy Cohan, but after seeing Tina Wood... Why do I feel guilty?
  10. Yo why ju be dissn my boy? Ju aint need be doggn like dat. Wuz up? Ya aint down wit da way he git his words on?
  11. LOL. No I didn't do that, I can tell reality from fantasy you know. However, I did try to take her shopping at the PX and she was not too happy with that. She did not share my sense of fashion and fondness for camo.
  12. As I have said before in other threads, ability to ID friendlies is okay by me, but the ability to ID enemy is FAR from being a reality as of now. Having to ID enemy should be a large part of the game as Mexico City has a population that is bigger than NYC, so there is no way that everyone has evacuated.
  13. Apparently the US spiked the enemy's water with plutonium. On a serious note I would prefer if the system would only ID friendlies. There are just too many variables to reliably implement a system to ID enemy combatants. Give me the real stuff, and leave out the Star Wars hardware.
  14. When you date a girl just because she reminds you of Lindy Cohan, but then she breaks up with you because you accidently call her Lindy one day.
  15. One name pops into my mind while I'm reading this stuff. BEETLE BAILEY.
  16. When you date a girl just because she reminds you of Lindy Cohan.
  17. FA sear

    Cop stories

    I'm starting to really like this thread.
  18. FA sear


    Holy smokes that is funny! That is ALMOST as funny as the headline that Jay Leno had on his show. It was a picture of Clinton, and the quote that was in bold print over his head said: "God it's Hard"
  19. FA sear

    Bush gone fishing

    That was bad. It is funny, but I think it is in bad taste.
  20. @Novakog I forgot to specify exactly why I don't believe that this technology is not realistic, but you actually brought it up yourself. Civilians are the single big issue, and I have posted this numberous times before. Mexico City has a population that is greater than NYC, so there is no way that it has be evacuated, as a result there has to be at least a few million still in there, or at the very least a few hundred thousand. I don't have a problem with technology helping you identify friendlies, but the enemy IDs are one that I believe will take decades to perfect.
  21. Good one, I needed a good laugh.
  22. Good post, and its only long if what you say is pointless. You really could have the AI direct your attention with a few simple phrases like: "enemy four o'clock" "enemy four o"clock behind cover" "enemy four o'clock roof top" "enemy four o'clock on street" "enemy four o'clock down below" (for when they are in a window below) "enemy four o'clock up high" (for when they are in a window above) You could put in a couple more to cover a few more generic situations. You get the picture. I don't think the warnings would have to be that specific, but just enough to direct your attention to the proper area. I just really do not like the diamonds, as I don't see this really being a "foolproof" technology that will actually be implemented in the near future. Maybe farther down the road, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that the GRAW timeframe is realistic.
  23. I could not agree more. Well said. @Clum-Z-Boy Hey, isn't that the kind of stuff they should improve on? The AI in buildings could easily be improved with the capacity that the 360 will have. The OTS view for GRAW should have absolutely no problem handling indoors issues, besides SOCOM is OTS and has plenty of indoors fighting.
  24. Slick. I wonder if Santa will put any of this stuff under my tree this year.
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