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  1. I had no idea why you mentioned Deadpreacher here, so I read the thread where the discussion turned hostile. For starters lets define what is being discussed here. This is one of the articles. Why the heck would Sony plug something that is already there as a most requested feature? Look at the date of the article. Honest questions do not refute what a person is saying. Honest questions also do not come across in an argumentative manner. Sup you say that Hatchet has hated you for years, well, I think your opinion on the thread in discussion is a bit biased. People have had disagreements with Hatchet before (including me), but that does not always land someone on an ignore list. If you go into a thread that someone else started, then you better be able to back up what you are saying with proof, or at least understand what the person is talking about.
  2. I hope MS has another price cut in the works soon. The last $50 cut was a bit too small in my opinion. Maybe we will see a cooler, and more reliable 360 for around $250?
  3. That was an interesting article. MS cannot be too happy about that one.
  4. Sup, you have already been told by someone that you may be put on ignore. I simply gave you advice, I told you that I was NOT trying to make an arguement, but I see that either you took my post the wrong way, and took offense, or you did not read it carefully. hm? I'm not offended at you at all, and i apologized to err on the side of politeness. As for HF, yeah, he put Deadpreacher on ignore for asking some honest, interested questions in his thread about XMB -- it seems like a bit of a hair trigger. Plus, he hasn't liked me for years. Okay, it just seemed like you had taken offense to something I initially posted. Well, if you are not offended in any way, then, no problem. If you mean that currently the race is close, then I would absolutely agree, but I still see the cards being stacked against the 360 in the future. With Toshiba dropping the HD DVD format, an entire market of people that want a game system WITH a HD player will opt for the PS3. This is apart from the whole issue of whether the a game system needs a the extra memory of the BR drive (I am not talking about that issue here). The other significant note in the stats was that there are still so many PS2s being sold. Down the road and maybe sooner than we think, if Sony has another price drop how will that tip the scales? No, I do not see the 360 going to the graveyard, and of course MS can also drop their price again too. There is the next gen processor that will be 45nm (I think that is the correct number), so if MS can keep cutting cost, improve reliability with the cooler units, and pass the savings on to the customer, then certainly they could be the "bargain" that continues to undermine Sony on price. Regardless of all the what ifs, and maybes, I still see the road ahead as being a challenge for MS. The other strike MS has against it is the FACT that the previous Xbox CLEARLY was a better performing system, but in Japan, this did not matter and sales were still slow when compared to the PS2. This is unfair, as the US market is much more open to foreign products, while the Japanese market is clogged with anti American sentiment. Now that the PS3 has advantages, such as being able to play BR movies, and I do not want to debate whether these are just perceived advantages, because remember that in Japan, even the inferior PS2 was still considered "better". Anything they can say to justify the warcry of Sony over MS will just add fuel to the fire, and even if the "advantage" is one that is just perceived, in the eyes of the Japanese it is justification. The Japanese market is a very large one, and MS is the loser here regardless of what they make. The 360 could have had a BR drive from the start, the 45nm processor, a ZERO failure rate, and a $200 price tag, but in Japan this still would not be enough for many there to consider an American product. For a Japanese product, their homeland almost guarantees them success when compared to an American product, so based on this alone, MS will always give up some ground to Sony. This stinks, but it is an unfortunate reality. Now of course sales in Japan are not the "end all" to console sales, but it is a factor/hurdle that MS does have to overcome. In the end time will only tell, because as of now the sales are close to equal, but it would not surprise me to see the PS3 move ahead in the future.
  5. For some reason I could not play the second video earlier. That is really something else, and the potential applications are endless. Heck, I even thought the fish vs tank was neat stuff.
  6. You are a more than competent writer? Well, good, but you could afford to read my posts a bit more carefully. Sup, you have already been told by someone that you may be put on ignore. I simply gave you advice, I told you that I was NOT trying to make an arguement, but I see that either you took my post the wrong way, and took offense, or you did not read it carefully. I am really not that concerned with what views you have, I simply stated a fact in regard to how one can come across on the internet. Again, you either did not read my last post, or you were offended by it. Regardless, it was not an attack on my part, and I simply posted what I did without intending to start an arguement. No offense taken on my part, and believe me, I am far from being worked up about this. Gun laws, my personal freedom, geopolitics, etc... These are the things that can get me a bit worked up. Oh, and Sony, I hate them with a passion, I have a long history of bad experiences with them, and none of it is related to gaming.
  7. I know that downloads would be an absolute negative for me. When I think of games like GR, sure it is easy to run through the campaign again if you lost your saves on a drive, but a game like OFP? GR may only take 4-5 hours, but OFP on the Xbox on Mercenary mode takes days. I would be royaly ticked if I not only lost saves to difficult games like OFP, but to have lost downloads? I for one am definitely not on board with MS regarding the future of downloads. With MS heading the direction that it is, I think I may sit and wait a little longer before I even consider picking up a 360. I still have my old Xbox for now, and if worse comes to worse, I can go back to the PC for gaming. Anyway, I have to agree that buying AND selling does seem to be the wave of the near future. The stacks of used 360 games at the local EBGames certainly is a testament to this. I know that I have personally sold about a third of all the games that I have bought. Some games I sold on account of what I would consider poor gameplay, but some others like the first SC and Pandora Tomorrow that I loved, but did not feel that they had much replay value. I bought my Xbox four years ago, and it has run flawlessly. I have to say that the positive experience that I had with the Xbox is great, but looking at the future of the 360 is not looking too promising. MS really seemed to make a lot of progress with the first Xbox, it is not an easy task taking on a company like Sony, but despite the difficulties, it seemed like the first Xbox did have a very good reputation in the market. I still consider the first Xbox to be a huge success. Even considering how hostile the Japanese market is toward American products, the Xbox still managed to garner some respect among the tough crowd. With the PS3 offering more to the consumer, this closed and hostile market will only shut its doors even tighter, and any ground that MS had a stronger foothold on in other countries now seems to be ripe for Sony to take.
  8. That would be a shortsighted mistake. The consoles are still pretty even in the race, and the difference in power and capabilities of the consoles is much less dramatic than the one between the xbox1 and ps2 -- and look who came out on top there. Both consoles have a stable market share, a lot of good features, and strong developer support. Neither is dead, or showing any signs of dying. Epic still has a very good relationship with microsoft (see: gears of war 2) and more than likely this is just an example of microsoft's cumbersome XBL development pipeline limiting things a bit. Definitely a mistake on their part, but there's just as much bad press aimed at sony lately. If everyone would take off their fanboy hats for a minute or two, and actually look objectively for news, instead of just reading anti 360 or anti ps3 articles and ignoring the others, you'd see that neither is anywhere near perfect. The PS3's magical bluray drive, for aexample, has already really hurt one game.. The slow disc speeds make it impossible to stream Devil May Cry 4, so the game (despite fitting and running comfortably on an xbox360 dvd) has to take twenty minutes to install on the ps3. This is probably something we'll see again, at least from capcom, who's a pretty big force in america, europe, and japan. Who is a fanboy here? I own an Xbox, and am on a Sony boycott. Hatchet is a Halo fan and was an ardent supporter of the 360 when it first came out, and somewhat of a naysayer of the PS3. Anyway, what you call shortsighted and fanboyism, I see as legitimate concerns. I think it is VERY significant that the PS3 is outselling the 360, and just a few months after a hallmark title like Halo 3 was released. Regardless, I do not care to go back and forth here with you ,as you seem determined to go into every thread on this forum that addresses this issue and call people fanboys, and shortsighted. Throwing around terms like that does not help your cause, and can only earn you enemies. I am not saying that I took offense to what you just said here (I have thicker skin than that), but I can see how someone could easily take one of your posts the wrong way. Better to check your emotions at the door, or really think about how you are coming across before you click that "Add Reply" button. Remember that on the internet words are the only things that come across the page, there are no facial expressions, intonations, and frankly, not knowing most people here on a personal level are what make all the difference. Not an arguement, just a word of advice.
  9. Just reading those words actually hurt. You wrote some harsh things about the 360, but I also think that you were one of the first ones to buy a 360 on this forum. You have mentioned several times that you are a huge Halo fan, enjoyed each title, and even read some novels (I did not even know there were Halo novels). Anyway, I take your opinions on the 360 very seriously as you really seemed to enjoy a lot of MS products, and expressed a lot of support for the 360 early on. You were even one of the naysayers that downed the PS3, so seeing this type of turnaround in your opinion, reading your links, and watching that podcast were quite an eyeopener to me. I just do not see how MS can continue down this path and hope to even remain in business, much less be competitive. What do you think the market share for the 360 will be in the coming years? I just cannot see MS being competitive with the current product. If they do simply stay on track with the 360 as it is, the only thing I could see helping to sell the system is competing with the Wii for price. Maybe a $250 price tag could save them?
  10. Wow, another nail in the coffin. This thing is going to be sealed so tight that you will not be able to exhume the rotting 360 corpse. If I were not on a Sony boycott, I would have already spit on the 360s grave, and bought myself a PS3.
  11. This is where MS could offer a trade in program for current 360 owners, and offer a new system for a small fee, say $100? I know what you are saying in regard to MS losing so much money on the consoles, but I still say that they should go for it now. I only say this because MS earns many times more than Sony does as a company, so if they really want this bad enough, then they will have to pay now or pay for it later by having a smaller fanbase when the next wave of consoles hits the market. I just think this is important, because you might be an informed gamer, gather all the news, and think things through objectively, but when the large portion of gamers tend to be somewhat young, biases and brand loyalty tends to blind people. The next console battle will have MS coming into the ring as the underdog in sales, product quality, product performance, game titles, etc... I just see this as being too much to overcome. Nintendo was 3rd place last time around, but they also had very unique exclusive titles that focused on a very specific audience. The 360 does not have that. It is nothing more than a lowend PS3, and with games costing just as much as PS3 games, and the PS3 now reduced in price, what advantage does the 360 offer? There is nothing unique about the 360 or its games, so unlike the Nintendo Game Cube, the 360 has nothing to really set itself apart from the competition. I really think that other than rabid MS fans, there really won't be a client base for the 360. I would venture to say that the 360 is already sunk, and unless MS does something very bold, the 360 will end up becoming the three-legged dog in this race.
  12. The problem is an addon Bluray player for the 360 player won't come in cheap. Likely over $299. An internal mount 360 BR drive would put the price of the 360 easily beyond the PS3. I know that would be the case, but I just believe that MS is in a desperate enough situation where they SHOULD put in a BR drive as standard and BITE the bullet. When I think gamer, the majority of people that come to mind are either kids, students, or young adults. I FIRMLY believe that many people will want to have a BR drive with their gaming platform, so what choice do they have? Now that BR is the standard format, all of the people that want the simplicity of one system handling all their needs will turn to the PS3. MS has to take this one in the shorts, add a BR drive, keep the price the same, BITE the bullet, and keep the slim advantage that they currently have. Not to mention the podcast that you posted a link to that covered the issues of devs that will put out PS3 exclusives that cannot be handled by the 360s limited format. I say MS HAS to take the loss now so that they do not end up even worse off down the road.
  13. I really think that MS should start offering a BR player as the standard format in their 360s. People looking for a cheap BR player would certianly gobble up a $350 Xbox 360s at a voracious rate. MS might take a serious hit in the short run, but I really believe that in the long run a move like this would be smart. MS is a very big company, and if they don't make some kind of bold move here the PS3 will simply pass it up. Now before the naysayers start chiming in, I am not saying that the 360 will disappear, I am just saying that the PS3 will capture a larger portion of the console sales.
  14. The porn industry initially chose HD DVD. The problem is the internet destroyed the power the porn industry had in the days of video tape. Now it is about the power of the game machine and it's trojan (pun intended) horse. This is too funny. LOL, Ledanek jumps in with statistics in porn. Classic! Initially I thought that this post was a joke, that is until I saw that Hatchet responded to it. I read somewhere in Gr.net that Ledanek was the porn king on this site. The king is certianly alive and well!
  15. I didn't explain that part very well, sry. I'm sure you're right about the measurement. What I meant was that to the layman it would seem that the .38 and .357 have different caliber barrel/bullets when in fact they are identical. Respectfully krise madsen Okay, that was what I thought you meant, but I was just not sure as you did not really state that.
  16. @Hatchet I did not quite catch the whole of what you meant about the Wii. I guess that part kind of went right past me. I understand what you meant now. @Rocky That really does sound like fun, but I have just not been able to "get into" the sports genre. Maybe it is because I still play competitive sports on leagues, but time and time again, when I buy a sports title, I just cannot seem to take to it. I just like the shooters and strategy games, and I also do not game much, so what little time I invest into it does not allow me to simply try everything on the market. I am not really much of a gamer, it is just something I do on rainy days. However, I certianly will keep in mind what you have posted. Perhaps someday my taste in games will change.
  17. I cannot stand Wikpedia, they post so much garbage on that site. I would ask at a gunshop on a slow day and actually look at the rounds. The only thing I would have to question Krise on is that I have always known the .38 special to actually have a .38 measurement (not the bullet, but the casing), and that it is not just a random number they came up with. Maybe I am wrong, but this is what I have always understood it to be.
  18. Actually, isn't this old news? I have always known that PS2s were not worth the plastic they were encased in.
  19. I have to disagree with the Wii assessment here. I do not think that the Wii is even trying to compete in the same realm as the PS3 or 360. I also do not think the controller is all hype either. Dporter mentioned bowling with the Wii controller. Now I have not tried a Wii, but THAT sounds like something I would love if sports games were of interest to me. Not to mention, baseball, tennis, QB in a football game, etc... The possibilities are simply endless. Now regarding the 360 vs the PS3, I listened to the podcast, and although the future is never 100% certain, I think MS does look like they may be in for some rough sailing. Especially in light of the fact that Toshiba is dropping its HD DVD line, I would say that things are not looking good for MS. Now of course MS will always have a fanbase, but I have doubts that 360 will keep up with the PS3 for the long haul.
  20. I cannot buy a PS3, and this has nothing to do with gaming. Sony has just hosed me too many times with products unrelated to gaming, that I decided ten years ago to never buy another Sony product. This only leaves me the Wii and the 360 as options for consoles. The problem with the Wii is that it is not much of a "step up" from my current old Xbox. Now if There was a Wii+ model that was on par with a PS3, I would have bought it a long time ago. The final choice is the 360, and I have waited until now because I wanted to see what would happen with the first year bugs. Now after waiting longer on account of all of the "red rings of death" issues, it now appears that disc capacity and continuing failures will keep me on the sidelines. The only real option seems to be to go back to the PC. I liked GR/GRIT/DS better on the PC, RVS was better than RB6... I am looking at a pattern here. Now before people start jumping on me, and label me a PC fanboy bashing on a console, I will say that I have enjoyed my time on the console. I love the Halo series, OFP on the console, The entire Splinter Cell series, Sniper Elite, and some notable others. However, with the future of the 360 not looking too bright, and considering it is my only option (for those with short memories, look above), the next time I buy a new PC, I may have to consider going back to the "old platform", if things with the 360 do not progress by then. Until then, I guess I will just soldier on with the old Xbox, and take a wait and see stance.
  21. Wow, all of this sounds really bad. Well, I refuse to buy another Sony product, and it sounds as though I should not buy a 360, so maybe I should go back to gaming on a PC. I will probably buy another PC in a couple years, and if MS has not sorted all this out, and installed an HD DVD drive, or Blueray drive as standard equipment, then I may just buy a better PC and go back to gaming on one. The whole point of gaming on a console is simplicity. Jeez.
  22. This title alone is almost pushing me to buy a PS3. Very impressive.
  23. FA sear


    Thanks for the thorough response. I do understand that there is no simple yes or no answer, and I certainly was not expecting one. I do remember you having a good chuckle at the expense of Sony when the PS3 first came out, and I also remember you taking a "I will wait and see" stance in regard to purchasing one. I guess a lot of people are now eating that "humble pie", and after listening to that broadcast you posted a link to, it seems as though Sony may have to keep their kitchen pretty busy, as they will probably be making quite a few servings for all those who may have to partake. I'm sure Sony will not mind sparing a few man hours to "bake up" a few extra servings. I still cannot buy a PS3 as Sony has hosed me just too many times (completely unrelated to gaming), and at this point it is simply a principle for me, but I really don't have to go OT and get into all that here. @MODS I am quoting this entire post as I think is worthwhile having it on the first page people usually click on (the last one).
  24. FA sear


    Hmm, some of that was actually a bit painful to listen to. If everything in that broadcast does come true, then MS truly has a world of hurt that is around the corner waiting for them. Hatchet, I read your subsequent posts and I am getting the impression that it is not only the software medium that is the issue here. Is the PS3 also superior in terms of processing power? Is the current scenario such that, even if MS had started out with a blueray drive in the 360, the PS3 would still beat it out with superior processing power?
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