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  1. breaking news not yet updated on Internet, but saw it live on CNN.

    will update.....

    This was the first post, so yes 9/11 is off topic. Now before you go jumping all over me, I never said you could not express you opinions, but the reality is that the death of Saddam is taking a back seat to many of the later posts. What about another thread titled Saddam's sentence, is the timing a coincidence?

    I liked the direction that the thread was heading in regard to whether the death penalty was justified in Saddam's case, etc... (a very interesting path the thread was heading in) Now that is moreso on topic. However, I will step aside as the original topic starter is Ledanek, and if he does not have a problem with the direction it is heading then, so be it.

    Terrible man, but I think life in prison would be a more fitting sentence. Just the opinion of a humble pascifist.

    I always find it interesting when someone's brother's cousin's girlfriend's best friend's brother's third ex-wife's uncle's insurance agent's lawyer's partner knows a guy who lived in Iraq and was tortured by Saddam. And suddenly everyone is an expert.

    The fact is that many US servicemen were tortured etc... during captivity in the first Gulf War. I don't know about so and so's mother's son's, brother's cousin, but who cares right? We already know of US servicemen that WERE tortured.

    I agree that there are too many "side stories" that crop up in times like this, but why talk about them when there are many leginitmate cases we already know about right? I'm not attacking you, I'm just saying forget about the tall tale tellers, as we don't really need their stories. We have legitimate incidents that should have our attention.

  2. @Ruin

    Your welcome, and keep us updated on your project there. :)

    My Upper is at VLTOR as I type this, I will report on the VIS when I have it back :) - and I will have an Olympic Arms FIRSH Rail for sale when I get my Upper Back, as well as the stripped A3 upper :)

    jchung, which length Noveske Barrel did you order? Are you going to get the KH3 also? he makes some great stuff up there. I will be purchasing a Noveske Lower for my future project. Are you referring to the Leupold-CQT?

    I would like to hear about the VIS when you get it. Even though I am a real hardcore fan of ARMS SIR systems, I still wouldn't mind trying out something new that is of good quality.

    The barrel from Noveske is a 16.1 in, and I passed on the KX3 as I am considering a quick detach suppressor for this gun. Probably a Reflex or Surefire. This one will be a semiauto only, as the 6.8mm ammo is still to expensive IMO to shoot in full auto.

    The 1X-3X red dot I mentioned is the CQT. I don't own one, but I know someone that has one, and I have to say that it is the nicest red dot that I have ever used. I liked it even better than the Aimpoint I had, and even better than my friend's EoTech. I am seriously considering getting one for my 11.5in Commando.

    I am also working on a 14.5 in M4 with a Knight Carrier Key. With the 10" Remy shotgun on the end, I won't need to go full auto with that one. :)

  3. Surprise, surprise, look who immediately took this thread OT. Just couldn't help yourself could you.

    I believe this is what got everyone started on the timing of the verdict, etc...

    No suprise if you ask me.

    Without naming names I could think of a few to add to this list before this minor bad boy, "scape goat saddam" they should name him LOL. and without using hanging either, keep em around its too easy a get-out clause with death penalty. :zorro::santa:

    Mind you I still want to know what happened to his advisor, I forget his name .. the one informing the media that Iraq was not invaded while troops literaly walked past him (not literaly but not far off) he was a pure comedy act. Hopefully he will get his own show, or at least work with Borat on a new film. :P

  4. Having owned more than one ACOG, I personally would steer a prospective buyer away from these optics. They have LESS than two inches of eye relief, and they do not offer magnification adustments. They also do not offer reticle lighting adjustments, so if you are shooting at night, and a light shines into the optic, the reticle simply washes out.

    I would strongly recommend a Nightforce optic, IOR Valdada, or a Schmit Bender variable scope. All these scopes offer more than three inches of eye relief, and some as much as four. The only downside is that some of the Schmit Benders only have "hunting" reticles, but I believe they are making more of their scopes available with mil dot rets. Nightforce, and IOR pretty much offer a broad range of reticles with their scopes.

    I have sold all my ACOGs at this point and I don't miss them one bit. Don't take this the wrong way, ACOGs are nice optics, but IMO, too many people rate these optic far too high.

    As far as quadrail grips go, I personally would go with the ARMS SIR system. However, Vltor's VIS does seem pretty nice, but I have not actually owned one of these, so I can't really say for certian how good it is, but hey, it is Vltor right? I'm in the middle of a 6.8mm SPC project, and I might use my ARMS for my commando and order a VIS for the current project. I'm not in any rush, so I'll take my time and see in a few weeks.

    The barrel is a Noveske, and it is on back order, so I have time to decide on what kind of upper and grips I will use.

    Anyway, just some recommendations I'm making. Of course there are alot of good choices out there that you can make. Good luck! :)

    Edit: BTW, Leupold makes a 1-3X red dot sight. It is pretty nice, and the red dot is just like that of an Eotech.

  5. @Dai-San & Minerva

    Your recommendations are well put. :thumbsup:

    They didn't have to live through his tyranny.

    Well, we didn't either.

    Are you sure about that?

    What about the servicemen that suffered torture and just poor general treatment while in captivity during the first Gulf War?

    How quickly we forget.

  6. A well deserved sentence and by hanging. Fox news reported that he was wanting the firing squad, but hanging will do him just fine and allow him to feel some of the pain he put others through. The EU should back off of the requests of not enforcing the death penalty if ya ask me. They didn't have to live through his tyranny.

    I couldn't agree more. Not to mention the fact that the UN did nothing to take him out in the first place, so what right do that have to determine his fate at this point. England has some say, but other than them, nobody else has any right to cast any sort of judgement in regard to this matter.

  7. Yes, I got this a year ago, it consumes my free time. It's been a life-long dream of mine. The video really doesn't do the sound justice. It'as almost too loud.

    Nice sound, but too loud? No such thing. Without question, my vette was louder than that, and even my old Stang was louder. Yeah, I once had a "Rustang", but with the blower and all the suspension mods, it was one heck of a fast car, and yes even faster than a stock vette with just an exhaust. ;) Regardless, my vette with only machine work done to the heads, 11:1 compression pistons, exhaust, headers, complete intake, aluminum rods, and 3.73 rears would eat my "Rustang" for lunch. I wanted to do a 383 motor on it, but never got around to stroking it out to the 6.3 liter displacement.

    Any more mods in the works for the future? If you go hog wild on that thing, post some pics. :thumbsup:

  8. I realise that Kerry might not have necessarily meant to insult our military, but considering his past and the fact that initially he refused to even apologise for how it came across, I think this was a well deserved joke from our service personnel overseas. :lol:


  9. I know the rate of fire for the normal 9 x 19 MP-5 is around eight hundred rounds per minute? Anybody know what the rate of fire is for the 9 x 19 MP-5K?

    The standard MP5 runs about 750-850RPM depending on the ammo you use. The K varient will run about 50-75RPM higher.

  10. SO all in all i guess it all comes down to what Sony does and the next move Microsoft makes.

    I'm definitely watching this one VERY closely. It certainly would add quite a bit of life to a lot of the old games.

  11. i dont know but kac's suck, gemtechs are pretty damn good though.

    Yeah, I have run quite a few rounds through Gemtechs, and I have always liked them. I was just hoping to find something new on the market. At the prices that YHM is offering their suppressors for, I'm sure that I will probably run into someone soon that has one.

    I have only used a Knight suppressor once, and it was on a USP (never used one on an M4). Also, I did not get a chance to shoot it on its own as there was quite a bit of gunfire all around me, so I could not get a real accurate sense of how well the suppressor was muffling the sound.

    What was it about he Knight that you did not like?

  12. The reason I posted this video was not to show that the 9 x 19 MP-5K fires faster than the 5.56 x 45 M-4. The reason I posted the video link was for GhostRecon.net visitors to enjoy the video. I thought the video was well edited and most gun enthusiasts would enjoy it.

    Just commenting on the content, not your motivations for posting it. Sorry if it came across that way, because it certianly was not meant to.

    BTW, yes, any good video posted here will be enjoyed by many of us. Thanks for posting it. :thumbsup:

  13. You know, what I would really like is a Reflex Suppressor. I might ultimately just go with them. They are not that cheap, but neither are they too expensive. Also, I have seen them withstand repeated belts through an M60. Nothing seems to phase these things.

    I was just hoping YHM would be a new promising player in the market.

    Sent you a PM.

  14. A Surefire suppressor will not fit on my 11.5" Commando barrel.

    I have used a number of YHM products, but I have never used one of their suppressors, and the low price is making me a bit wary.

    I have not met anyone yet that has a YHM suppressor, so I was just curious to see if there was anyone here.

  15. I have been keeping my eye on these, and I have to say that the 35db reduction claim is quite impressive. Running wet, it is supposedly 40db. I was just curious if anyone here has run one of these, because the prices are a bit low, so it makes me a bit skeptical, as you know most of the time you get what you pay for.

    YHM suppressors

  16. First, No I havent heard anything..

    Second, with the amount of add ons going to be created for it. I think its scary you might even consider it lol.

    Yeah, I hear you on that one, but I really enjoyed running OFP on the old Xbox, so I was just hoping to see ArmA on the 360. I just really like having a big screen in front of me. The easy chair is also a nice addition to the gaming experience.

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