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  1. The more I think about this issue, the more I think that MS should just bite the bullet and start offering Blueray drives with all of their new 360s. The LEAST that MS should have offered is a standard HD drive for both gaming and movies.

    The way it looks right now, the 360 is severely handicapped by the inferior medium MS has chosen. What a shame, because as far as processing power goes, it appears that the 360 CAN go head to head with the PS3. What a shame.

  2. still plan on buying Halo 3 (when I get around to it).

    Make me a fair offer on it and you can have mine.. (will trade for gun parts) :thumbsup:

    Sorry, but I am not sure I have anything in that price range. Maybe a selector with a travel adjustment on it? :lol:

    In all seriousness though I still have not even picked up a 360. I really have spent VERY little time gaming in the last year or so, as a result my plans in regard to buying a 360 are not only on the back burner, but the burner is in the off position. If I start gaming more, then I will jump on one.

  3. I wonder if the next MS console will be backward compatible if it is running with a blueray player. No backward compatibility would be a huge downer for me.

  4. Although I cannot say that I am the biggest Halo fan, I still enjoy the series quite a bit. I found Halo & Halo 2 both interesting and still plan on buying Halo 3 (when I get around to it). I also plan on picking up Halo Wars too, but who knows when I will get around to a 360.

    Anyway, this title looks like a winner, but that is no surprise to me as I found the series improving and not going down hill as some other titles have.

  5. Interesting, but I highly doubt PC gaming will ever die out completely.

    The last PC games I bought were GR Gold Edition and RVS. I now game primarily on a console, since I do not game enough to justify investing so much into hardware for the latest games. Now I know if I had to buy a new TV to support the higher def games of today this could easily "balance" the cost factor, but I am already set on the TV, so for me it is only the cost of the console. I just do not game enough to justify the expense of PC gaming, but for the hardcore PC gamer, I just do not see them switching over. I think the people that drop PC gaming will be people more like myself, as I do not have THAT much commitment to gaming to begin with.

  6. Bizarre Creations was asked why the last PGR didn't allow for day and night versions of the maps. They stated DVD9 did not have room for the textures. Rockstar also stated they had to trim GTAIV in order to fit the game on DVD9. It isn't as simple as changing discs because now the publisher has to be willing to spring for the money for the 2nd or 3rd disc and the more expensive multi-disc case. The parent console maker has to be willing to allow the extra disk. For consoles with no HDD, you will now have to repeat certain items on the second disc such as textures and audio since the resident memory only has so much room.We are alreay seeing the situations where games aren't trimming 4 Gigs but rather a few hundred Megs up to a Gig or so. And by that I mean multiplatform games because obviously 30GB PS3 games aren't trimming anything.

    Mark Rein stated that UT3 on the 360 may have to be cut down due to DVD9 size limitations. The only thing stopping the situation from being more apparent is multiplatform development and the attempts by studios to make all versions equal. Apparently Epic isn't a company that needs to do the same-same dance.

    LA Noire is a PS3 exclusive. The Dev Team spoke about the size alone being prohibitive to the 360. As the size and complexity of titles increase you will see more and more of this sort of thing. The second PS3 exclusive from Rockstar which some believe to be GTA5 is specifically utilizing Bluray because of Rockstar's desire to build a massive world. Some games on the PS3 in development have moved well beyond the 30GB mark. And they use uncompressed audio. Uncharted alone used 23GB. Mass Effect was less than 7 GB. How big would the game have been had you actually been able to visit more than a few worlds, had the worlds you could visit not all looked like butt ugly low res Nevada landscapes, and had the dialogue system actually work as originally claimed.

    The next consoles will be out too soon to use strictly digital downloads. Technology will be too immature for that. Then there is the entire issue about people wanting to physically own certain items. The next consoles will have to possess some degree of backwards compatibility and they will need to play the next gen movies on a physical medium. MS may hedge their bets on video downloads but right now the LIVE HD versions are not even close to true HD. MS will have to either license Bluray or give up that feature and part of the claim. They are in a hard place and they know it. But Peter Moore stated if Bluray won MS would support it.

    For those that want to buy movies you will need a physical medium for quite a few more years. Otherwise you can forget about items like the 5 disc Bladerunner set on download. Not feasible to get that in the next 5-7 years.

    That really gives me some info to think about. I am glad now that I did not go out an buy that HD DVD player, as this is the first I have heard that MS would possibly support Blueray (I know, I do not keep up with this stuff too much). I think I will take a sit back and wait even longer stance and see what happens. I am not pressed in regard to buying the next gen console, so it won't hurt me to wait a bit longer.

  7. I thought I saw an article a couple years ago that stated the PS3's blueray was only for movies, and that the games would still be on regular DVDs. I am concerned about this because if blueray takes over as a format, then could it not be possible that this transition could affect the gaming industry too? Would that not make 360s obsolete?

    I know that there are many of you on this forum that know much more about gaming than I do, so I am just wondering what your thoughts are, or if you already have information on this subject that you could shed some more light on.

  8. I heard that the "new" 65nm processor was starting to trickle onto the market, but that there is still a large number of old 90nm processors still in many 360s on the shelves. That was a few months ago so I am wondering if there is any new news on the subject.

    I know, I am pretty far behind on the gaming scene, but I don't game much so I am still working on finishing SCDA on the elite mode (just bought it a month ago), and when I finish it, I was considering trying out the new 360. Are all 360s now equiped with the new processor, or are there still a few remaining with the old processor still in it?

  9. lmao! Although I suspect this guy founded the anti-gun group as a front. I bet the city just gave this "ex-gang" member all that money blindly without first checking on it.

    Not necessarily, there was an extremely antigun D.C. ward council member in the early 80's or late 70's (I cannot recall the exact date, hey it was a long time ago) that shot an intruder that broke into his home. Now for those who follow these things, the gun ban had already been in place, so this guy was a hypocrite and a lawbreaker to say the least.

    Stuff like this does not surprise me. Heck, Foley was a champion of protecting children from pedophiles, NOW championed Bill Clinton as a hero for their cause when he was elected into the White House, gay ministers that preach against homosexuality every sunday, Hollywood stars driving hybrids while heating and cooling 30,000-50,000 square foot mansions and pushing the public to be more "responsible" :blink: , etc...

  10. A lot of nicknacks (socks, shirts, phone, etc...), but the one that I am enjoying the most is the one I bought.

    2X-12X IOR scope. Very compact, it only measure 11". I was looking at a Schmidt Bender until I found that it measured over 14" and it only goes out to 10X. :wacko: No thanks.


    Here is a pic of the ret.


    I have not mounted it yet since my rifle is not ready as of this moment.

    I also got an A.R.M.S. quick detach mount for my 1.5X-8X scope.


  11. Oh, hehehe. Remember that Thor tool that was there?

    Are you talking about me? Be careful, because I'm a Navy SEAL. :rolleyes:

    He was pretty pathetic, and to make matters worse, it was not some 14 year old kid. Didn't he turn out to be some guy on a SWAT team or something? I really did not understand that one, what is so embarrassing about being on a SWAT team that would cause someone to try to pose as a SEAL? People these days.

  12. This looks really incredible, but I don't have any plans on buying a PS3. Heck, I have not even picked up a 360 yet and I hear that the new processor has made it into the system. I just picked up Splinter Cell DA a few weeks ago and after starting the campaign I did not run it again for a couple weeks, so I still have to finish that.

    I barely game enough to justify one system, much less two. Not to mention my POOR past experience with MANY Sony products that have really soured me on the company.

    Any chance that this could make it onto the 360?

  13. Here is part of an article that Hatchetforce posted in another thread a while back.

    Link to thread

    Subject: A GI's interesting observations of some US SpecOps units his >>cavalry outfit worked with while in Iraq - NOT flattering to all!

    Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 17:32:44 -0500

    It took lots of work, lots of Civic Action and perfect behavior to overcome

    what the frogs had done. Delta was something else, he said. They wore

    civilian clothes, some of them beards, some clean-shaven. They were slightly

    aloof, but not out of any personal need to be superior, just because they could n't

    talk in detail about what they were up to. They impressed the hell out of

    the Cav scouts, and afterwards complimented them for keeping just enough

    distance from them when they were operating, saying that too often conventional

    troops tried to stay too close.

    This is just a small portion, so you can click on the link to read the whole thing. Now either HF is a liar that posted a bad article from a bad magazine (Soldier of Fortune magazine, which I do believe is a very good publication, and I do read this magazine very regularly), or the original article that DS posted is simply poorly written. I tend to lean in the direction that DS's article was poorly written. I do believe that HF has also stated himself (in another thread) that US SOF guy ARE often in local attire, and often do sport the beards and whatever other "signature" styles that the locals don. Each person here has to decide what they think is correct, but I personally find this original article by DS suspect.

    In regard to Parabellum and DS

    Parabellum did jump into this thread on somewhat of a strong note, but as he stated, there was no point in this thread where he resorted to personal attacks, so it baffles me that DS would respond in this sort of manner, and I quote

    Good grief.......I said 'we' not the US, f/wit

    Sorry DS, but your parlance in this thread has not been particularly kind, and especially considering that it is not even an article that was written by you, such offense should not be taken. I know that your intentions/motives are being questioned so you probably have some strong feelings about how you are being viewed, but this sort of name calling will only bring a thread down.

  14. I have a hard time understanding the need for scopes on every weapon at any time. Who really needs a scope on a pistol? They are for close range engagements and if you need a scope to hit a target at close range, you really need to have your eyes checked.

    Generally I agree, but the S&W .460 with the hunting barrel can take a deer down easily at over 300 yards. Also, I have shot Winchester's coppercoated slugs and they can group less than 3" at 200 yards. There are a good number of slugs nowdays that can take down deer at well over 200 yards.

  15. I have been gone for a long time, but thought I would drop in.

    Nice pictures. I would love to try shooting a SCAR. The one gun that I have not had a chance to put any rounds through. Looks like you had a good time. Keep the pics rolling. :thumbsup:

  16. If you are speaking in general terms why would you respond to posts that are specific to the BFS project.

    Because this thread is for speaking of our ideal game in general.

    And there's plenty of overall game design theory that can be said in general but still apply to BFS's game. :huh:

    Yes, then speak IN GENERAL about what you would like in a game you would design, but when you address posts where BFS is specifically being addressed, and you do not even specify that you are speaking in general terms, then how does that look? Not to mention the fact that you are quoting from the same posts by the same people that are trying to address the exact game.

    Don't quote posts that are addressing a specific title if you are speaking in general terms, and if that does not make sense to you, don't be so surprised when people ignore you.

  17. To me, just the fact that someone would even have NV in their house suggests mild paranoia, that or a serious problem with society if it's normal to expect to need them.

    Ever think that some people like to collect things or maybe they even have them for other purposes?

    Looks like you are taking a judge first before you ask questions stance here.

    I know someone that does research for a university, and he studies noctural creatures, and he has tons of NV gear, I guess that makes him an absolute lunatic.

    Dickie, shooting with a suppressor does not give your position away, so AGAIN you have made an assumption and you are incorrect. Go ahead, call out to your intruder, I won't judge you for doing what you feel is right, but you are clearly judging others that have family to protect for taking a different approach.

    What ever happened to each their own?

    Don't be so self righteous and judge others, we are all adults here, let people make their own choices. Nobody is calling you irresponsible and careless with the lives of your family by potentially letting an assailent kill them, so why can't you just let others take care of their own business?

    I don't have a problem with you saying why you personally would call out first, or if you personally have a problem with owning a gun. Last I checked where I live you are free to live your life the way you want, so I don't care how someone decides to protect their home, as long as it does not affect my home.

    Dickie, you may have a lot of people coming and going in your home, but don't assume that ti is the same for everyone.

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