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  1. Regardless of what the spyware is for, I don't think I would want it on my PC. If a console version comes out on the 360 and it is just the same, then I think I will wait for this one. BF2 made it to console, so maybe this one will too.

    getting ready to hose Rocky and some playboy magazine ad unrolls from the top of the building he's on.

    Rocky is counting on that happening. That way while you are distracted, he can drill you between the eyes. :P

  2. I post something that shows a CLEAR contradiction in one of your videos you do not acknowledge what I say

    One of MY videos? No .. its "a" video ... let me get something clear, I post videos that I feel "hmmm, this is interesting to post I wonder what others will make of it, comes across well so I will post, its relevant" .. I dont post a video like its one of my secret weapons to prove you all wrong or anything like that. Also its a link within a thread with many links me and you are not the only people who come here so its something someone may miss if not linked, just like linking to anything on the web. I also post so your/others comments are shown on it too and I read them, I dont comment directly sometimes simply becuase the thread can get stuck on one point and its clear to see by others themselves if thats the case or not ... does that explain things better?

    Nobody said you made the video, so spare me the semantics. :rolleyes:

    Calius, you have beaten the building 7 point to death, and yes there are legitimate questions in regard to that, and you keep pressing for answers in regard to that specific point. In the same way I have given examples of evidence in the videos that show blatantly contradictory information, so why do you feel that no answer is required. You make expectations and yet you simply pass over legitimate problems in regard to the video links you provide. Clearly this thread is a one way street, and it conveniently moves in your direction.

    You see if we can get past the stupidity of buildings one and two, then maybe we can address some of the more pressing issues with building 7, but apparantly that is not possible here, as you simply go silent when contradictory evidence is presented.

    I have a theory on building 7 that differs from everthing else, but we OBVIOUSLY cannot get to it as we are still stuck on all of the other nonsense. Have fun people, but I'm done with this thread and the nonsense that is going on in it.

  3. You know Prozac, the example you just pointed out is the problem. People just can't seem to accept that maybe their son is not so great outside the home and around the family. Not that your family is not objective, but the fact that "bad boys" are not always like that at home.

    For you cousin's sake, I hope that he does straighten out.

  4. got a message from the renegade.... He has been busy at work. What kind of excuse is that? :rolleyes:


    Tell him I tried to rally a rescue squad and they all wimped out!!

    Eh, once we found out that he was not captured, but instead simply abandoned us, we didn't care anymore. Who needs someone that goes awol right? :P

  5. Calius, I hear what you are saying, but the reason I posted what I did was because often when I post something that shows a CLEAR contradiction in one of your videos you do not acknowledge what I say. Now I do understand that you in this thread are somewhat like Athanatius contra mundum, but it would help if you would acknowledge some of the MANY flaws in the videos.

    For example this point I made in the last post:

    Right off video 1 runs into some problems as they claim the fires were small and cool. Their own video they provide shows CLEAR evidence that this was not the case. If indeed the fire was almost out and smoldering as they claim, then why does a HUGE ball of fire billow out as the building starts collapsing?

    Watch the video, and at 18 min and 50 sec you can see the massive ball of flame that billows out from the 78-82 floor area as the building starts collapsing. A small cool fire? I think not.

    I know that there are some legitimate questions about building 7, but just so I get this straight, do you at least acknowledge that much of the "evidence" that is given in the WTC building 1&2 videos are false? Much of it IS very poor journalism, so do you admit this? Do you admit that most of the evidence on building 1&2 are shoddy at best?

    Again, building 7 does give some food for thought, but I have a theory on this one too, and it does not mean that buildings 1&2 were taken down with demos.

  6. Interesting that this thread brought up religion....

    It seems the fight last Monday was because of religion. The boy who was beaten up (by someone with a chain wrapped around his hand) now needs reconstructive surgery on his face all because of the religion he believes in!

    More wars and fights have been over religion than for any other reason. :wall:

    I have to disagree with that WK. Most of the notorious killers this century were aetheists. Look at Stalin and the 15+million Jews that were killed. Not to mention the millions of Christians that were also killed by aetheist communists. Hitler was also an aetheist, and I know that people say he was a "christian" but this is far from being the case. Hilter had millions of christians gased along with the Jews as they would not "submit" to the tyrany of his regime. Look at the many Lutheran ministers that were killed when they would not ring the church bells when the Nazi regime rose to power. Many of the church bells were rung by German soldiers, and not those in the church.

    Just these two that I have mentioned killed well over 20 million people and that FAR exceeds all wars over religion in this century, and I have not even included the millions killed by many other aetheist regimes over the years.

  7. Yeah, pretty much what WK said. The much shorter casings are quicker to eject than the long rifle casings, but also the MP5K has a 4" barrel and the M4 has a 14.5" barrel. An 11.5" commando or a 7.5" Kitty would have been a better comparison. A 9mm conversion would have been an even better comparison.

  8. I used to exterminate rats and crows from farm properties with breakbarrel rifles and crossbows when I was a kid. The farmers used to not mind bow and air rifle hunters on their property (as long as you asked for permission first). It was a free service that many of us used to provide.

    Anyways, (back on topic) one time we found a litter of newborn rats, and just before my friend shot the last one, one of the guys decided to keep one and try raising it. It only lived a few years, but it grew pretty big. It seemed pretty docile and it never bit anyone. If you held it in your hand it would just sit there and sniff around and in the air. It was kind of a brown/grey color, and the funny thing was that his sister had a cat and they got along quite well. He even fed it the same food the cat ate, but it would just about eat ANYTHING you put in front of it.

    Sometimes he would let it loose and it would run around with the cat. Pretty funny stuff, but he was alwys worried that it would crawl somewhere and disappear, so he always kept a close eye on it. Anyway, if you keep it good luck.

  9. :lolup:

    You guys are a riot.

    On a serious note, where is the Ronin? Does anyone actually know?

    :no: No, which is unusual as he has always checked in with me on a regular basis for years now. I have been unable to track him down. :(

    WHAT?! ZJJ is unable to track someone down? Wow, now I'm seriously concerned about the Ronin's well being. :(

  10. Interesting that this thread brought up religion....

    It seems the fight last Monday was because of religion. The boy who was beaten up (by someone with a chain wrapped around his hand) now needs reconstructive surgery on his face all because of the religion he believes in!

    It is always something. Unfortunately, even if we were all the same color, and had the same culture, we would find something else to divide us.

    Like "Ahnold" in Terminator 2 said it is in our nature to destroy ourselves. <_<

  11. .....We could also make a "Free Ronin" Mod for GR1....Whahooo! :rofl:



    :lol: If it is better than Frostbite, I'll be the first to download.

    On a serious note, where is the Ronin? Does anyone actually know?

  12. Slightly OT, but another very, very sad shooting was that of Kyle Dinkheller, a Georgia deputy. Fired .... I want to say 38 rounds from his .40 cal Glock and hit the perp once, center mass. Dinkheller was shot eleven times w/ an M-1 carbine, the last one an execution-style round to the head. The sad part is, Dinkheller stood and did .... NOTHING while the guy retrieved, unpacked, and loaded his rifle. Something like 30 seconds. During which time the deputy could have, and should have, charged the man and shot him dead. :(

    I tell you, there is far too much focus on police shootings, and a lack of focus on criminals opening fire on the boys on blue. A real shame.

    More of these stories of police being shot and killed should be publicized. A cop shoots a criminal and it makes headline news, the questions immediately fly out, "was it justified?", "was it REALLY necessary"?". Give me a break, how many cops go down and people quickly forget, or it does not even make the airwaves, but when a cop shoots someone immediately there is skepticism. Not to mention, the parents and family immediately get air time and they say their usual GARBAGE of "he was a good boy", etc... WHAT A JOKE! Yeah, good boys stealing cars, taking drugs, raping girls, robbing homes and banks, running from the police, etc... Yeah, they are all good boys.

  13. That is a good post WK, so true. :thumbsup:


    I hear you ther Rabbi, if you lost a fight that pretty much "settled it", but today it seems like there is no such a thing as a "clean fight". Look at the Miami and FL game. That was not a fight, it was an outright riot. There was one guy who grabbed the leg of another who was on the ground and was attempting to stomp on his gonads with his cleats, people swinging with their helmets, etc... What ever happened to a "clean fight".

    I'm not justifying fighting in any way, but back in my day, when you fought, you did not grab any weapons, poke eyes, hit low, etc...

    It is not just fighting, EVERYTHING in society seems to have degraded to a very low level.

  14. I'll only address Mark Coates. He was exposed because it was a traffic stop. The shooter was outside his vehicle, standing a few feet from Trooper Coates, when he whipped out a Derringer .22 and fired several rounds. One struck Coates's vest the other struck his arm. The saddest part about Coates's shooting, is that he shot the subject five times at point-blank range with a .357 magnum. The man was so heavy, that every round was stopped before it could hit a vital organ.

    Wow, that is a very unfortunate situation. I have to agree that in the particular situation you describe considering that he was wearing body armor, a squared stance would be best.

    Now FIVE shots from a .357 magnum? How heavy was this guy 450lbs? That really is a tough one to believe. He must have been at least 400lbs. What an unusual situation, I'm only sorry that Mark Coates was not carrying a .454.

    Heck, maybe our boys in Iraq don't need body armour, maybe they just need to eat more. <_<

  15. Couple of things:

    1 -- in combat: Your vest has plates in the front and back for a reason. If I'm gonna get hit, I want that plate hit.

    2 -- your arm isn't going to help you if you get shot. Look up the shooting of Mark Coates for an example. He was hit in the arm with a 22-caliber handgun. The round ricocheted off of his arm and penetrated his chest, hitting his heart. He was dead in 60 seconds.

    3 -- Shooting around corners? Pie the corner. Regardless, you want as little exposed as possible. If we're talking home defense, the walls are probably made of drywall, and not going to do much to protect you anyway.

    All in all, a "squared" or isoscoles stance is the most natural stance. It takes advantage of your natural point of aim better than a slanted stance.

    #1 Not everyone that shoots is in combat with a vest.

    #2 Your arm does help slow down a round. Mark Coates is if anything unlucky. A .22 round is not very likely to go through your arm if it hits your bone, and the vast majority of crimes are committed with .22, .38, and other similar small caliber rounds. Why was he completely exposed in the first place?

    #3 When you shoot around a corner nearly half of your body is covered with a slanted stance, and particularly for combat, your side that does not have coverage by your vest is not exposed. Brick, stone slates, etc... can all provide coverage that you do not get with a squared stance.

    Also, in terms of combat vests are much more compromised by a direct hit, verses a shot that is deflected at an angle.

    The other thing is that when you are moving out from cover, you can simply change to an open stance. When there is a corner made of brick or anything else substantial, I simply agree with the philosophy that a squared stance is not as ideal.

    Drywall in the home is not a good barrier? Frankly, I don't plan on hiding around a corner behind drywall. I have a few select places I would put myself as I lie in wait, and none of those corners can be penetrated by even a rifle round. Hide around your 500lbs gun safe, around the corner of a fireplace that stands out from the wall, the opposite end of a bookcase (I have yet to see a round that can penetrate an entire 22 volume encyclopedia set), around a plate rack in a home gym, a full fireking file cabinet, etc...

    In the end of course you simply have to shoot in a manner that you feel most comfortable with, so I'm not trying to start an A is better than B arguement. I am just pointing out that there are some intances where a squared stance is not always 100% ideal.

  16. Beeing skilled in both types would not be impossible I think.

    You are correct. However, I did notice that transitioning to a tactical stance took a bit of getting used to. I find that it is easier to shoot with a squared stance, and it takes less skill to master shooting from this position.

    Now of course shooting like Jarrett using any stance is another story.

  17. Yeah, Jarrett is quite the shooter. That is pretty much how I was taught to shoot when running Hogan's alley, but one thing that I noticed was that there was a difference when you shoot in a combat/live fire situation.

    Everything Jarrett says in the video is correct, but I have been told by a number of people in service that your stance should never be squared to your target. The reasons are obvious, as shooting with one side forward creates a smaller profile, and your front arm also helps to block any round that may be shot directly at your torso. Also, how do you shoot around corners with a squared stance? You can, but you will expose too much of your body.

    Of course, I have never been in combat, but I have been told this by a number of very good shooters that are either in service with an agency, or in the military. Also one of the reasons I own guns is for self/home defense, so I prefer to be prepared for that type of situation, rather than just competition shooting.

  18. Argggh! Unfortunately every nation that has risen to power falls to second tier status after a period of time.

    From Egypt, Mongolia, Rome, Spain, France, England, and currently the US. When a nation becomes "fat" and prosperous, they seem to forget what it took their ancestors to acheive "greatness". Unfortunately it is human nature to become complacent, lazy, and "fat", the conditions that make the ground fertile for the fall of a nation.

    Unfortunately, I think China will be in line for first tier status should the time of the US come to an end. >_<

  19. At this rate you'll soon be able to sue people for looking at you , or sue some-one for driving their car and therefore contributing to killing off the environment.

    The weenies that run the WONDERFUL state of California are suing Honda, Nissan, Toyoto, Ford, GM, and Chrysler for polluting their state. Unfortunately that is already happening.

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